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    Hey devs (and fellow players), below is just a list of some things that I'd like to see in game. I don't know how long this'll be since I'm typing this off the top of my head, but maybe some of you will agree or have input on my suggestions. Anyway, I'd like to see:

    1. power attached to not only the might stat, but resto and vit as well. As it stands right now, getting power greatly increases your ability to use powers but significantly reduces your vit/resto making your power dump or heals weaker. I believe this was the same problem for dpses when power was a separate stat. Can support roles get the same luxury as dps?
    2. power dumps, heal bursts and hots increased
    3. stackable pot
    4. increased pot based on group size (i.e if you're in a duo, since its only one player your dump will be "massive" whereas in a raid or alert it'll be lower due to splitting."
    5. power dump hit all 8 players
    6. orbital strikes be more impactful (as it stands it seems like orbitals and supercharges simply switched places, with orbitals feeling vastly underpowered now (against bosses))
    7. mod exchange kits (you know like the ones we got for the stats revamp. That way I wouldn't have to salvage a million items if I wanted to simply swap out a special forces mod to put into a higher gear piece. add them to the marketplace like totals or make em craftable/purchasable/drops in game)
    8. equipment mods act as generator mods. (this way once installed the mods affect our overall stats and wouldn't have to constantly be replaced unless a new dlc dropped and we wanted to upgrade them)
    9. dovetails on all powers reduced (everything just feels really clunky at times and not as fluid as it should)
    10. pvp get a significant overhaul
    11. DLCs release with at least one of each type of content (i.e at least one open world, one solo, one duo, one alert, and one raid)
    12. another SM
    13. style unlocking for alts
    14. gear account bound (meaning that if I get a dropped piece on one of my toons and don't need it, I can send it to an alt that does. The alt would have to be within the relevancy window for it to attune it though, so I couldn't send gear from AF3 to say a fresh level 30 toon, they'd have to be within a similar window as the toon it would be getting it from)
    15. The removal of TCs (honestly, I'm sick of them. They're cancerous to me. At least put the items on the marketplace and remove the feat if they're here to stay)
    16. Older instances rebalanced (I shouldn't struggle in fos3 as a fully modded cr 210. I feel that the burn is fine, I get that we shouldn't be able to burn them ultra fast. But with the amount of progression I've made since then I shouldn't go under half health period.)
    17. more movement variations
    18. skippable cutscenes
    19. further development on the stats revamp (as it stands right now you guys are moving at a snail's pace, pick it up. Get stuff done before adding new things and trying to implement new systems)
    20. A major quality of life update to squash some bugs, streamline certain systems, etc. (I'd take losing a dlc in place of one of these because its long overdue.)

    Agan, these are just some things that I would like to see in game. I am by no means suggesting that these are things that must be implemented and I am open to suggestions from others as well as opinions. Thanks for reading :)
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    Mall Santa must have been happy to see you.
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    Stop hackers getting ridiculous.
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    Go to either of the AoJ vendors and look towards the bottom for the Special Forces Mod Recovery Kit. It will Remove the the Special Forces Mod from your gear, and give you an account bound version of the mod to use in another piece of gear. It costs 20 MoV. There is also one for Olympian mods.

    The differences between these kits and the ones we got for stats recall are:
    They are tied to type, the revamp kits were not.
    They give you the same mod back, the revamp kit would let you choose a different mod.

    There may be more, aside from the obvious, and the kits from the revamp may come back some day (they stack to 999, but you could only have 20 on a single character).
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