Work In Progress: Weapon Mastery (Updated)

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Warlan New Player

    Because they don't really care about the support roles.
  2. TheMarvel New Player

    Wow. When did you get back into town?
  3. Warlan New Player

    Hah, I never left. I just don't post as much because I stopped playing almost a year ago (shortly after Nexus was released and the previous years of work were reduced to spamming power to everyone else). I haven't given up my Legendary account though thinking I'd come back...comments by Jens seemed to suggest they were going to make things interesting...then BAM they hit us with a massive DPS centric mechanic. Big middle finger to the support roles, IMHO.
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  4. Baryon Boy New Player

    I'll agree that them having nothing to say other than 'it only applies to damage' in the stream was a... let's say bad bit of planning.

    But they are taking suggestions for role bonuses (I hate the term 'support roles') now, so let's wait and see.

    Heck they may not be replying here since Spytle is in full-on "No we didn't say that, get your facts straight" mode in the clipping thread.
  5. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    My inner wolf's howl just turned into a cry
  6. Warlan New Player

    We've been giving out suggestions for years...and then they announce a DPS mechanic. Sorry, they should just abolish support roles and make us all DPSers that can do healing, tanking or controlling depending on what is necessary ala GuildWars2. Let's face it, no one wants to play as Robin but that's what 2-4 players out of 8 are being asked to do. It's garbage and a terrible concept for a 'Superhero' game...Play Your Way my ****. ;)
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  7. Baryon Boy New Player

    I have been saying they should get rid of the DPS role and give the other roles near-DPS damage for forever, and every time I get shouted down (by DPS players, usually). Blah.
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  8. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    1. Are you going to be keeping the power regeneration tiers as it is currently with brawling, having lowest count, 2 handed having second lowest, hand blasters third and the rest the same when weapons mastery shows up?
    2. Are you still open to suggestions for weapon master combinations?
    3. Pulse beam used to be able to keep going if you switch targets pretty much endlessly or until you were interrupted. Is there any plans to get this fixed or was this changed intentionally?
    4. Are you still keeping the melee buffs? Is there any plan to make melee attacks get the buff rather than just melee weapons.
    5. If you are still keeping melee buffs, will the equipped weapon determine if you have it still or not? Say comboing from martial arts shuriken to hand blast solar flare, will the solar flare have the 5% crit buff or not? Will dual pistols sweep shot to ultra flurry be 95.24% as effective as dual wields?

    Sorry to be annoying. This will be the last time I try to get these questions answered.
  9. Incredible Wrecker New Player

    Seems to me this is catering to less skilled players. You have encouraged us to clip for three years. Even used updates notes that said "this makes it easier to clip" etc. Now you add a mechanic to cater to less skilled or folks to lazy to master clipping. Just seems like whoever cries the loudest and longest you jump to pacify. This will drive folks who have spent tons of time and money from the game.
  10. The BlackDragon Well-Known Player

    Really want to see them chime in on this whole thread. For the most part the thread has been civil and constructive. Not sure what to do to get their attention.
    Other then the part about forms not a single dev response in the entire thread. I know its not easy for them, the other thread is making sure of that :(.
  11. oF1RESTARo New Player

    The potential for this is huge if implemented properly! I’ve seen many ideas on here about the support roles and have to agree that a “buff” just isn’t going to cut it with the length of combos and the current counter mechanics.

    I would like to see the support roles work backwards from the way we saw the DPS in live stream. Controllers and Healers cast a power then combo to keep it going. Recharge followed by the combo and each step of the combo grants a scaling recharge that grows as you get further into the combo! You could do the same with healers and it would bring all the powers in line with celestial to do damage and heal from that damage.

    I really don’t know what they could do for tanks except make them counter proof if they nail the combo or give a health increase. Tanking in this game is really different from anything I have played before. So much un-tankable periods from bosses and adds, it is no wonder that groups run without one if at all possible. I would much rather see the game move towards A&B style boss fights with minor tweaks but that is for another thread.

    I would like to add that my Troll has over 1400 dom without specing into it with SP and I can stun Target dummy for 4.3 sec, and when I go to A&B boss armory with spec into dom I have 1686 and the stun lasts 4.4 (both times averaged on 30 stuns each). Giving a troll a dom buff is useless unless they use the personal shield to pick people up and it would have to be a huge buff.
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  12. Torqz New Player

    4 and 5 they've at least partially covered, they mentioned that getting weapon mastery in any weapon gives you the melee buffs. What they didn't say was whether they will be removing the buff from melee weapons in exchange for weapon mastery, and if they are leaving on melee weapons does the weapon mastery buff stack with the existing one or just replace it.
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  13. Baryon Boy New Player

    I would also like to ask, again, for some elaboration on the 'unlocking the weapon mastery node makes your attacks do more damage" bit on the livestream. For players not planning on using the actual WM combos (for concept reasons or whatever else) this is probably going to be the biggest thing effecting them in practice.
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  14. ApolloMystique New Player

    why not let it give a HUGE heal or HOT for healers, HUGE burst power, or POT for trollers, and boosts to certain power specific tank powers?
  15. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    Thank you so much. I forgot about that. If they let it stack then two handed looks even more appealing, especially if they keep the regen tiers as they are now, but not to would be to nerf everyone without the DLC who uses two handed, hand blast and brawling.
  16. impulse1 Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry if this has been covered, but I haven't been able to find anything about it...

    How will Weapon Mastery affect weapons combos for Wolf, Gorilla, Insectoid and Canine forms? Will they have their own special combinations?
  17. The BlackDragon Well-Known Player

    Here you go

  18. GAARAofTH3SAND New Player

    I find it BS how Earth might ticks don't do that much damage compared to someone like a quantum dps. Not only that, but why does earth come with a huge precision buff like reinforced? Yea, you can jackhammer for days but whats the point if your not even ticking for 500 a tick? There should be a buff up on jackhammer plain and simple. Also if possible spread the range on jackhammer and shards, adds and bosses are always on the move so why not make it medium/long ranged or possibly the closer you get then damage will increase for jackhammer? I can't tell you how many times I had used shards and it had looked like it hit the enemy perfectly but i wasn't in close enough range for the ticks because it basically a short ranged-mid ranged move but is the longest ground animation in the game next to that rage throw up. It would also be really cool to see a change in maybe striking stones to a different AOE power that causes a "crushing effect" instead of rumble crush. Or at least something that gives your weapon attacks the chance to cause that effect, kind of like warped reality.It really is not fair also in a tanks role how gemstone shield is our only shield but then breaks with all 4 gemstones up after less than 2000 damage. Also if we're going to have a pet called a "Brick Golem" or "Crystal Golem" then why not improve their look to something more cool like an Onyx type of look from pokemon with a bunch of rocks clumped together. I've seen so many people switch from earth because of how poop you guys have made it and truly Earths animations are really cool and not boring which makes people want to switch to it. It could really help you guys down at SOE in the wallet by editing it up a bit.

  19. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I think it makes more sense, intuitively, for WM combos to just increase heal crit chance or power crit chance rather than provide % buffs to resto, vit, or dom. From the way this mechanic was presented in the livestream, WM seems like a good tool to get guaranteed crits on whatever power is used to clip the combo (with the right timing of course). So clipping the WM combo with a heal nets you a greater heal, clipping it with a power dump nets you greater power out, or just clipping with a damage move gets you more damage.

    How this provides more benefit to tanks is trickier. I will say though that extra control resistance and health is always useful to a tank whereas dom benefits some more than others.
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  20. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Actually no as a healer I would not like a restoration buff. I would like the next move cost 0 power. More resto is only further promoting solo healing.

    Like I said earlier, how they deliver WM will show how big the change will be to the game.
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