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  1. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    I think if they stick with the localized tremor animation into the jackhammer animation as just jackhammer then its gonna suck for tanking bosses in raids. On adds in the alert it will be nice to do damage and maybe knockdown but it won't knock a boss down it will jus counter u and knock u down lol. I loved jackhammer tho but mainly because I could get my absorption and come in and out of block soo smoothly that it was perfect for earth tanking without brick and without jumping into the air I like jus punching the ground. But after the update I'm guessing they made it slow like rage and fires aoe pull. I really hope they left epicenter alone and didn't mess up the "quality of life" for the earth tank by making it super slow and changed it to pull after a localized tremor jump in the air and smash the ground move before it actually pulls adds. where as normally epicenter will pull the adds the moment u hit it and your feet jump up it sucks in and you land in the middle with gemstone and jackhammer ready to go....but if they made it like without mercy or backdraft then its gonna be super super slow and mess up the quality of life for tanks. And prolly open up your vulnerability to be damaged to death and knock yourself down by jumping so much it didn't neeed to juggle the adds it needed to get the defence buffed from 1 point per dominance to 2 point per dom like fire's health is so that it could jus epicenter everything in like it used to and then absorb damage well not half ***** 50%...if they leave it at jus 50% then they need to add 2 point defence per point of dom

    or they need to add gemstone shield to all the tanking aftershocks so that when you do jackhammer fully aftershocked that it pops gemstone around u on each aftershock to get full 100% absorbtion. I jus don't see why the devs only look at the dps side of powers on every single update and dlc they only display the dps side cuz the player base is larger. But the 100% absorb which lasts one sec usually cuz u get hit so it wouldn't be op or even halfway balanced to rage and ice if they jus gave us earth users this...yeah it would leave fire still behind but they could add a combo system to fire and make it like being a solo celestial healer for yourself only fire should be a self healer tank, meaning it have a insta heal besides burnout I mean jus a legit insta heal based on your resto and combo for heals over times...which they could easily jus make stoke flames burst then hot and give it a 3-4 sec cooldown since it isn't a breakout move like burning determination and halfway fix fire with jus that change and make eternal flame 50% idk why in the world they changed ice's armor and made the super 50 and didn't change fire to make tanking better and jus one or two more tics on stoke flames and BD doesn't heal back 26k health so I think it needs changed to keep up with t6 damage in and health. Sorry so long don't hate I was excited.
  2. lukelucky Devoted Player

    to offesive is i would start with gem stone shield and block or do a pull or tw. then jackhammer or block then jackhammer. i was giving plenty of time between those two aftershock moves to keep agro and my buff up. maybe i was not maxamizing the absorbtion but as i said i was really effective. when u have ads pilled up i often went JH two fast and both my after shock moves would be on cool down. pulls allows me to keep ads easy and i block till i get in trouble and transfer. so i overwrote it but as it was going away and i then used transfer till i could AS again. worked like a charm. you know the ins and outs of it so i ask was this ok, bad, or gtg? i am ok with constructive critics.
  3. Dogico Loyal Player

    Read testing thread again, aftershock tanking is fine now. Also Epicenter is worst aoe pull of the three, it is same speed as Without Mercy and Backdraft but it doesn't do anything extra.
    That's fine, just for the last few months once you cast Damage Shift with Crystal or Brick then there is no point in using Jackhammer while your pets are still alive. You wont be able to get 50% absorption, it'll be stuck at 43% as long as they are alive. What some people used to do was use Jackhammer immediately if Crystal/Brick went down, then recast Brick/Damage Shift. Also, while Gemstone can be aftershocked it is not an aftershock tanking power.
  4. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    Just imagine a world where we started the game out with earth and fire and then rage and then imagine the devs promoting ice as the new tanking power it would be complained about sooo bad for how awesome it is and how effective it is...I can hear it now yeah sorta like rage except you block all damage for 8 secs so your controller doesn't even vibrate cuz you don't take damage no need to cancel the crash the breakouts work and pull, oh yeah theres armor lol You can prevent 3 attacks and heal yourself from reflect it hits enemys across the yard and usable while controlled. you get double your amount of defence which is like 11k defence added not jus like earth or 2000 or whatever your doms at.(that alone is like screaming 2 point def per 1 point dom jus numbers on a page)..I mean people would die if they heard a campaign promoting ice as something new and its like theyre afraid of giving tanks something awesome like that again. they could easily buff earths defence to double your amount of dom like fire and it would be a lot more sturdier as ice feels ur bar wouldn't drop as fast and it would jus feel good. if that's too much trouble to change the amount of defence you get then allow more absorbtion from fully aftershocking jackhammer applying a gemstone shield around you on the 3rd aftershock to 100% nobody wants jus 50 cuz unless it actually works now used to I could sit and take damage constant and bricks health wouldn;t move only mine...without totem I rarely had brick ever die on me cuz he wouldnt' take my damage lol. and he was mainly for doing more damage in tank role used without damage shift cuz it never shifted. I know every power is created to be a dps power in the thinktank but I really think they need to like hire a support player that likes to play healer troll tank and never dps so that they get both sides of the equation when they go into changing things. I love how celestial got demo on fnl as the new healer power everybody tune in to see the new heals and we got mepps on sorc heal and somebody else doing dps in maybe healer gear or something and rage got demo'd as a constantly dying dps wearing full tank gear and said oh I can't switch and show the tank side cuz he didnt' have the gear when we can pause the screen and see 10k health and defence lol that was prolly cuz at the time it didn't heal you back right I'm guessing but my point is jus ask a player out in the world who plays the role to come test it for you a actual player and get their feedback not jus people who see the game as code and numbers and your future demos will always be a success and most def sell more respect tokens. I can already see them selling earth to us now as the pet tanking power where you get 40% instead of being like look at this beastly earth tank we have resurrected it can take any damage if chained the aftershocks right "all that risk reward or quality of life I hear about"
  5. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Who reads posts like the one above? Anyone? There could be the secret to life in that wall of text and I'm still not reading it.
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  6. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    I'm starting to feel like I going to be another earth DPS groups don't want to run with.

    One of the only reasons and the first reason I want to play earth is Jackhammer.

    By all accounts now aftershock jackhammer tanking is looking nice but the damage of Jackhammer is awful compared to just about everything else you can do. The 35 % modifier second tier move upheaval has more DPS potential then Jack hammer .

    I absolutely refuse to run a load out with out jack hammer which means I will constantly be under performing.

    Also I posted this earlier gemstone shield needs an added bonus for aftershocking it works like every other shield in the game except to get it to work like every other shield I have to do three things to every other shields one with no added benefit.

    After serious personal reflection reduce the damage on Tetonic break and make in max range sphere around the target.
  7. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    so on epicenter now it pulls by your hands smashing the ground like a duel weild animation like without mercy and backdraft but it doesn't knockdown....but your saying it was changed from the previous where it sucks by your feet jumping and forcing the earth below your feet to suck in the enemys? your saying it now jumps and punchs or double arm slams the ground like backdraft does before it pulls the adds? If they did that to it is is the worst of the three then, earth had the best two pulls in the game before i will be disappointed if that's true and you can't epicenter clip into gemstone shield clip into jackhammer repeat. I was so excited when i heard earth was getting rebuffed but now I'm jus disappointed and realized they jus selling tha dps who couldn't learn to do celestial rage or hl combos systems to do this simple tap tap tap combo and let crystal sit and do your damage for you and it really isn't changed for tanks...they had already changed it along time ago to get the absorbtion after one aftershock an aftershocking made it last 3 secs longer obviously but early in the thread the devs said that this is whats new about earth tanking is that you can extend the time you get absorbtion by aftershocking meaning during the aftershocks and lasting after the last for the buff time. But that isnt' new he just worded it special because nobody had thought about the buff as it lasting everybody only thought they got the buff during aftershock and that's was it but just one would last 8 secs at least an so 3 more secs of aftershock obviously adds 3 more secs to the time. it just literally had never been explained before by a dev so hearing the old info on it seemed new. I'm sure if they actually do show it on a demo it will be like two seconds of a dps in tank gear so people can complain about how lil damage it does and get the tank buffs left in the dust and dps the focus til its done being tweaked. It will def be the least able of keeping its self healed/prevention in the t6 alert without a healer or any duo or solo.
  8. Lacedog Loyal Player

    thats already happening with pebble blast. while i agree, tectonic break is almost worthless now, why change it to work exactly how another power is going to work?
  9. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    adults who don't tweet and vine everyday will read my posts and hopefully somebody working on the power might get some inspiration from some of the ideas in the thread. That's why spiderman 2 was so bad cuz sony thought the audience was ******** and only capable of retaining 6 sec vines and 123 character responses, so as a result we got a terrible rushed goblin story where he was goblin for 5 mins jus to kill gwen when it could have been sick if they would have treated us as not 6 year olds and people capable of following a complete detail rich story arc. and I'm pretty sure i liked a few things you said and didn't complain about having to read text on a screen that is what this whole thing is. its not video or it would have seemed short to you.
  10. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Yeah it's a personal preference, I think tectonics break fits better. Just me
  11. Lacedog Loyal Player

    It's certainly not an attention span thing bud. It's properly using punctuation and paragraphs. It's making a point instead of rambling on about something until it becomes one big line of letters that no one will care about reading. I've read almost every post in this thread. Care to guess which ones I passed right over? Id be willing to bet it's the same ones the devs passed right over too.

    Paragraphs. It's just a suggestion.
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  12. lukelucky Devoted Player

    ah well it seems i tanked at %43 instead of %50 alot.
  13. Conno23 New Player

    First, im not sure what you mean here. Activating the power is 8 seconds of full 50% absorbtion. Before it was only 25% but for longer, like any power in the earth set. It is true that one aftershock is exactly the same as tanking is on live. 12 seconds at 50%.

    Second, it doesn't take nearly three seconds to do the second aftershock, which adds 3 seconds to the timer. Even if you go to the full three aftershocks, you will have earned 3 more seconds to your full 50%. By that time, you still will not have spent three seconds from the power's activation.

    Third, no offence, but Lacedog is right. That one solid paragraph is not easy to read, and I did read it all.

    If I misinterpreted your point, feel free to clarify.
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  14. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Are you talking about using Brick without Damage Shift?
  15. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    I didn't say that you didn't get 50% from the first aftershock i don't believe, idk. I always knew you got 25 from cast and 25 from first shock.. i was suggesting that they give the 100% from the gemstone shield to tanks who actually do all the aftershocks of jackhammer or upheaval to the full 100% for the effort and risk. What is the point in doing the other aftershocks if you can probably jus do jackhammer again in 8 secs. and you only can get 50 % but do more than 50% worth of aftershocking? That's why they say you get the "full buff" at one after shock. Idk why they don't think it would benefit a tank to get more absorbtion from the other 2 aftershocks that on gemstones grants you 100 til it bust. Granted it doesn't take that long to aftershock, i think tunso said it was half second intervals from like 1.5 2, 2.5 extention to your absorbtion but not ant increase of what it can actually absorb so i was complaining that they rethink the, we want the tank to aftershock to get longer 50% and start thinking we want the tank to jackhammer and get to 100% but we know how that would be op if you could do it 3 times and it last a long time i was suggesting that you aftershock and it create gemstone shields on you no matter if you upheaval, jack hammer, or gemstone. The extra effort for the 4 stone shield to achieve 100% BUT IF, they made it with the stones then it wouldn't be op cuz we all know they bust pretty fast so you would have to keep comboing all three aftershock powers like a rage tank trying to cance and stack your health to keep your buff up to "Fully Buffed" not "half buffed-fully buffed". it was worded by tunso that it now gives 50 from first shock for 8 secs and if you do 3 aftershocks then the length of time it takes to do those aftershocks is taking up the extra time that you gained...sounds confusing how I'm saying it I know. But he means that you get 8, if you do the other aftershocks then the timer just goes 8 secs past your last aftershock it doesn't actually make it go that extended length after your last aftershock the extended time is because it starts after the aftershock. So you saying it is a short time to aftershock jus means it isn't extended long. I think tanks need more absorbtion than length i never go 10 secs without hitting a power to reapply my buff, but more importantly using a power that will help keep me alive getting the buff is bonus for the power type.

    If Tanks don't ***** about it now, when will earth ever get relooked at again...never lol. I think we want it the best it can be and for t8 and t9 and on to take hits i mean with just getting 1 point of defence per 1 point of dominance is way way too low if we only get 50% absortion and 100% off gemstone for one second every 12 seconds....super weak compared to severe punishment and reflection. All I do is tank i have all 4 cuz i love the different play styles....just want it more than it is. I mean imagine if Ice were a new power, its selling points and benefits. If it were new there wouldn't be another tank power left after the dlc dropped. I mean i have like 19k defence lol i can only get to maybe 12 on my earth tank and that's prolly with a dom cola and atlantean defence trinket. Once i get full T6 I'm sure my ice will have 25k def easily with half t6. 10k defence different for the other tank power that's buff is defence and absorbtion jus seems low is all I'm saying. Especially if its jus 50% absorbtion and who knows it it honestly absorbs 50% damage we can't scale it or test it tunso said so it could be just a tool tip description for all we know.
  16. SnakeEyes606 New Player

    I just wish they would write 100% absorbtion on all of ice's powers descriptions and on earths write its gonna hurt and you can't heal or absorb damage like a rock but you can throw power over time to brick and drop a supply drop.:eek: lmao Earth should absorb more damage than ice does and be that op, I said it lol. They're just afraid to do it for some reason i mean it would make a lot of money and i don't think it would break the games mechanics system but i mean i have no clue so idk. I mean it is Earth were talking about. It should be like a Boulder, tough, rock hard but without 100% absorbtion ability to us it jus makes something that melts tougher than a stone. They honestly should make it where you aftershock to full 3 times over or 5 like ice armor and turn you into brick like ice used to be and then that armor give you 100% absorbtion for the full 12 if that's how they wanted to go with it id be fine with that. I'm sure everybody would complain about it used to be ice's look but its brick now so it would work just fine and we know the mechanic already exist in the game cuz it was like that for years on ice.
  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Ice = mitigation through shields but if you are caught slipping you are done.

    Earth = damage slightly mitigated through defense and absorbed. You will consistently take damage but you will take small ticks of damage compared to the other takes making you easier to heal.

    Different design philosophies. Earth is like a rock under consten erosjon. It take a long time to erode the earth. Ice can block loads of things except for the strongest blows. You need a lot of ice to do that

    Shoot ice and it will crack. Shoot earth and depending on what element it is the bullet will ricochet or cause minor damage. You won't need as much earth to mitigate the damage.
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  18. Ramonater New Player

    LOL same here bro, i hope the secret to immortality is not somewhere in that text
  19. Prime_Ground New Player

    I feel the same way.
  20. RemyRockstar New Player

    Tunso, if there still is time PLEASE with a cherry on top change the animation of Rumblecrush.

    This will be our main power to apply the crush PI so we will be using it a lot in our loadouts. However the animation is just like sorcery's animation and doesn't fit Earth at all. I'd propose an animation change to something that's already in-game.

    PLEASE make this more Earth like.
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