WOTL1, AmazonFury 1, Superman, Batman slacking off?

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  1. Echephyle New Player

    Wotl1. Metropolis is getting demolished by yellow and red lanterns, with a yellow lantern death star dropping bombs from the skyline (Ranx). Superman, who gave his life to protect the city in the past is nowhere to be seen.

    Amazon Fury 1. A massive army of magically powered warriors with mythical creatures and warships flying around. Batman, Gotham's sworn protector, nowhere to be seen.

    What gives?

    I know this is just a detail, but for the storyline to be more immersive and believable, I would like to see their involvement at least in part 2 of these trios. Their absense just makes no sense to me. Also, where the Army?
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  2. Yolo New Player

    better question why are we getting more dlc with wonder woman when we just had one 6 months ago
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  3. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    They are taking vacation.....on a island......where they get no cable..... and no cell phone service.;)
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  4. Echephyle New Player

    I don't mind that as Wonder Woman and Circe had the least involvement in the earlier raids. Both Superman and Batman had their own trios of raids (bc, fos), with Batman having an entire dlc involving him (oc).

    This makes it at least fair.
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  5. Yolo New Player

    that's not a good justification or good way to release dlc. they shouldn't release a whole bunch of magic dlc to make up for earlier tiers. it should be cycled. tech meta magic. we had tech then magic then meta and we should have tech again.
  6. DC-Doll New Player

    Not sure who's played Origin Crisis and who hasn't but that Batty fellow and some flying guy from Smallville each had their own alert. And next dlc is supposed to be Darkseid so my guess is Batman and Superman will be back.
  7. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I'll help ya out.

    DLC9 War of the Light Part 1 (Tech)
    DLC10 Amazon Fury Part 1 (Magic)
    DLC11 Halls of Power Part 1 (Meta)


    We'll see Supes again in Halls of Power. Having that thought process of "Gotham is under attack, where's Batman?" is the same wit hthe Movies. "The president was under attack in Iron Man 3 but where was Captain America?" Each story has its set characters and dont need to be there. Let Bats have a break, he was the star in multiple DLCs. Diana is taking the reins on this. Maybe her and Bats had a meeting and told him she'll take care of it so he is back in the Batcave just watching...like a creeper lol
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  8. DC-Doll New Player

    Technically Superman had BIA :p
  9. Echephyle New Player

    We just had a tech in wotl. Halls of power i think will be meta. That's dlc 11.
  10. Yolo New Player

    that's not tech.
  11. Echephyle New Player

    Wotl. Energy rings powered by batteries that capture light. 100% tech.
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  12. Eranthis New Player

    Maybe, thoughout all this time, they had there own problems to deal with ... Batman helping future batman in Nexus of reality .... Superman in Joker DLC (PVP) now wonder woman with trigon and The new one ... flash with the paradox stuff .... My own opinion makes complete sense
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  13. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Green Lantern rings and batteries are technology used to harness light spectrums.
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  14. Yolo New Player

    they are meta.
  15. MasterBud New Player

    Don't get me wrong I like Wonder Woman, but I would def love to see more content with Batman and Joker
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  16. Yolo New Player

    or give superman his own dlc.
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  17. Echephyle New Player

    No they are not. Look up green lantern's profile in dcuo wiki. It says "origin: tech".

    All the lanterns are nornal people. They depend on technological rings for their powers. Take away their rings, and they have no powers. Meta beings have their powers engraved in their dna permanently. Superman was born with his powers, flash had it engraved in his dna by a lightning bolt.

    Lanterns must wear their rings, which are machines to have superpowers.

    Big difference.
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  18. MasterBud New Player

    Absolutely. I'm on board!
  19. Echephyle New Player

    Halls of Power I think will be all Superman. It's next.
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  20. Yolo New Player

    lex is meta and has no powers.