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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Howdy folks,

    We are about to begin the earliest stages of designing and prototyping a new kind of content, which we're currently calling Survival Mode. This is very much an experiment, and very much in direct response to your requests for an event in-game somewhat inspired by the PvE Challenges you've seen on Friday Night Legends, something that can provide ongoing and increasing challenge to endgame players even between DLC releases.

    Here are the basics so far:
    • This will be a "wave" style event, where 8-player groups face off against waves of progressively tougher enemies and bosses.
    • The event will end with a full raid wipe, and once you're knocked out (and not rallied), you're out.
    • You will receive some type of small reward at milestones throughout the event, marking how far you survived.
      • We want you to earn something meaningful at the end of the day, but not make this necessary to progression.
      • We are open to ideas and suggestions!
    • We will return to an existing environment and use existing (but ever more challenging) enemies.
      • Initially, we are planning to use Oan Sciencells, and feature a multitude of Lantern-related characters.
      • Reusing existing resources means we can do this without impacting future content planned for DLCs.
    • The event will likely be available only for limited amounts of time, cycling in and out of the game.
    • It will not be attached to any DLC, but it will require a high (end-game) Combat Rating.
    • Finally - and most importantly - it is intended to be a FUN, extra event for leagues and groups of players to throw themselves at, see a completely new experience in DCUO, and take real satisfaction in their accomplishments.
    As mentioned before, this is very much an experiment based on what we've been able to do in a limited way on FNL, and in response to your feedback watching and playing. This first prototype will be just that - a prototype - and we'll be looking at everyone's feedback while we create it and once it is live, so that we can improve it and utilize what we learn for improvements in the future. Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated, and will help us build something that you enjoy!

    YouTube replay of the live playtest:

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  2. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Word. I (and many others) have asked for something like this to be added! Actually I think you cut and pasted my thread and changed the title. Bravo!
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  3. Lacedog Loyal Player

    finally! cant wait.
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  4. Too Many Toons New Player

    recommeneded rewards - style items or cool base items (bling).
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  5. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    Very very cool!

    This should make a LOT of people happy!
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  6. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I vote rare styles that only drop in those instances.
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  7. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    DAMN, I remember someone posting EXACTLY that thing, asking to be implemented.

    Very cool from DEVS part!!!
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  8. Mandarin New Player

    Maybe reward some marketplace items like Repair Bots, Scanners, Teleporters etc. Beneficial consumables that are always useful.
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  9. Lacedog Loyal Player

    im down with rare styles as well. this is exactly what is needed for the time between tiers and dlc's. i wish this type of content would not be "seasonal", but i understand why it would go away for a time.
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  10. Little Sister New Player

    This took me by surprise, I'm really excited for this !

    My few suggestions:

    - Provide different enemies. On FNL, the groups fight the Lexes (for example) and then face harder version of the Lexes, and harder ones, etc. etc. For the start (Oan Sciencells & Lanterns) I'd like to see maybe Arkillo and some adds, then after him a different boss, like Lyssa. Not just a harder version of Arkillo. Once you reach a certain level, have Arkillo out along with Lyssa and whomever else you have faced. Maybe like all 5 existing Sinestro Corp members (Arkillo, Lyssa, Amon Sur, Hank & Sinestro) Something like that anyways. I know personally I would get a little bored with the same thing over and over and over and over like the Lexes.

    - If it requires end game CR, reward end game Marks. Make it exponential. The farther you can get the more Marks you can get.

    Umm those are my initial ideas. That's all :)

    EDIT: One more idea. Please add FEATS. This game needs more Feats, this seems like a good way to start adding them. (Along with wins for all the existing arenas, but that's another topic lol)
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  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    This is good to hear. I've been wanting to see an Endurance/Escalation mode added to DCUO for a long time. I was thinking we might see an Endurance-type mode coming out around the same time league halls were supposed to. Defending your league hall against waves of villains/heroes was one idea I had in mind.

    The way I see this mode implemented in MMOs is that the final waves are usually intended to be impossible. It takes months before a well-geared group is able to clear those final waves. Is that going to be the case here?
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is not intended to replace or shortcut normal progression, so it's unlikely we would award end-game marks. This is intended to be an extra, additional, fun challenge, for those that crave that sort of thing.
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  13. SkullGang Loyal Player

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  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The intent is for these events to get progressively harder, virtually indefinitely. The intent is for there to always be way more and way harder waves than players could ever possibly defeat. And yes - this means at some point, everybody dies gets knocked out.
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  15. Rasta New Player

    T5 & T6 expert plans would be nice. Also styles with no stats attached for those style pieces that require you to he a certain role to get.
    And base items that aren't those stupid statue items we get every time we open a lockbox
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  16. Lacedog Loyal Player

    with that said, the rare styles would be an option? and the top plans too maybe. i am all for this. ive posted about this idea before. but it still would have to offer a reward that would make it worth running. you know for those "other" people, cause im running the crap outta this either way.
  17. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    That´s what I call a CHALLENGE :)
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  18. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    Not to mention it would wreak havoc with the weekly lockouts. Your random PUG group wiped on Boss1? Sorry, you're locked for the week now ...

    This way, people can play it over and over again for the sheer joy of it instead of worrying about what reward they're getting from it.
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  19. SkullGang Loyal Player

    Can this be done daily ? Would be a very good daily training regime for leagues and newcomers.
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We haven't specified or really settled on that. What do you think?
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