World shutting down in 30 mins?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SethZoulMonEl, May 13, 2018.

  1. Deathphrost New Player

    I'm a scotch guy myself. Bourbon is too sweet for my taste. My standard sipping scotch is Chivas or Mac 12.
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  2. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Oh, I am so stealing this GIF. Whenever I think of a gaming server, this is exactly what I think...
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  3. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    Bulleit rye is their better offering, and I’m assuming you’ve had some tonight based on my full pm box with your stalker-like messages lol?
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  4. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    The Macallen 12 is pretty tasty! Idk if they have Costcos where yall are but the Kirkland Scotch is a fraction of the price and supposedly bottled by Macallen (it is also real tasty).
  5. majosea Dedicated Player

    Promethium Lockbox drops are back to normal drop rates sorry guys . thats my theory

    its that or
  6. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    I would not be surprised. A lot of the Kirkland stuff seems exactly the same but repackaged as the house brand.
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  7. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    Lol, same here! It's like it was ripped straight out of my brain-pan! Lol :)
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  8. Deathphrost New Player

    I have a bottle of Mac 25 I got 5 years ago. I only take a dram out of that if I've had a ridiculously good day....or an abysmally poor one. Have about quarter bottle left. It's my therapy scotch.
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  9. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    my best guess...someone figured out how to break the system with gambleboxes...think about it...there are threads in these forums about glitches in missions that are 7 years old...players are making these threads because for 7 years they have not been fixed...and sometimes even when fixed something later like an update happens that rebreaks things!!!...where are those desperate restarts???...and fixes??? someone is opening boxes for free or duping rare insanely trade-able things...real money being lost...that would cause the paniky stoppage
  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Well been down about 40+ minutes. And they are "currently investigating a potential issue with the US server." Now the investigation would be much faster but it is Sunday night and most staff have the day off. The crack team currently investigating the issue ...


    If the y run out of Scooby snacks this could go on all night LOL
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  11. Deathphrost New Player

    I dunno...but shortly before the shutdown announcement..I was getting an insane amount of lag and clipping while in Deluge. Could be me, or it could be related to the issue. Who knows...I'm a finance guy, not a techie.
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  12. KlausKilowatt Committed Player


    I applaud you my friend!
    I would treat myself to something nice like a Mac 25 or a Johnny Walker Private Reserve with the intention of it only being savored on the rare special occasion.... However if history and reality has taught me anythng I would go from savoring it only on special occasions to indulging on bad days, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays,......... Lol ;)
  13. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Hey, don't they usually find the problem in a 15-20 minute episode? I don't think they are on it or it would already be fixed. And the bad guy would be saying "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you pesky kids!"

    I still think it's the hamsters. Perhaps they went on strike.
  14. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

  15. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    they had more than snacks in that van
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  16. CajunComics New Player

    Game's back up!
  17. KlausKilowatt Committed Player


  18. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

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  19. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    i hope we are getting a new TC without any stupid Stones