Would you recommend DCUO to someone?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheArmorsmith, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    Yeah I would , misery loves company. :)
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  2. Batman-Beyond Well-Known Player

    Sure I recommend the game... it's not a top notch game, but it's still very cool!
  3. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    I have recommended this game so much x.x
    At one point most of my office played it (we are almost 50 on my department :p )
    All of my friends played at one point because if i'm a bit of a comic fan this guys take the prize.

    Sadly all of them ended up leaving precisely becasue of this and that flaws.

    The lattest friends i recommended to, left after finding endgame focused more on closed instances than open world, and other's because they were peeved with veterans chewing low tier counter. (You are welcome Karen! It's the last time i save you from Doomsday! :mad: )

    Right now i wouldnt recommend it to a gamer, nor to a new gamer because low tiers seem to be a jumbled maze for someone who has never played MMOs, i would definitely recomend it to a DC fan, i think most of us still here are here because its DC.

    Still, considering how the game seems to be recovering from the KO, i think in a couple of months may once again be a recommendable thing.
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  4. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    I have, but doing so I also pointed everyone to how get most benefits for free, and also suggested to not fall for the rat race, to make the game a free time killer. A lot of the paid content - with content meaning actual maps, story and mission design - is just not worth it IMO. So most of the people I got to the game are having premium accounts with Fight for the Light and one of shield weapon, electricity or earth at their disposal, some of them invested a couple of bucks into base access, last laugh and a teleporter during sales, spending max 1 PSN card on DCUO. It's IMO currently the best ratio between "investment" and revenue, and it's really much of the older content being "fun" purchases compared to the newer stuff.

    So why am I still here? Because Star Citizen will still take a while to fully lift off, because there is no MOTU themed MMO to go to or finally a "no social interactions BS" MMO - which I'd change to regardless of theme as I had it with adding a dozen immature and "special" teenagers to my ignore lists daily. I'd consider coming back or staying if

    - the game turns to story driven progression
    - the game fixes all of its content and makes keeping it intact a priority over the schedule of new releases
    - Daybreak gets the license for a MOTU crossover story-arc (which was done in the comics already since the 1980ies)
    - Daybreak replaces global chats with a functionality expansion of the UI, making ego, scam, spam etc a thing of the past

    And any one of those changes would actually do already to keep me in the game :D The game itself isn't that bad, but its potential gets wasted.

    I agree however: Daybreak should continue to listen to paying customers - just not to just a small and tiny bunch of them. Because also in marketing and sales, this game has potential it's not using either.
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  5. Bobburt Committed Player

    A couple years ago? Yeah sure. It was fun.

    Last year around this time? No.
    Reason- "You'll get addicted! Don't do it!"

    Now? Absolutely not. Don't do it. I'll pay you so you don't play for crying out loud!
    Reasons- The devs. The community. The content. Mostly the devs and their... "decisions".
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  6. Anothername Well-Known Player

    I would totally recommend it* to anyone interested in Superhero games, pointing out what I like but will make no excuses for the stuff I think is the games weakness.

    *At least the first 30 levels till the final mentor mission.
  7. Derio 15000 Post Club

    In the past yes. DCUO in the state it is right now. No. Heck NO. LOL No. It would discredit my value of games if I recommended such thing.
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  8. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    That is what i was thinking too I could recommend the first 30 levels but after that I would use caution and anything past T4 or T5 is a no go. DCUO needs to look at that process from going 1-30 and make it work in some way for end game.
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  9. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player

    As long as replay badges are in the game and content is stupid easy, no.
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  10. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I will recommend when the GU47 fiasco will be fixed and some improvements will be added too. Dcuo need to innovate because a lot of games are amazing with graphic and contents. Time dcuo to improve and stop doing circle around the same stuff. Pve and Pvp, open world, better progression and rewards, doing powers updates RIGHT. TUTORIALS.

    Nothing else to say.
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  11. seek76 Committed Player

    I would only recommend this game if it was to a group of friends who wanted to play together and progress together. Isolating your self from the community is the only viable way to play this game now for new people. It will allow you to play the content like it was designed to be played but only if you have enough friends willing to play and progress. Otherwise I couldn't in good faith recommend this to anyone.
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  12. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Hmm, would i recommend a game that expects a 15$ a month sub fee, then proceeds to charge you 10$ for every movement change, name change, power change, and league name change.
    Lets not forget about replays, used as pseudo in game currency to nickel and dime for things that should come free with a subscription.
    And don't even get me started on the RNG + Replays = Money scam.

    No, I will never recommend this game to anyone ever again.
    Matter of fact, I've recently talked 2 people on my PSN away from this game.
    A third friend was a bit of a comic nerd so he game the game a try, long story short he doesn't play anymore, mostly for the reasons listed above.
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  13. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    I say the game needs a soft reboot or a hard one. Shut it down and fix it. Take all that was discussed since the beginning and work through it. I would not recommend this game. They need to speed up their activities, stop requesting and depending on the patience from players. Speed. Quality. Efficiency.

    Run, Go, Move!:

    Daybreak is using the DC license and it deserves more respect than what has been given.

    Note: I would like it if DCUO had the spotlight like it used to. E3, "High profile" Interviews and high population.
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  14. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    Yes i see no reason why i wouldnt
  15. Malachyte Devoted Player

    If they are a comic book fan/geek looking for a little entertainment to have some fun battling the characters you grew up with, absolutely !!!
    If they are into serious MMO playing then probably not
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  16. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    While I think that some rework needs done I am not entirely sure that a reboot, or shut down will work at this point. See they know as others know that there are people that have memberships yearly. And they are also aware that there are people that indeed watch closely the things they do. See I have and continue and will always be against power balances. (first gripe) If you watch or read any comics no power is the same in the DC universe. Superman seems to always come out on top as does Batman because they know that they are the winners of the franchise in so far as content that can be spread throughout many decades and age groups. Many times both of those beat lanterns. This is not news. Is the game in danger? Why? Even as recent as the last couple months IGN still comments and compliments this game. The problem is the replay factor of Older players that have been here for forever that think that they can dictate what a newer crowd wants. You can't they won't. I appreciate the long term players but cringe when it comes to people being entitled. That is bad business and they know it. They are hiring even now as we speak. You don't think that Daybreak who also owns several other popular titles will let this game die? It may lose players, it may become a ghost town, but right now this is the only comic book game that follows comic books, the movies are a new thing, and is playable from every age group from 12 to 80. :)

    I don't think older players are the problem just the ones that get it done in a day and complain there is nothing left this is a "casual" MMO that is the basis there are no real hard core mechanics anymore.
  17. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    I don't understand how their approach can succeed.

    Having options seems to be the theme for this generation of gaming for casual through hardcore. This gen has added new or newish genres to consoles: MOBAs and Shared Worlds (unofficial name). Let alone the advent of VR. There seems to be more options than ever within this industry and Daybreak wants to focus mainly on the Casual player base. What?

    This is not the PS3 era where DCUO had a near monopoly. "Options are Every Where Now".
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  18. Malachee Committed Player

    A very valid question. But really there are two huge reason why it will not take place.

    1. Money

    2. It would require the Devs to admit that all those who warned them in advance that exactly this result would happen....were right.
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  19. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Not taking responsability? Stats matter is coming so even if they don't say anything, everyone knows they were wrong. Everyone make mistakes.
  20. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

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