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  1. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Ok I have been off DCUO for a few weeks playing ESO but am back b/c Fury should be out soon(TM). I have been trying to catch up with all the changes that are planned but all of the notes are so spread out I am having a hard time (WM, earth and elec, HL changes, pets etc). Can a dev post a current summary of where things stand and where they are going?

    TBH all of the scattered proposed changes read as a mess which gives me no confidence that this is all going to work. Maybe it's clear to the devs who are closely working on this but it isn't clear to me. It reads like combat is fundamentally changing across the board rather that simple fixing a few power sets. I am not saying that the proposal is wrong just that it feels BIG when I am not sure the problem was that BIG. Plus a lot of that effort could be spent producing more expansive content. Lately, I get about 30 days worth of excellent play time after each DLC then sit waiting 2-3 months for the next. This opens the door for me to play other games like ESO and at some point one of them might steal me away and become where I spend most of my gaming time. DCUO feels like a relationship where you can see yourselves slowly drifting apart and are just waiting for the inevitable split.
  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I agree, but keep in mind that this WM mechanic wasnt kept in mind when both those rounds of revamps came through...There was no made up "awesome" level at the time these powers were being revamped, so there was no reason to add any special mechanic to these powers

    Sorcery always powered their pets, but their pets were awful and Nature always spread their DOTs, but they had to keep reapplying them over and over again when they ran out as opposed to now where they hit harvest and it automatically refreshes them...All the powers in the future will have mechanics that make it so you can "hang" with these powersets
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  3. GodofSorcery New Player

  4. MCAZR New Player

    I'll wait for some numbers from him before I can better gauge his skill.
  5. MCAZR New Player

    I hope someone takes you up on this. By any chance do you have any damage per second numbers for any of the boss fights in Nexus? You can pm me if you don't want them to be made public.

    Edit: It's kinda funny how people call for nerfs when they get beat, which makes sense and is natural, but the only way for others to prove otherwise is to find someone willing to prove them wrong and risk having their powerset nerfed.
  6. ShadyMilkman New Player

    I hope this mystery mechanic is awesome!!!! In all reality though. Look at how they brought Nature up to a top tier power. Something as simple as allowing a single move reset DOT's. Hopefully they take this route with the other sets.
  7. GodofSorcery New Player

    The Fury is not not OP....

    That is the only vital power we have besides Final ruin which can hit up to 6k when a NPC is below 35% of health. Fury as of now can hit for a max of 4500 on s a single target. If Fury is OP then so is Plague, Outrage, and the rest of the most used powers on any powerset.
    Then you have to constantly keep it powered. The people that state that it is OP just don't want to be out dps'ed on the Scorecard by a free power. This is why they are making this nerf to Sorcery and Nature again. I just wont use WM. Yall should of left Sorcery and Nat where it was if yall was gone do this.

    What was the point of the revamp.?
  8. Dephyre Committed Player

    Please for the love of Glob and all things messy, STOP saying they are nerfing Sorcery and Nature. All it does is cause people to freak out and creat a thousand BS threads about stuff that isn't true. They aren't being nerfed. With WM you will still get the reduced power costs, but you'll lose your crit if you have a pet out. Not a nerf. Allow me to reiterate, IT'S NOT A NERF!
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  9. TrueOlympus New Player

    Its really not a nerf. Its more so, a lot of powers are being brought up to your level, while you stay the same........... That's ideally how balance is suppose to work
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  10. hoaxone Committed Player

    I don't like this #$%& at all bout swarm.sooo....you devs leave it completely useless for almost 2 years after launch.fix it and make it actually useful.now ur basically removing it from a nature DPS loadout If they wanna use WM.

    Answer some questions pls.

    1.why just sorcery and nature pets? U do know they actually cost power to use during fights.unlike gadgets turret which does a whole bunch of things and stays out.
    How about robot sidekick? Battle drone? Trinket pets? Snow devil?

    2.when is it a good model to leave swarm broken for the first 2 years....then fix it.nerf it......and now telling ppl if u wanna get the bonus from this new mechanic...u can't use it...again.

    3.since I'm here..why 3 years to introduce a power interaction for nature? Does this mean we get a consumable? ( won't forget hard light in this question)

    4.do u know..a rage with berserk will out DMG whatever swarm does with dots up and using weapon mastery??

    This move doesn't make sense to me...pls try to explain it.looks like everyone gonna remove swarm and use serpents call if they use the WM.I'm good
  11. Echephyle New Player

    After a lot of thought it's not as bad as what I originally thought. We still get the precision weapon damage crit bonus. We just lose the might bonus from using our powers. Having the fury powered up should keep our damage the same as with wm and no fury.

    As Dephyre just said, it's not exactly a nerf, just a c***block lol.
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  12. Victuswolf New Player

    They add a cool new feature that gives ALL powers a way of equally increasing their DPS. This by itself is balanced as it's a shared feature between all powers.

    Then they take away the extra DPS from that feature if two powers sorcery/nature use their DPS abilities or pets. That is a nerf. That's like the devs saying "sorry nature and sorcery players your not allowed to be part of this cool new weapon combo mastery update. It won't benefit you or your power set enough to bother with it."

    Their reasoning is what? Nature/Sorcery already do too much damage? If thats the case then why not fix them powers so they are in line with the rest? or fix the power sets of the weaker ones?

    The one thing about this that defies all logic is Rage. Top DPS power by a large margin pre-update. Even more of a increase after the update. Yet it doesn't get penalised?

    To be fair I think none of the powers should lose ANY of the weapon master benefits for playing their power sets to their strengths. The weapon master crits should be there for ALL powers. If theres a problem with too much or too little DPS on a power then fix the power itself. don't make a cool new feature redundant for players as that makes less players bother with it and creates a situation where people say "don't roll a nature/sorcery character as that cool feature of using two weapons in the same combo is wasted for them powers".

    Revert the change and FIX the powers themselves if you have a problem with them devs.
  13. GodofSorcery New Player

    So you are saying Shard, CoD, and SW we lose the Might Crit Ticks
    So it would be best to not use Fury?
  14. GodofSorcery New Player

    Ok, ok i got you
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  15. Radium Devoted Player

    Its stuff like this that makes me realize when people haven't used WM yet.Everybody benefits from Weapon Mastery regardless of the powerset. Some might just show it differently. Rage and Celestial will get more efficient and keep the same DPS essentially with it.

    Heres a video that just went up with these changes.

    Now go ahead and tell me that Nature needs a 360% crit buff on top of that.
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  16. Echephyle New Player

    Cod, soul well are dots, so they don't benefit much from wm. Wm only buffs the first tick of damage for each power you use it with, so it benefits burst damage powers like transmutation the most. Shard should work well with wm.

    But to answer your question, yes, just drop fury and you will get the might bonus.
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Gadgets took a big hit in GU36. The stretch to the distance of FG and CFm was an improvement, but it is way slow now and w/o WM the 'nades are just... LOW. If they say "Gadgets is Awesome!" and refuse to help it more, I will be as salty as you. :(
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  18. Victuswolf New Player

    Says a Rage player.

    Go ask anyone if Rage needs a 360% crit buff on top of their damage. BTW plenty of rage videos doing the same or better out there I'm sure.

    The point of my post which you clearly missed is that powers should be fixed independently of a new shared weapon master feature. If the devs think some power sets need to be fixed they should fix them themselves. Not remove benefits from the latest update for only them two powers.

    Regardless of rage being king of dps I would not agree if rage lost it's 360% crit bonus for using weapon master combos as that just discourages players from mastering weapons and pulling off the new combos. This feature should be just as good for everyone so players will use it and not think it's not viable.
  19. GodofSorcery New Player

    That is crazy
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  20. Radium Devoted Player

    So go ahead and tell me how Rage benefits from it then?

    If I use WM I can't chain combos like pre-36 so thats out.
    I get a might buff off of one tick of damage, so either the initial tick of DB or Outrage. Guess what part of those powers hits the hardest? Not the yellow one.

    I can either use more PPS and play my old style or I can use less power and play this new style. The part that does the real damage, the precision part, gets absolutely no benefit at all from WM. So all I get is a Rage player who hits as hard, takes more time between power attacks, and is easier on power.
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