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  1. FuryX New Player

    I think your missing the point mepps.. why even waste time on these new mechanics if the damage will be competitive but require you to use a lot more power?
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  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    So, in Kaiser's vid, he was not actually using the WM buff. He was just using the WM combo damage and following it with Outrage. Like I said, they weren't stacking. It's one or the other. With Nature's spores and the high damage pets, WM stacks. That's what they identified as unbalanced. The most you can get from WM with Rage, Celestial, and HL is a buff to the low might damage that precedes your combo. Yes, that provides a buff, but it's not stacking damage. It's more like using Dark Pact or something.
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  3. winter13 New Player


    And...when exactly did having two slots on your load out for the fury and offering become an "awesome mechanic"??
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  4. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I never tried to melee wave or the last boss in ab, but I melee the first boss in ab and when the other bos pop I use my sc and use use the sc in the hallway before the last boss fight. I know how good sorcery is and only lost once to a rage dps in AB and keep up with them in nexus, but to say sorcery is better than rage is a stretch.

    I don't understand how the devs make this chart about awesome level after the sorcery update and say every power will get one, and then say sorcery and nature already have it with there pets? What can they do to stop rage level of awesome? I don't see how they can stop it. It just seems to me the DCUO dev team just do things w/o planning them all the way out.
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  5. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    As a long time sorcery main, I was shocked and angried at first. After Tunso's explanation I'm ok with it. Truth is that little fury guy is something else.

    I would rather have the option of using either fury or WM than have fury nerfed because combining both is OP. Fury is indeed Awesome!

    One thing though, I'm not sure the same restriction should apply to guardian, he doesn't hit nearly as hard. I don't know about this one, it would require some playing around with WM and guardian for me to understand.
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  6. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    I just tried this on test & I'm pretty sure I'm getting a pretty nice Crit boost on my Might tick of the combo. If not Outrage, it definitely works with Dreadful Blast. Re-tested Dreadful Blast and I'm getting the Crit boost.
  7. DatWhizKid Active Player

    With these changes, offering should get its clip mechanic again. Offering should also provide instant power to the pets.
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  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Not true. You will still be able to benefit from the WM combo damage, which is substantial. You just won't get the might damage buff. Point of clarification: Berserk is a SC. I think you are referring to Bloodlust (and Ferocity, though that's a ridiculously short buff). I'll also point out that Nature, which is affected by this change, also has a precision buff. Now, if you want to argue for every powerset to have a precision buff, that's a different issue.
  9. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    This is true but he was still getting the increased damage version of the Dual Flurry (1H-DW Tap Tap Hold Hold). There were times in the video where that ability alone hit for 9K+. So he might not have been getting the Critical Attack Chance buff for his Might Damage from Outrage that he was chaining to WM Dual Flurry he was still getting 9K hits from Dual Flurry.
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  10. FuryX New Player

    I just want to use my pet and use weapon mastery and be balanced... that's all I wanted out of this update and I didn't think that was expecting much lol.. I'm ok with you balancing pet damage so I don't get op. Just a letdown making me choose.
  11. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yes, but chaining and stacking are different. The change is because of damage stacking.
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  12. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I agree with this change. I don't know if anyone here has faced the Fury in PvP on Live, but it's a monster and don't even get me started on Grand Summoning.
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  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    As I said above, you can still use WM and benefit from the combo damage, as Kaiser did in that video. You just don't get the buff.
  14. MCAZR New Player

    Sigh, not again. Do me a favor if you would. Run Nexus with your Sorcery and Rage toons. Since you're on PS4, record a vid and analyze your number for the first room, the stun room, and the buff room. Please calculate your damage per second for each toon in each room and let me know what they are. The start time is when you cast your first power. The end time is when the text shows at the bottom right. Please do not forget to view the scoreboard before each battle so you can calculate the damage done. I'm very curious how you do with each toons. I suspect your Rage dps'ing is what is lacking as opposed to your Sorcery dps'ing being OP.
  15. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Apologies Remander if the point of my post seemed a little out of place. I was more or less responding to Ivy who seemed to think that Kaiser wasn't using WM in his video as he stated -
    Which obviously wasn't the case. That was all :).
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  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Before the Sorc and Nature updates, I really only got dusted by Rage as Celestial. Now it's even difficult to keep up with Sorc and Nature. Rage still seems to have the top spot, though.
  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  18. Anti Bezz New Player

    His Rage is his main and isn't lacking at all. He doesn't mean he plays those powers on an alt he is talking about going against them in raids.
  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  20. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    I was only taking about the WM buff, not the additional prec tick.
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