Winter Seasonal Event: Season's Greedings Returns!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Season's Greedings!

    Larfleeze is back! Find and recover the stolen gifts in Metropolis and Gotham City before it's too late! Look for “Yuletide Fear” (Villains) or “Winter Plunderland” (Heroes) in your Mission Journal. Players must be at least level 10 to participate.

    Larfleeze’s greed can’t be satisfied so he is taking advantage of a heated battle between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps. Look for “Ring in the Holidays” in your Mission Journal. Players must complete “Yuletide Fear” or “Winter Plunderland” and “Season’s Greedings” in order to receive the “Ring in the Holidays” Daily Mission. Each day of the event, look for “Season’s Greedings” and “Ring in the Holidays” in your Mission Journal to complete the mission and earn Holly Leaves.





    Don’t forget to shop at Skeets’ Workshop to get the latest winter clothing, holiday goodies, and festive base items! Notable new rewards this include actual Candy Cane weapons that auto-level to you, two new penguin base item pets, a Krampus-inspired style set, and base items to makeover any lair into a holiday dreamscape.

    Remember, Skeets’ Workshop is located in your HQ and inside the Secret Research Facility. Happy holidays!

    New to the Marketplace: 50 Holly Leaves

    Holly Leaves allow you to purchase winter seasonal rewards or other advanced items from seasonal in-game vendors, and is available to use only during the event.

    Please note: This currency is available on a per character basis, and is not shared or tradeable.
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  2. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    How many winter holiday marks can be earned daily this year? Has it been increased?
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  3. Nuclear Winter Well-Known Player

    According to Torikumu, 16/day for completing both missions.
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  4. ChillCat Loyal Player

    SUPER GREAT!!!!!
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  5. LanternEX Level 30

    What time will the update be?? I'm excited and have been saving all my replays for this :)
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The event is live now. :)
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  7. Caroline Dedicated Player

    ROFL, I love your signature ! :D :D :D
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  8. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Are the penguins dropping in the event and/or the vault ?
  9. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I'm extremely disappointed in how expensive you made the seasonal marks in the vendor. I had 103 marks from last year 2015. I couldn't even get the two items that cost 15 marks each. So I spent about 96 marks for everything except those two meaning it costs about 130 marks to get these two Seasonal Feats completed.

    I feel like you want people to spend $$$ on the Marks in the marketplace. The marks in the marketplace is good for getting last years feats if you missed those old events or if you're new. But veterans or people returning from break for the seasonal holiday feats (like me, I'm returning when electric is great again or water is here) shouldn't be spending that much.

    Just my two cents on the matter.
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  10. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

  11. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    I would like to thank you for throwing your face Santa Claus.
    I have been asking for beards like face items for a long time. So you can have more options to style our characters!
    This can be a great start!:)
  12. Ace G New Player

    The items list in the feat "Winter Wonder land" are wrong in the spanish version. The item listed in spanish are totaly different, naming items from the past years.
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  13. RTHERMITE Well-Known Player

    will holly leaves be available in loyalty vendor.
  14. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Pick one name, Scale Model Blimp or Toy Blimp.


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  15. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

    seriously !! the tiniest blimp (on the floor ?!!) a tiny spaceman,a tiny tank and mammoth ! this the best you can come up with ? we have been asking for snowmen for years and get this garbage ! cmon DCUO [IMG]
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  16. Sawhat New Player

    I have the same problem too!
    My DCUO is the german version.
    And not even one of the winter season base items for the feat 2016 I can buy at the season vendors!!!
    In my feat there are things listed like:


    But NOT one of the things that are pictured on the screenshot #14 from Arwen Skywalker!!!
    So how can I get the right feat for this year or where can I get the things for my different feat??????????????????????
    I collected the things that are buyable new in this year for winter base items, Put it in my base. And nothing happends!
  17. kawe Loyal Player

    I can't believe it. Q__Q

    I.. I...

    I totally gonna pretend you guys made the Pingus for me. Yes I will. <3
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  18. LA_LakeShow247 New Player

    I need assistance from a GM or developer I created a support ticket 148954 about why I don't have my legendary after I was charged for it and I would like to know how long this is gOing to take to resolve as I world like to enjoy playing the game the way it is suppose to be played and I am missing out I want to know when I will have my legendary back since I was charged for it please let me know how long this might take thanks
  19. Bby bam bam New Player

    Mepps I just bought 2000 marketplace cash and it isn't showing up like wth do I do
  20. Skull Collector Committed Player

    And the best part is they had one made and almost ready to go last year that Mepps told us would be added this year. The thing looks completely finished from the picture. Merry Foolsmas! :rolleyes:

    And not one, but two penguin base items like Teekle. Two! Seriously!!!???? Two penguins, but nothing actually Christmas themed like a snowman, gingerbread man, elf? Heck, penguins don't even live at the North Pole. Sure, Batman related, but still... :mad:
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