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  1. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    Shame I can't edit now but I want to change something in this post.

    I think it'd be better if my suggestion for Electrocute instead of "not healing" people without Bio-Charge it'd just do a HoT within the AoE.
    So I think how it should work is if your allies are bio-charged they will receive a burst heal upon being the AoE of electrocute then a HoT would follow. Allies without Bio-charge just gain a HoT. I think the burst with bio-charge is more in line of how electric works.

    I've also been thinking about Voltaic bolt being a heal as well.
    In healer stance, the visual of Voltaic bolt would be the Signature blue electricity.

    How it'd work may depend on if it actually hit allies or enemies. If it hit enemies I think all allies near those enemies receive heals depending on the number of adds they were near.
    If hit it allies I think it should apply bio-charge all 7 allies while also giving them a burst heal. Considering the slight delay in Voltaic bolt I still also think Voltaic should have a increased cooldown.
    Even though it may not be a heal that keeps you think about proximity I still think it would be a cool healing power to see when you zap your allies with electricity. I also hope that it putting bio-charge on 7 allies helps with some of the power consumption others seem to think electric does. If you bio-charge 7 allies you could hit surge after to save on power a bit. It still might be a tad OP though which is why I suggested two ways to how it'd work. If the latter is too OP than the former (hitting enemies) can be a different option.

    I am just suggesting these because I said I wished for more ways to heal for our healing powers. Not every power in our trees can heal so I think it'd be nice if we had more of a variety. I'll be thinking about more. In fact I might make a separate thread to consolidate these suggestions in one area that I've made.
  2. |The 3rror Committed Player

    Earth&Fire pull= like ragebringer
    dcuo players=learn they support roles
    Pick ups lol
  3. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    For the most part the troll powers do all vary in their specialties but not for power out, so because many just play the role as a battery they never see it
  4. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    Here is my wishlist :).

    Removing the "dump power" and add a dump power mechanic to any CC effect.

    Reduce the opacity of the shield. It's a graphical overkill and a team shield turns the battlefield into a blue visual nightmare.

    Allow the DpS to choose between different rotations, rather than forcing everyone to have the same loadout to enjoy the AM. Set the refresh time of any AM power the same, so that I can keep using my AM as anyone else, without being forced to alternate with weapon attacks.

    Movement skills:
    Why the 50% overcharge cost on power-giving moves? Halve the cost and you will see people starting to use them.
    You have a lot of unused potential in this skill tree. It could be used as filling gap for when a team is missing a role. Add a move that adds some debuff for the enemies or buff for the team, some group healing and some PoT mechanic. It would start making sense spending SP in there again.
    There is no controller in our team? It's ok, backflip costs only 10% overcharge (not 50% as it is now) and gives some power back to the team; better than nothing.
    A tank is unavailable? Well, luckily Low Pressure adds a temporary defense boost to the team.
    No healer? Metabolic boost can give back 25% of the team health.
    Stuff like that.
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  5. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    First off a few problems. The power dump for all troll powers vary, not drastically but it is part mechanic of being a troll, so normally what one lacks in one spot makes up for in others. Also the power dump who it goes to is fine, if they bumped it up to 7 people the dump would be more worthless. The more people a power dump hits the more the power splits so 7 people one dump wouldn't be enough for even a single move.
    Then for the tanks pulling the stunned adds there are times you want adds separated so damage won't split as much for faster burn. So say a troll stuns adds that were attacking the group as long as the tank hits them with a pull/taunt it doesn't matter where they are when the break free they are going straight for the tank, so allowing them always to be pulled could eliminate certain strategies
  6. Daforge New Player

    Removal of WM bonus. Make it a choice not a needed mechanic to increase weapons damage. YOu can stick to one weapon or us Wm to jump between weapons but it acts just like if you were performing a regualr combo. Make it the longer the combo takes the bigger the damage and the better the chance to crit.

    Removal of AM's. Balance powers vs weapons and lose the need to have a power bar altogether. Simply gives players the choice of whether they want to dps with powers or damage with weapons. Add in an aggro taunt innate to all weapon hits while in tank mod. Add in a healing factor while using weapons while in healer mod.

    Make aftershocks for jackhammer like light combos, uses no power and increases in damage the longer you use it.
  7. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    I want my old mental back.
  8. FRA New Player

    -Id like to see healers and trollers not just as recharges. Make stuns, buffs, debuffs, shields and so very much useful. Give cd to rechargin abilites (and increase the auto power and heal regen for all chars in order to that cd not being a "nerf").
    -Id like to see shields not always as bubbles. Kinda silly i think... make some cool fx effects.
    -Id like all clases being able to melee fine, not just tanks. How? maybe increase def for melee weapons and crit for range?
    -Id like wolf form to run at four legs when using super speed. Id like wolf to use stealth too or dog form abilities with wolf. You could add a new form replacing dog.
    -Id like customisable skins for pets and forms. I want a demonic sorcerer, demonic minion pets, new nature forms, new sidekicks...
    -Id like to fix so many bugy anims... like when theres a different room level and you char is kinda looking at floor (specially with super speed), the weird aerial combat anims, the fliers blocking and rolling (make them just to get forward or backward at high speed, kinda superman).
    -Id like to see iconic powers being useful. Improve them and maybe mentors buffing certaing powers (so if your mentor is batman, batarangs could add control effect, more damage or so)
    -Id like to see movment abilites improved. Allow players to spec into them maybe spending new iconic power points.
    -Id like to see all of this and more and... isnt that hard to implement
  9. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    I want quantum to be able to bring me back in time so I could have time back wasted on pointless raids.