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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. thelostczarnian New Player

    but they arent removing jc at all. they are only adding the same delay you would see if doing a jc on a gamepad. this is not huge like you are making it out to be. yes some animations may be longer but so will all the guass grenade-like powers from other sets. yes this may actually buff some sets but those sets are probably in need anyway like earth and electric will probably get some benefit from this. id call that pretty fair
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  2. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry you have an outdated platform as PS3 to play DC, but this statement is just wrong and misleading. Maybe some players won't like it, but if in the futre DC wants to still growing, they need to get rid of the ballast PS3 platform is. But that is another issue. Sorry for going out of topic.
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  3. thelostczarnian New Player

    the sets that will
    get a boast are the ones that NEEDED phase dodge to compete with hl. this should put then on equal footing. there is no reason that jc powersets NEED to be the best in dps. none at all and im a rage user and could care less if this affect my dps in a negative way. i hope this allows a earth player that has more skill to out dps me.
  4. thelostczarnian New Player

    like i said before...check ur facts before calling me out im on uspc villain side. yes this will likely be a decrease for me in dps vs currently slower powers but im ok with that. i would never own a ps3. id sell it for 50 bucks lol
  5. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    My point remains. You said that the JC nerf is not more than an adjustment to make JC as fast as a user with a gamepad can. If you JC with a gamepad within 0.5 sec animation, then sorry, you are slow, is not the gamepad fault.

    Check out plz this HL DPS from PS server, I believe the dude does pretty good with a gamepad.

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  6. thelostczarnian New Player will affect my plasma retch the same as your fan...still doesnt bother me till i see it on test and try it out. in fact it would return me to my old outrage rotation without having to use dreadfull to melee since the jc will take up the extra .5s of cooldown on outrage. everyone using jc will be in the same boat so yeah i wont have to worry about the dps loss of doing so. should make outrage more fun again. i see no downside
  7. thelostczarnian New Player

    would you be ok if they just took some average gamepad timings and grabbed a middle ground from those to use as the delay? would make more sense than speculation would. id be fine with a delay like that
  8. Ogat New Player

    I agree- Adjusting anim times alone is not enough to provide meanigfull balance across the board. Adjusting the damage output of the powers changed is an absolute necessity. All the powersets play differently- those based around speed by design pack a significantly weaker punch when used- They can't continue to do so when in some cases they will take now over 60% more time to use it would destroy them. Then there's also powers with short anim times that already do so poor damage that despite their speed they're super weak anyway- pebble blast or shards come to mind.
    The anim pass absolutely has to be coupled with a base damage pass across the board.

    Gee You sound bitter, and again You're missplacing blame. Sure It's always good for a game to bleed players:rolleyes:
  9. Zypher New Player

    If you're tying Spytle's player thread together with the 1-1.2s animation change it doesn't really matter how you spin it.

    It's to accommodate a less efficient input device. If this is the basis for the change its both asinine and backwards thinking in regard to the games future updates. Gimping the speed instead of using newer & improved hardware doesn't make sense. PC players are basically getting nothing from this.
  10. thelostczarnian New Player

    im sorry but your mode of debate seems centered on insults so ill assume you have nothing to truly offer in the way of unbiased logic ty and good night. im more that sick of all of you insulting anyone that is ok with the changes. being ok with dlc 10 does not = lack of talent or not being able to hit a jump bar or not being able to clip. if anything needs adjusted it should start with your general attitude.
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  11. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    Insults? Really? I guess you don't have enough arguments to refute me then. Have a good night, sir.
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  12. Ogat New Player

    Very good post, and I agree with it, quoted the last part because there seems to be a lot of misconception about this. And I feel it should be reiterated- every power has access to this technique and every power can and does profit from it.
  13. thelostczarnian New Player

    its not like it will change your pecking order on pc so...its really no biggie. you will out dps the same ppl you always did
  14. Ogat New Player

    But You with your cute lil gamepad will now not feel bad because someone with a keyboard is faster then You :) Yes yes I know You speak out of the kindness of Your heart.:rolleyes:
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  15. thelostczarnian New Player

    you did not give back anything but insults while i laid out logic. you really feel entitled to more dps for using a k/m dont you. well i fell i should do the same dps wether i use a m/k or chill on my couch and use a gamepad on the usb. so i will chill on the couch and do the same dps as you hovering over your keyboard sitting upright in a chair as if you where at work toiling for a paycheck. i will enjoy my comfort even more knowing that your discomfort will provide you with no advantage what so ever...cheers
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  16. Mei Ritsuko Well-Known Player

    I feel like half of the community on dcuo doesn't care much about the game, they only care about what is better for them but not for everyone.
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  17. oF1RESTARo New Player

    I am a crappy DPS because im not interested in clipping and jump canceling and mashing buttons as fast as I can. Thats why I play support roles, and only DPS with my celestial toon. The timing aspect of celestial is my style of game play, having to time you buttons for specific points in the animation. Dont get me wrong when i troll i clip PoT with recharge and i clip the soccer style kick from HB with recharge as well. My main used to be fire with the fireburst, mass det loadout and i loved it till T5 when everyone else was almost double my damage because of the cast time being interrupted seems like every cast.

    I DO NOT WANT THE JUMP CANCEL TO CHANGE!! If you can pull off mass damage in short span till power is depleted go for it. If they change anything make the other powers cancel when you press jump like fireburst or fan does (or did not sure been awhile)

    As a troll I see how the use of the jump and clipping uses a great amount of power but honest I dont care, and not afraid to yell at the "give more power" DPS's to use their weapon or drink a soda if they need more than i can give. We can only push recharge so often and only one troll can use PoT. Quite frankly I think they should focus on fixing the "combat mechanics" either figure out a pause for latency or make the NPC's stop attacking from the ground, etc etc. Too many bugs need to be fixed for me to get excited over a new mechanic, especially one that is impossible to pull off with the current mechanics of interrupts and knock downs.
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  18. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    We sure have a different aproach on what insults and logic means. Please stop overreacting. I invite you to show were I insulted you, thanks.
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  19. thelostczarnian New Player

    you pretty much hit the nail on the head. we all have an angle or we would not post in the first place. i like to be laidback with my gamepad anytime i can. i save the k/m for the shooters. the cool part is i keep up with my gamepad anyway. i make up for the lack of easy input with finger dexterity and practice. this may slow me down just a tad even but like i said im fine with it since we all will be dealing with the same timings
  20. Ogat New Player

    True but for instance "my angle" comes from something very different. I don't care about the scorecard( Not gonna believe me are ya :p) BECAUSE it's not news for me to top it, not news for me to be beaten either- if not Pugging I tend to run with players equally capable or sometimes even better for most of my time, ask Kaiser he'll tell You the same thing his leauge has some great dpses as well, I'm pretty positive the same is true for most of the "minority" defending the current system. The gameplay we enyoy is about to change to an easier less interesting version I'm sure i'll be falling asleep in no time- and most importantly I still fail to grasp one thing:
    Since we're the insignificant minority, and we exclude everyone AND nobody else plays the game that way, why is everyone so hell-bent on messing all this up, acording to say Superior Mouse You wan't even meet a player who's this fast in an instance- ever.
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