Work In Progress: Weapon Mastery (Updated)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Derio 15000 Post Club

    If you are a healer and you want more resto and a crit heal magnitude then you are a supporter of the solo healing ways. I say just make it where our next move cost 0 power or half the power cost. I hope they do something about healer gear, and fix controllers from being nothing but batteries.
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  2. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    It really does sound like such a bad DLC that has the possibility of ruining the game for a lot of fans of the way the game currently and has been playing for the last 3 years. It's also silly that they want to divide the community by requiring you to buy DLC 10 to do WM combos when it sounds more like a forced change to combat.

    I really wish they would just scrap this idea and think of something a bit more creative while also not ruining the game for half the community. As a huge fan of DCUO, this DLC depresses me :(
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Actually he is right. CMon think about it. They are going to change animation and JC regardless, so if you are a powerset that cant clip you pretty much have to be legendary or you have to buy the DLC. Again its a small content DLC so how much content will it have especially with no raids. Its pretty much making this DLC manditory for everyone with the recent changes.
  4. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Yea, I just think that their current idea of just having an increase in Vit and Dom isnt anything different then what we already have...I can already buff my vit with the 2 trinkets I have and its really not a largely noticeable increase and likely wouldnt be with these combos either

    I just see this as a way to address the biggest issue we have as controllers, being purely a battery.

    This is the best time they could introduce something like this as well, because even if it does result in "slower paced" combat as a result of less power being passed through the group due to a longer instant power cooldown, they are giving DPS a pretty good way to supplement the lack of power with these WM combos...That being said, if they allowed for Weapon attacks to give a small amount of power over time to the group, it wouldnt exactly slow down the combat much, if at all

    I dunno, I just feel like an increase of Vit and Dom would just be an easy cop out...Controllers are in desperate need of a change and I just think that with this new system, this is the best time to do it
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  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I dont think it should be a DLC feature, thats for sure.

    But, I agree with you on the Vit thing...It would just empower the belief that we are Batteries and nothing but

    Like I said and will continue to say, allow for these to restore ticks of 75 power over time every second for 5 seconds and increase the cooldown for instant power to 5 seconds...This creates a "battle controller" playstyle and gives DPS a way to make up for the slightly smaller power pool to work from

    At least if they did it that way, I wouldnt feel like as much of a battery as I do now, where its: Tap-Tap-Flurry shot cilpped immediatley as the animation starts with instant power (Normally I dont even get off the flurry shot)
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  6. Invictus2112 New Player

    I think the biggest reward that we could give to the support roles that lets them enjoy this system, while still doing their job, would be to make it so that a mastery combo is a good option for when they are not in "emergency" mode. In my mind, something more creative than stats is a better solution, the idea here being actual possible effects occurring. For example, make it so that trollers who build up a combo also actually build up a short, not too powerful but desirable group buff, something that is not as important as control at critical moments or pumping out blue bar for burn periods, but outside of that, worth the alternate choice.

    No, I don't intend for that to be a final suggestion by any means, but its meant to stimulate people to really think outside the box and see if it gets something more satisfying for everyone.
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  7. Regent Perry New Player

    I it something were going to use then it must not be a 1 time thing, make a like a 5 time stacking ability. 1 WMC gives like 7%, 2 WMC 15%, and so forth
  8. The BlackDragon Well-Known Player

    Echoing what Marvel has said. We need some participation from you guys :)
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  9. Dark1509 New Player

    I would like to start with saying how much i appriciate you conciduring our opinions :-D

    From a support role perspective I would prefer the possibility to chose between what kind of crit/buff im getting from the connecting super power.

    I a perfect world I would want the system to look at what kind of super power im casting and provide a critt/buff that so to say fit the bill.


    My main is a gadget troll and depending on the situation I could benifit from the following crit/buffs

    # my group is low on power and im out of super charge. (I do a WM combo connecting defib or pot) result Vit bonus for a fixed amount of time or a high crit chance on my power out (u devs decide which of the two u would like to implement)

    # Im at Last boss and my debuffs are much needed but i cant afford casting it as often as i would like to. (I do a WM combo connecting a debuff super power) result the the debuff will last extra X seconds.

    # my group got plenty of power and i can debuff as much as i like to but we lack extra dmg to avoid the enrage timer which is almost upon us. (I do a WM combo connecting any non debuff or power giving super power) result I get the same high dmg crit chance as if i was dps'ing

    I am ofc aware of this might be too complex to implement but in a perfect world this is what i want and I belive that most support roles would support this model (having the freedom of choice to pick what u need the most in any given situation)


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  10. oF1RESTARo New Player

    The more I think on this the more I think it will fail with the combat system the way it is. PC might be different but when your not in a raid setting you are constantly interrupted. With the latency of PS server, even in pvp the mechanics are so broken it's not going to be viable. Too many times what we see is not what's happening. (NPC on floor but attacking you) obviously something is wrong with that. How on earth is anyone going to pull off a complex combo that needs to run it's full animation "CONSISTENTLY".

    Not sure because I didn't read the first thread fully but who exactly said that insta power was having cool down increased? Is that a Dev or is everyone guessing it's happening?

    Dark they have hinted at the combo being tied to the reward "buff" you receive, I agree it should be by the power you choose Just don't know if they have the capabilities.
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  11. Rankkor New Player

    Well said , i agree i dont think it should be out of the question ,we should have a choice ,some just might want the crits to thier role or bonus i should say others might want somthing else ....
  12. Ultimate Powerz New Player

    Pretty awesome! I can't wait for the next update!
  13. Echephyle New Player

    What about for trolls, make it so when you clip properly at the end of the wm combo with a power dump, it's a guaranteed crit, just like the guaranteed crit for dps powers? If trolls have a massive crit power dump, they have more power to debuff and cc.

    Maybe if they clip the debuff into wm, have the debuff last longer?
  14. Baryon Boy New Player

    No, because if anything this will push Controllers even more into being power batteries.

    The Controller bonus needs to be something other than power or Vit-related. It needs to be something CC related in order to incentivize non-power-battery play styles.
  15. Echephyle New Player

    If the troll can give much more power it would free up options for the second troll to cc.
  16. Baryon Boy New Player

    Until power costs go up again. Or, more likely, people will start running 1-controller raids because that's all you need to power the DPS (never mind that the controller does nothing but spam WM combos and recharge).

    Like I said, Controller bonus needs to be something unrelated to Vit or power dumping.
  17. Invictus2112 New Player

    Also, someone else pointed it out but I also agree, this will NOT mesh well with your combat system AS IMPLEMENTED, not in general. The biggest thing? The whole part where AI is not even fighting you sometimes; just trying to trick you into getting countered. That and the whole feint business is frankly unnecessary. If you can tune it up, it will probably work better. Well, that and some way to extend cc immunity. Some bosses just are knocking you everywhere, plain and simple.
  18. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    Or replace the 2nd troll with a dps, which is most likely going to happen
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  19. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Do you think dpsers will care that devs gave trollers CC abilities instead of moar power in the WM combos? They won't, and if they see you using your combos(which are long and slow btw) instead of giving POT or recharging, you will get kicked. If your combos improve on power AND do something else like CC or debuffs, dpsers won't mind you taking 5 seconds off recharge to do them. Heck, you could be scratching your butt and smelling it and dpsers wouldn't notice as long as they have powah!!!

    It would be cool if the combos gave a small amount of power back in addition to the role specific buffs. If dpsers can do something to regen their own power faster than the regular weapon combos, that would do much more to reduce the importance of trollers as batteries.

    It's just like trollers who spec for full dom, they get kicked and laughed at, just as you would if your WM combo doesn't give power.

    Also, why would you want to get a buff to CC, when hardly anything in the game requires any CC and can just be dpsed down if you have enough power? If you want to revamp the CC aspect of trolling it has to begin with content, not with our ability to give power.

    Power in the game is way more important than cc right now, not getting a power related buff to WM combos is making them undesirable to most trollers and especially to 99% of those troller's group members. What you suggest would be the same as changing recharge to a CC move without power-out, how would that help your team?

    I say give both benefits to the WM buff or you risk trollers just not using them at all.
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  20. ZerouCool New Player

    I do like the concept of Weapon Mastery however I was hoping it would be played a little different. Since I've played this game I always wondered what the empty box would be for to the right of your weapon or above your face (In the inventory screen). And I always assumed "For a range weapon". (Actually I also assumed it would be to 'switch' to your PVP gear but Armories solved that) If somehow you could use a melee weapon AND range weapon at the same time, I think that would make the game more enjoyable to play. I'm NOT complaining, love this game and haven't been able to get of fit. But it would open up more play styles IMHO. My personal favorite would be Martial Arts-Rifle. At first I thought MA-HB but I grew fond of the Rifle. I'll attempt to post a few combinations on 'classes'. First weapon is Melee, second is Range

    Dual Wield-Bow (Another personal Fav, this would have an Assassin's Creed feel)
    One Hand-Shield (I'm shocked this isn't in game)
    Martial Arts-Rifle (My two favorite weapons)
    Staff-Dual Wield (Doesn't 'make sense' at first glance but think Nightwing. Using a Staff than 'breaking it apart' to throw)
    Brawling-Pistols (My friends fav combo, he swears that "Pistols are needed to win" but enjoys Brawling as well)
    Brawling/MA-HB (Awesome with Bare Hand style)

    Those are all I can come up with at the moment. I haven't really used Two Handed enough to know what or if anything can go with it. But this concept will finish off the missing spot in the inventory. I DO believe that the 'range' weapon shouldn't actually be a weapon, but more a style or 'unlock' in that skill tree. Say you'd need at least 20 points in order to use it as a Range weapon. All the Range weapon combos would work fine as long as they're unlocked in the skill tree and input correctly. And with this idea you can also alter the way a few Legends play.
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