Would you put more cash in the game if know time capsule and bundle drop % ?

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  1. kallader New Player

    We ignore the % drop for green,blue.purple and gold items drop from capsule and bundle so some peoples are putting less cash to buy them because the doubt ..so i think if they would tell us they could do way much more cash Peoples buy lottery ticket with 1 chance on a million to win just because they know they got 1 chance but would not buy them if ignore the statistic no matter if low .
  2. nawanda Loyal Player

    Interesting question. Conventional wisdom is that the odds aren’t published because they are so shockingly low, but anybody who has been opening these boxes for any length of time has already figured this out.

    I can’t answer your question directly because I don’t spend real money on either. I used to spend money on Booster Bundles over the years but stopped because I never once got the rare. Perhaps if I saw that the odds were better than my personal experience (0%) I might be encouraged to give them another go.
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  3. Godtr0n Active Player

    It does tell you the odds on the Time Capsule. <1% exotic is a bit vague though to be fair. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700? How deep is your wallet and how bad do you want that doll skin or 3 star feat because those are the real factors not the actual drop rate.

    Honestly though its probably the people who still dont know that gamble on it and the whales who will chase anything no matter the cost that keep the game existing.
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  4. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Yeah the % drops are on the TC Info Tooltip. Also, while yes you need money you open them by buying keys on the MP or the Unlocked ones, you get Stab Frags from Daily rewards so you technically dont need to buy them. The otehr caveat is you can trade or buy them on the Broker. True, PC/PS economy is awful but kinda still doable. Ive been finishing my stuff from the broker since my play time has shrinked due to work.

    But again, to the original topic, we have the % drops in the tooltip so its already buyer beware.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Knowing the odds are as terrible as they seem to be (from my experience) won't have me putting more cash in anytime soon. There will still be stories of people who drop $500 on TCs and come up empty and other people who open 1 and get the 'top' item. RNG is RNG...throwing your money at it (more than you are already comfortable with) won't generally change the odds very much.

    The only way to 'fix' the whole TC situation is to spend 0 on them. Throwing more money at them just encourages more of the same. Maybe if NO ONE were buying stabilizers they'd soften the terrible odds a bit. We could hope at least.
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    There is always SOMEone dropping insane amounts of money on them. I mean, there's a guy with a fully kitted out OP back already. It's like the lemonade stand with $200 glasses...you just need one sale to make up for a lot of people turned off by the price.
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  7. nawanda Loyal Player

    To the people saying the odds are on the time capsules. Yes, but less than 1% is still a massive range, and we aren’t told in advance just which items are included in that bracket. For example in the current time capsule there are three items covered by ‘less than 1%’. People don’t know exactly what the odds are of getting the rarest item. So it is indicative at best and we also don’t know if the formula changes from capsule to capsule. ‘Less than 1%’ could be 1 in 200 or 1 in 1000. I’m sure you would agree there is a huge difference.

    And the thread also covered Booster Bundles, where no indication is provided whatsoever.

    So the OP raises a perfectly valid point.
  8. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    There is nothing they could do that would entice me to spend any money on TC or BBs.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Well to be fair, if they added a few more 'real' value items...like say $5 worth of XP(37.5K) or another few bucks worth of replays, or a couple of stabilizers vs the $3-4 of junk NO ONE buys (a single repair bot?....a single Nth detector?....Ooooh...a single radar detector!!), I'm down for a BB or 2 maybe. TCs though.....nah...that's just straight gambling and if I'm doing that...I'm doing it in a real world casino where I get a few free drinks while they fleece me and the payoff if I do well is cash, not auras/trinkets.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It is a valid point that 1 in 200 is different from 1 in 1000....BUT the question would be would knowing that odds breakdown make you more likely to spend cash on more TCs? Not sure what your spend is, but to me...1 in 200 and 1 in 1000 are the same odds....'bad odds'...so knowing is NOT half the battle if spending 200, 300 or 400 dollars is the other half.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    And those are people I'm talking to. While they might be willing to drop $200 on that lemonade...I'd bet the kid would lower the price if they couldn't sell even that 1 glass you are talking about.

    And if you can sell 3 $100 glasses....isn't it better than selling 1 $200 one?
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  12. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    yeah ok maybe then id consider a BB or 2 if i could wing it......totally agree about the tcs tho lol
  13. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    For me, it's a "no".

    For the record, I don't buy lottery tickets either no matter how big the jackpot becomes. I'm not ever interested in a chance to get something when it comes to spending my own money. I spend money only when I'm guaranteed to get exactly what I want.
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  14. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    The fact that I've failed a 90% breakthrough on an artifact THRICE, wouldn't change my negative perception if capsules/bundles showed percentages.
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  15. the solowing Steadfast Player

    No, lootboxes is gambling for virtual items, that have no real world value.

    Should be illegal and banned
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  16. nawanda Loyal Player

    And so we return to the premise of the thread. For me, it’s all about transparency, choice, and treating customers fairly. There are probably a lot of people who open 50-100 capsules every time with paid-for stabilizers. It’s conceivable that they might open more if they had that reassurance that their chances of getting everything they needed if they opened more were in the realm of realism (say, 1 in 150 drop rate on the rarest item) rather than the realm of fantasy (1 in 1000).

    Personally, my hunch is that time capsule sales are a bit of a busted flush and are in a steady decline. The gaming world has moved on a little bit since their inception in 2016. Gamers are sick of loot boxes and sick of gaming companies insulting their intelligence with them. They are a low-rent, money-grubbing monetisation method and character progression being sold in opaque and vague games of chance doesn’t wash with as many people in 2022 as it once did. Dimensional Ink, I am convinced, would probably sell more of the stabilizers if they moved with the times and shifted time capsules to a more open and transparent system.
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So 1 in 150....you'd toss a bunch of money at it.....1 in 1000 you hold back? Sorry, but I won't even attempt a 180 arti breakthrough without a SOC, which statistically is a 1 in 20 shot (5% I believe). Anything below 1 in 100 (which 1% would be around) and we know it's worse than that....won't matter to me personally. You...maybe it would...that's cool. There's no need to explain it, asked and answered on both our parts. Some are more comfortable with the gambling aspect or are willing to write it off as just the cost of doing business....I'm not. If showing the actual odds vs the "<1%" would work in their favor, I'd guess we'd have seen it by now.

    I guess it would be 'fun' to see the actual 1 in ?000 odds, but it still wouldn't make me open my wallet any more...which was the question.

    Now...if it were 1 in 20...or 1 in 50? Maybe....but 5% or 2% would suffice for that.
  18. nawanda Loyal Player

    Fair enough. And I’m glad you raised artifact breakthroughs as an example of odds transparency. Every single time someone comes on the forums and says ‘the RNG is broken, my breakthrough failed X number of times’, these complaints can be fairly batted back by DI or a forum poster with “you knew the odds before you decided to attempt the breakthrough”. These low odds were originally designed to sell seals and now they are used to sell memberships.

    People can hate on 1%, 2% breakthrough success rates as much as they want but they KNOW what they are paying for when they buy a seal or a membership and they make informed decisions based on factors like their attitude to risk and their ability/motivation to go down the monetisation route. Ally breakthroughs are the same. You buy a load of Ally Favor off the marketplace for accelerated progression or you go down the free route. You are given transparent and informed choices to make. I would love to see Jackster come on here and justify the Time Capsule model and what it says about Dimensional Ink in 2022.
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  19. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The seals of preservation's im very ok with. They are rather generous with them, though you can go through a bunch of them, the daily logins granting Fate Tokens to help buy more encourages you to keep coming back to purchase more if you don't feel like subscribing. At one point i felt like the Artifact Breakthrough system was a cash grab, not so much anymore.
  20. nawanda Loyal Player

    I tend to agree. Seals were the one and only thing I was prepared to spend money on over and above membership/occasional replay badges, and now, not only do I spend that money any more, I get to level my alts’ artifacts up to 200, something I wasn’t prepared to pay for when I had to buy seals. I might be willing to spend the money I used to spend on seals elsewhere, but it won’t be on scummy loot boxes. Over to you devs. Treat people fairly and they will spend money with you.
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