World Down

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by EP Ice, Apr 9, 2016.

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  1. Wallachia Devoted Player

    Since I just got home, wen to log in DCUO and found that the server is down, there's only one thing I can do:

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  2. Chikamiuchiha New Player

    Same and i just got friend to download it for the 1st time. ... bad timing lol
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  3. quirkers Well-Known Player

    Friend of mine experienced a blackout 5 minutes ago, maybe they were the canary.
  4. Plower Girl Active Player

    Oh good, thought it was becuase I was talking about titts, but if everyone else has world down its all good
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  5. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

  6. Coldzoom Well-Known Player

    Got DC'ed after first boss in BBS on my tank got 142 neck. I wonder if i will still have it though as it shows my healer on top of character selection.
  7. ZenoKun New Player

    Same here :/
  8. Sins96 Active Player

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  9. Fire Blaize New Player

    Well, at least now I know why PZ glitched out and we didn't warp to next area o_O
  10. Tachyon Flux Active Player

    Was running PZ and turned around and all my mates were gone ... Oh what a feeling that was.. to be left all alone in the Phantom Zone

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  11. ZEROKILLEER Well-Known Player

    this is why they shouldn't of added the pc n ps servers together.. pc ppl just love to glich programs... yah i said it...
  12. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    It was weird because my league chat went down, and my menu was messed up.
  13. Aeon Lord of Chaos New Player

    my character screen comes up but it's showing my level from 4 hours ago ?? killing me here
  14. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

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  15. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    lot complains on the PSN forums, might be Sony's problem.
  16. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Well.. every other section has a "World Down" thread. Let's do it Funhouse style...

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  17. darkgamerx Level 30

    HERE WE GO AGAIN. Same thing happened not long ago now this. I got kicked out of the game 4 times today so I knew it was coming. Every single time I play this game I run into issues. Starting to regret paying for this mess.
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  18. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

  19. ZEROKILLEER Well-Known Player

    :mad::eek::oops:o_Ohear we go again..
  20. Wallachia Devoted Player


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