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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    I can live with MOT to begin with. However, there are SOOOOO many ways to get them at this point. And once the new Update drops, the T5 raids will then drop MOT as well. At some point, it would be nice to have iconic/epic styles, no stats. This is much ore attractive than just Marks. Just saying......
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  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Exactly...If there was ever content designed around having a balanced group, this is it
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  3. BumblingB I got better.

    There is no "War Room" in the HoD. Though maybe in the PiT somewhere.
  4. Dark Mugetsu Level 30

    I believe that Survival mode should have or be implemented into the following:

    1. Offer Solo, Duo, Alert versions of survival mode as well

    2. Offer a variety of different challenging survivals as a solo, for example if there was solo survivals there could be challenges like kill as many enemies as you can without being able to use your powers, or with only your powers while weapons are disabled, and other challanges etc.

    3. offer role exclusive challenges, for example a healer challenge, kill and prevent the enemies from killing your 3 companions and keep them alive with your heals as long as possible, or as a tank, you have infinite health and have to agro and kill the incoming waves of enemies and keep them focused on you and not a target you are defending, when target dies you loose, there are a variety of possible interesting challenges that could be implimented like this

    4. feature survival in lairs and league halls (halls of power), where you have to survive the waves of enemies invading your lair or league HQ (lairs would be solo and duos, league HQ would be alerts and raids)

    5. have some of the survival challenges get a max round like round 5 out of 20 etc.. and offer a special tornament type survival that would have a huge amount of rounds like 0/100 rounds and those who are brave and strong enough to take it on and win will earn a very exclusive reward

    I hope you will take these ideas into consideration and implement them into survival mode.
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  5. TrueOlympus New Player

    I'd have no idea. I don't hang out with filthy villains
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  6. BumblingB I got better.

    Okay, so from your responses, I would say this is actually looking pretty good. So like Oan, when a wave completes, we get a boss, then breather? Then cycle continues, but as we get higher and higher, mixed in the waves are lieutenants? Then Generals? Then Mini-Bosses? Then ultimately we will have all of that with bosses then fighting a boss at the end?
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    You might give me away!
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  8. Metrioned New Player

    Survival mode should

    • Be walk-in able, the teleporter should be in tech wing because there is room there
    • CR requirements: Lowest could be 53, if it needs to be higher, I suggest It being 70 cr or more, I'm making it mid to low because the lower the cr, the more people can join in the survival mode fun.

    • Should reward Feats for how far you get I.E 50 point for making it passed round 50 or it could introduce the very first FULL skill point (100 feat points) for making it to round 100
    • There should be a 25 point feat for making it 13 rounds without someone going down
    Styles (Introducing these styles will keep people playing this over and over knowing they can get common - rare styles)
    • Should Introduce random style drops such as:
    - Mayan
    - Split personality
    - Fourth world
    - Tech ninja
    - Kabuki
    - Psycho
    - Raptor Tech
    - Seraph
    - Ariel Defender
    - Biker
    - Blood Bat
    - Metal head
    - Robotic
    - Barbarian
    - Remora
    - Shaman
    - Sharpshooter
    - Snake
    - Angelic
    - Military Tech
    • Could Also Include a new shirt style that says ''Survivor'' that you obtain after making it too the hardest tier. Could also Include an NEW aura that has floating Red crosses around you for surviving 100 Rounds.
    - There should also be a Leader Boards to see how high people have gotten in survival, this will keep people more competitive then ever and keep people playing for a long time

    • 1 - 10 Easy
    • 10 - 30 Regular
    • 30 - 40 Medium
    • 40 - 50 Hard
    • 50 - ? Very Hard
    • Bonus Randomly have rounds dedicated to dropping multiple treasure boxes
    This is what I have so far
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  9. Jamie New Player

    I'm obviously in favor of leaderboards but don't add times as that will turn this into a burnfest. If time is not a factor then that will encourage people to try different setups. Maybe 3 tanks and 1 DPS is better for survivability. If times are recorded no one will even try it.
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  10. Lacedog Loyal Player

    i wholeheartedly agree styles should drop. not gear, styles. id like checkpoint styles, just for bragging rights i guess. those arent important though. it would just be nice to get those styles that are rare and eluding us for completing feats.

    and being able to walk in gives players the option to make this as fun/difficult as they want.
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  11. General Powers New Player

    If styles are going to be included as rewards, please include the Kryptonian Flexsuit chest piece .. PLEASE!
  12. Gargamond Dedicated Player

  13. Solar Well-Known Player

    Outside the box idea but you beat the whole wave you get some sort of limited time item. Maybe a necklace good until the next wave update is released or something like that.

    Overall like this idea.
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  14. chikami New Player

    im liking the sounds of this survival :) it can really allow me to test my dps prowess lol.

    i do like the idea of having a solo, duo, 4man, and raids for this type of challange... that meens that even if ur a solo player or some1 in a very inactive league u can still go ahead and do the content without having to get "stage fright" when shouting for a challange (example: if every1 wants atleast 101cr^ for AB and your only 97 you may never shout due to some sense of inferiority )

    can't wait to see this in action... :)
  15. Rasta Committed Player

    Depending on the final decision for what the loot will be , this could be unlocked everyday.

    If it's for fun with no good loot (like the vault lol) I could see this being something I do to pass the time, but if you really wanted to give players an incentive to run this you should put rare drops in with the (yes, I'm talking about Digital Invasion, Psycho, Oolong, etc.)
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  16. Abel Well-Known Player

    Great Idea DCUO! It shows you guys are always trying to improve the game within your budget and still provide entertainment.
    With regards to recommended rewards, as others have already stated:

    - Style Items
    - Lair Base Items
    - League Base Items (If Applicable);)
    - Weapon Style Items
    - Unique Trinkets that have the same stats as the current end game trinkets but are unique in look (Servo, TomBot)
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  17. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    I saw one post in here that brought up providing a rare item vendor token (for the styles). I think that would work well. All they have to do is keep adding more styles to vending unit 22 until they have them all in there and those tokens could be used as an alternative to 70 of the top tier marks.
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  18. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Might i also suggest rewarding players with increasing amounts of cash per wave as well as colas? in addition to marks of triumph of course.

    Rewarding money and colas, would help premium and f2p players keep going a bit longer as they could sell them to repair and not be a nuissance to their subscriber teammates.

    I don't know how well recieved it would be, but giving higher level colas the deeper the wave you go would also be cool imo. You could even do an increase in quantity every wave and increase in quality every 5 waves. Say wave 1 you get 1 soder cola extreme, wave 2 you get 2 extremes and so on until wave 6 you get a six pack of extremes. In wave 7 you get 1 soder cola max then wave 12 you get a six pack of max sodas wave 13 1 remix and so on. Getting top end colas would either be super difficult or, depending on feedback not possible at all so as to keep the exclusivity, depends on what people prefer.

    This could help a ton, not just for staying in the match longer but also to reduce complaints of difficult repairs in raids and other high end content. And they wouldn't be freebies, we'd have to work for it so I would hope legendary players wouldn't be opposed to it.

    And again, all this in addition to marks of triumph to help with maintaining your mainframe.

    As far as lockouts, I would like to see something were we can play this often and yet contribute to the game with our replays if we want more rewards. I envision something where every X number of waves, there's a special bonus reward which would indeed be loot locked once obtained. Perhaps have a daily lockout for those bonus waves and have no lockouts for the other regular waves.
    This way we can do them many times per day and still get something out of them, but if we want that extra bonus we can use replays.

    edit : lots of people seem to want rare styles as well, but if we can get them in here they'd be less rare or if they are also rare drops in this mode, people would complain they never drop. So why not make a "rare style mark" you can use to buy stuff from Vendor 22? 70 "style marks" = 1 piece

    edit 2: where's JEEBIE? he's the one who made the most famous (perhaps even first) thread asking for this game mode, you see Jeebs? they DO listen! lol
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  19. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Yes, please don't make this something one has to do to get something cool. Booster Boxes are bad enough. Maybe an emblem that shows you beat what ever level.

    Yes, please intend it to be fun for those people. But don't make it where you have to do it to get something cool.
  20. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Aaww yiss
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