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  1. MCAZR New Player

    Wow, just wow. Talk about not knowing how to use a powerset effectively. No other powerset besides Rage can do a sustained 10,000+ damage per second. The others can't even come remotely close to it. It's so obviously OP it's ridiculous. No wonder why people 'have to' run 4 dps groups.
  2. Akroma New Player

    you've obviously never played with or as a good sorcery dps. only raid rage can out dps sorc is nexus and thats only because of beserk and the first and last bosses. even with all the burst damage on the adds sorcery's fury does insane damage. without beserk in alerts rage cant keep up with a skilled sorcery dps.
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  3. MCAZR New Player

    And you've seen a Sorcery dps do 10,000+ damage per second when? What's the highest you've seen? Throw out some numbers so I know you've actually done some testing as opposed to being beat by a better dps and coming to the forums to QQ. Believe it or not, I've played with my share of top tier dps', almost every powerset including Sorcery.

    What sort of experience do you have? More importantly, do you have a Sorcery dps to prove your point and what server and faction are you on? Maybe we can set something up.

    In a full Nexus run, a top tier Rage dps cannot be beat in Nexus unless they have a bunch of unlucky deaths and don't get picked up. Rage also has a huge advantage in AB. I'm not seeing how you don't see that. EO can be quite difficult on both Rage and Sorcery with other powersets out-shining them.
  4. DarthSizzle Dedicated Player

    Last I remember dps amongst powers were define in raids with nexus being the current one. Since you mentioned alert sorc is might base and requires power where rage can combo its powers and buff itself so power isnt needed as much to deal high damage.
    The fury is part of a sorc loadout not its main attack, we also have to apply our pi and then the powers that follow. To say its all fury is wrong that's what your implying by saying fury hits insane numbers.

    Also a full vestments HL and Celestial can also out dps a sorc dps in a raid, same can be said for a nature dps. But here's the balance the fact that sorc can keep up and even at times top those 3 powers with its current state is awesome, now add this update and now a sorc dps has to choose and because trust me I've been on test you need to use WM to compete going forward the fury will become usless to a sorc dps and makes the revamp of the pets worthless.
  5. Akroma New Player

    i have a sorcery, rage and nature dps 103 DPS fully modded. my rage and nature dps stay consistent with everyone else i dps against in league but when i sorc dps i usually out dps the top tier dps in my league by at least 300k against skilled rage and nature in AnB and 600k in Wave. the fury pet can crit 5k+ every few seconds as long as he is powered and that is simply all you need.

    dont know what advantage you are talkin about rage has in AnB. you can try to melee and beserk first boss of AnB but the risk is not worth it and and the last boss cant be melee'd at all. alerts it is much easier to top dps with rage with all the trash mobs and the new dlc and update is gonna make rage look even better. in wave and AnB though i dont think a good sorc can be beat if skill level is the same.
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  6. DarthSizzle Dedicated Player

    Are you serious 5k every few seconds how is that possible? Fury hits with its first two attacks(aoe) highest ive seen 4.6k and avg 3.6k after that its single target for low dmg avg 50. You then have to pop offering for him to gain power to deal the first two attacks again, then theres offering cooldown.
    So wheres the every few second coming from?
  7. MCAZR New Player

    Excellent, you are the Sorcery dps so you can prove your point. It's usually someone who gets beat so they can't actually demonstrate what they mean. Now what server are you on and faction? This might give me a reason to actually log in.

    Fwiw, we've done quite a bit of testing and I'd love to see a Sorcery dps put up higher numbers than ours.

    In your Nexus runs, how fast are you guys completing it and with how many dps'?
  8. Akroma New Player

    guess my crits are more frequent and luckier than yours. every few seconds might be a little of an overstatement but i see huge crits at least twice every 10 seconds consistently.

    16 minutes or less with 4 dps assuming everything goes smoothly. USPS4
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  9. MCAZR New Player

    We may have something here. Hero or villain?
  10. Akroma New Player

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  11. DarthSizzle Dedicated Player

    Few seconds is a overstatement, especially when its cooldown is longer then WOD. And im sorry but lucky what your saying is you see 5k on avg just doesn't make sense.
  12. MCAZR New Player

    Dang, almost. I'm gonna say something but I can't prove it but I'll say it anyways. This is with the understanding that we are currently pre-GU36. You can extract more damage per second with a Sorcery loadout designed for 3 trolls. Sorcery is great, no doubt one of the top powers, but it is not top. It's probably good that we didn't get together because I was hoping to show you that one of the supposedly bottom tier powersets when played at the top tier is actually pretty close. All top tier players need is for the wrong person to start crying 'Nerf!' and we know there are plenty of those types on these boards.

    Anyways, I don't have much else to contribute to the thread as I'm a Sorcery dps myself who refuses to use that stupid pet. I actually wish they never touched the powerset because I was doing just fine before.

    Happy Gaming!
  13. Rox New Player

    Let the flood of Robot Sidekicks rise!
  14. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I'm usps4 hero sorcery dps.

    My toon name is Marlee King.

    I'll run with you mczar. I'm decent.
  15. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    This is an interesting development. I'm going to withhold judgement until I can get home to do some testing, but this will be tested. I'm concerned to be honest. It's on test server now right?
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  16. Echephyle New Player

    This is totally unfair and makes all the great and hard work they put inti the sorcery and nature revamp almost a waste of time.

    At the moment, I can keep up with rage in damage, but occasionally still get out dps's by them even with my fury up and powered by offering.

    If you watch the weapon mastery video kaiser007 posted, the rage precision buff allows him to crit for 10000. No other power comes close but you devs choose to make the gap even larger by nerfing the 2 powers that can compete with the big 3 if we choose to use our greatest assets. This disgusts me.

    I now have to make a choice between using the pet i fell in love with for the past 3 months or the mechanic that you got me all excited about. Totally unfair. Please undo these changes as they are not necessary.
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  17. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    Sounds like the pet wont get bonuses, which makes sense.

    If not, then -shrugs-.
  18. oOChiddyOo New Player

    yea im sure they made that decision because the pets are getting a buff to compete with wm or are already OP since they get stronger the higher the CR.
  19. Buckley Loyal Player

    The Devs giveth and the Devs taketh away, after all they are the Gods of this Pixel world.
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  20. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    I'm more concerned about the highlighted part...
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