Wonders of Zerox

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by IonHero, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. IonHero Well-Known Player

    As far as I can tell no one has obtained the "Wonders of Zerox" feat yet.
    which may suggest that the "Sorcerer's Supply Drop" isn't dropping.

    Is there anyone who has obtained this item yet? if so can you show it off please :)
    If no one really has encountered this item can a Dev please double check the drop table.
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  2. Olli Malicious Active Player

    I’ve been wondering about this too. I’ve done COUE a couple times and I haven’t seen it drop yet. I hope you can at least trade it.
  3. Olli Malicious Active Player

    I still haven’t seen it drop in COUE yet. I really think it’s bugged and not dropping.
  4. Heywiar Committed Player

    Can we get a dev to look at this? I know well over 100+ people who have ran it multiple times and nobody has gotten it. This takes rare drops to the next level haha.
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  5. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    today in the hero side usa server i saw a guy who get it
  6. Red Five Developer

    Hi folks, thanks for the reports. This was a bit more rare that we intended, and I've made some adjustments that should go out with the next patch.
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  7. Heywiar Committed Player

    Really appreciate the reply- thanks so much!
  8. Its Wyatt New Player

    Can you also adjust the crystal drop rates :D
  9. Hraesvelg Always Right

    He likes hearing people wail and gnash their teeth about drop rates. The misery of the playerbase sustains him! Have you seen what he dances to when he reads that someone wants a better drop rate?

    (I'll neither confirm nor deny that I may have been waiting for a tangential thread to post this in)
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  10. Its Wyatt New Player

    that was hilarious. That just made my day lol
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