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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Nov 20, 2020.

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  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Happy Holidays, Winter is coming and with it we have all new Winter 2020 rewards. We hope you enjoy the Fragging awesome rewards we have to offer you

    This thread is for feedback for the new Winter rewards. We will be checking back and fixing bugs as often as possible. Thank you for your help, and happy holidays!
  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    There is a bug with the "All The Trimmings" Feat. collecting the style items does not mark them on the list therefore the feat is not granted.
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  3. Ranmaru Developer

    Ack! I fixed that this morning, that should eventually permeate to PC test. My apologies.
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  4. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    By the way can you guys consider bumping seasonals currency above the 250 limit? It will be super helpful if I'm buying off marketplace or saving up, to have a bit more.
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  5. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Was just on test and still happening bought all items and did not get the feat.

    OMG I LOVEEEEEE THE BUNNY SLIPPERS... YAY :D:D Awesome job like all the winter Seasonal items ;)
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  6. AV Loyal Player

    Any chance you could lower the cost per unit of the seasonal food to keep it in line with the pricing of other events?
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    They're actually all inconsistent.

    The Black Cheery Bonbons from the Valentines event are 2x Hearts
    The Mister Mxyzptlk Red Brew is 3x Clover Leaves
    The Fire Beetle Eyes are 1x Spooky Bites
    The Sugar Cookies are 2x Holly Leaves.

    I agree with AV can they all be 1 seasonal mark?
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  8. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    And since they all have the same effects, they should be the same price.
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  9. AV Loyal Player

    I thought they changed one of them this year to be 5 marks for 5 units though I may be misremembering. But yeah... Should be equivalent to 1:1 everywhere for all the reasons people have cited.
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  10. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Are the materials meant to be sellable on broker?
  11. Ranmaru Developer

    The boxes yes, the individual materials no.
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  12. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Winter Seasonal 2020
    So, this year is a hit and miss on the seasonal items, for me personally.
    You may or may not agree with the below, this is just my opinion based on my sincere disappointment with this years items.

    I'm really annoyed that there is so little in the housing section to make the achievement worth while.
    WHY is it that a good portion of the items available look like sadistic torture of stuffed animals? it just seems odd all put together.
    (Severed and mounted head of a stuffed reindeer, Steam-Rolled Teddy Bear, Creepy Beanie Baby on your hip, and Butt-plugging stuffed bunny booties. really all you are missing here is a cieling item of a stuffed bear being strangled by x-mas lights. Also, Lobo items should be for Halloween NOT Christmas, just saying.) I understand that there are some characters that these items will be perfect for, especially if doing a just rolled out of bed super hero vibe. That is great. My issue is more with not having enough variety to complete the achievements without having to buy things that are just not for everyone. If there were more options available (like a northpole window to go with the door, I don't think I'd be so annoyed or disappointed.

    - Achievement Gripes -
    • Collect 10 random items from 2020, but the selection of options is so limited and sooooooo cringe.
    Only 4/11 of the housing items appeal to me and I don't need/want multiples so in order to complete this achievement I have to buy more useless stuff that will NEVER get displayed in my base. I get that I don't have to do the achievment, but I actually like the seasonal events and like going for these. This year I'm really upset with the options available. Very Disappointed.
    • Collect all 4 of the new gear items, Lobo Plushie, oh god no, No Thank You, not at all, JUST WHY? Is this an April fool's day joke?
    Not wanting to waste my time and energy collecting things I wont use, but at least these just sit in the closet and don't get in the way.

    - Items I Like -
    Housing: Space Dolphin Snow Globe (not Christmas at all but pretty, and it reminds me of t-shirts/posters from when I was a kid)
    Housing: Nice List
    Housing: Naughty List
    Housing: North Pole Portal
    Material: Blue Wrapping Paper Chroma (snowflakes look cute on pants, like X-mas morning PJ's)
    Material: Wrapping Paper Chroma (really like the green/gold combo, on the right gear can work for Hawk/Aqua/Robin characters, etc.)
    Gear: Jolly Beard
    Gear: Holiday Lasso Belt (OMG really adorable, THANKS)

    - Items I can try to incorporate into my base, but don't actually need or want -
    Housing: Festive Sleigh
    Housing: Hand Stitched Reindeer Trophy
    Housing: Melted Snowman
    Housing: Teddy Bear Skin Rug
    Gear: Suspiciously Realistic Bunny Slippers (looks like you shove your feet up the AR$E of stuffed animals AT BEST)

    - Items I Dislike, will NOT buy list -
    Housing: Lobo's Festive Space Hog (really, why?!? Just So Much NO.)
    Housing: Lobo's Space Hog (not Christmas at all, who would even think this was appropriate?!?)
    Housing: Festive Barricade

    Gear: Lobo Doll Accessory (How in the world does this have anything to do with CHRISTMAS?)
  13. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Lobo had a one-shot Christmas Special comic in the early 90"s which inspired a film adaptation a decade later. Long story short, the Easter Bunny hires Lobo to assassinate Santa Claus, hilarity and chaos ensue.
  14. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    on the test server at the moment, the description of "All the Trimmings" is collect "Holiday Lasso Belt"(not the description itself, but where the marks of what has already been collected), while the style of "Holiday lasso Belt" from the belt changed to accessory (before it was the style of the belt (and it was much better than accessory, you could apply to it any material and instead of a lasso you had a vine with thorns, or ringed wire, while accessory due to its specificity becomes useless in most styles ...)
  15. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the info, I had no idea that existed.

    Still, if they were going to add in items based on a one-off comic, they should have added enough normal items to complete the achievement without having to buy the lobo items, IMHO. While I am a DC girl through and through lobo is just so much cringe.
  16. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Well, this is a matter of taste, for me personally ,"Housing: Lobo's Space Hog" is the best thing this season is, it will be the very first purchase after the start of the season.

    And "Lobo Doll Accessory" is perfect for one of my alt who claims to be a witch;)
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  17. myandria Loyal Player

    Ooohh.. is that's why we got the Bunny Slippers as well, or is it a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference?
  18. TheLorax Unwavering Player

  19. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Due to these changes:

    can we get both options (accessory and belt) of "Holiday Lasso ". even if you increase the price for them it would be great ...
  20. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    Not a biggie ,but I wish the jolly beard was an accessory instead of face mask since then I could wear both at the same time :)
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