Will there be a Scoreboard revamp soon?

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  1. Circe New Player

    Different powers have different animations. You can tell all the healer roles apart from each other with animations.

    As for DPS, yeah that's harder to decide. But if the adds are going down fast, why would you want to kick? For DPS what I can say also is watch the power bars.
  2. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i shouldnt have to watch my allies!, i dont know many ppl who keep track of which healer is healin them when they are in an INTENSE battle in the Hardest Content in the Game, with ppl going down and 1-shots hitting ppl, and in this chaos i now need to pay special attention to the animations that are healing my toon?

    Since ur not understanding this babysitting effect, ill bring up someone near and dear to u.....

    Circe, think about the cause and effect of the scoreboard removal

    What happens to Cr requirements for groups forming the hard content if the scoreboard is removed?

    u post more CR Requirement issues then scoreboard issues, we get a new thread about CR issues from u every time new content is released , this would make it much worse
  3. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I really liked Circe's ideas on improving the scorecard.
  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    You can observe player behaviour in an instance and tell from that who's causing the most problems. The scoreboard isn't the definitive answer to anything at all.

    What happens if I'm in a raid with a lower CR controller and he won't stop overwriting my POT despite countless attempts to tell him not to. What if the decision is made that power isn't good enough and the scoreboard shows that The lower geared controller has done half/two-thirds the power out I have and the decision is made to kick me because my power out should be at least double his? The scoreboard in that case doesn't prove anything.

    I was kicked from Nexus once because the main controller had higher vit but wasn't putting enough power out. Was more interested in debuffing when I had said I will do all the debuffing as my vit was less than his. I had at least 75% power out that he had and I never stole or overwrote a single POT of his. Was kicked anyway because I was seen as inefficient due to my numbers on the scoreboard.

    Same for DPS and healing when powers are being overwritten. I ran PBG yesterday with 2 Electric Healers. 1 was full T5, the other was CR70 (or whatever the requirement is). The lower CR healer did over half the healing the higher CR healer did because the lower one kept overwriting the higher one. Kick the inefficient T5 healer right?

    Scoreboard only shows half of the story. It's the numerical statistics of the instance and people manipulate statistics to show whatever side of the story benefits them. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it went from PVE.
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  5. Lightful New Player

    Every power used reflects off the scoreboard. It won't tell me exactly what happened but it makes this "gray area" a little more one-sided.

    Saying "it's obvious" is your opinion. I, on the other hand, can't tell who is doing their role properly just based off of gameplay. There are variables that need to be accounted for. Also why I think the scoreboard should be even more detailed: damage to power ratio, number of pick ups, number of debuffs thrown, etc.
  6. Stamen Dedicated Player

    The scoreboard gives players of any skill level some target numbers to aim toward. It's true the scoreboard can be very deceptive, but if you are in a steady league with a steady group of players it is a very helpful tool to bring new ability out of players who aren't used to a role, or maybe need some pointers in a role.

    All of that said, there's only one thing about numbers I want to see fixed --

  7. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    But when you don't complete the instance it's nice to be able to review the data to see if the cause was from a specified person or if there were more of less of a role if that could make a difference instead of just guessing.
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  8. Enickma Dedicated Player

    There's really two sides to this, and both have equal merit:

    - The scoreboard is needed because it allows people to analyze where a problem might be.
    - The scoreboard is often misused (as Spytle himself stated).

    I can't tell you how many Black Dawn runs I've done where people just kill arbitrary clowns to raise their DPS. Same with Vengeance at the docks part.

    The scoreboard, in my opinion, has been more damaging than beneficial to the game. But at the same time, it can't be removed because it really is needed.

    I don't know what the answer is. I hope the devs figure something out that can make everyone happy.
  9. Circe New Player

    You really don't watch the fight while you're playing? If you can't pay attention to the fight around you, I really have no hope for you. Because I notice when other people are doing their powers while also playing my role perfectly. I can tell when a controller is giving me power, and when a healer is healing. The animations are right in your face, and you insist on ignoring them?

    You really can't tell when a Sorcery's COP is up? You really can't tell Sorcery's instant heal apart from Nature's? You can't tell when Electricity has HOT up? You really can't tell when Celestial heals? Than really, you shouldn't be playing if you don't have an awareness of these things.

    Being aware of what's happening around you is much more important than a scoreboard. Sadly, many don't realize that.
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  10. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i think the use the most recent content (as that is the most effect by the scoreboard removal) as an example is better

    Theres a big difference btw using Assault n Battery as an example and Prime Battle Group (which can be done with 3 ppl)

    The obvious problem in ur example is that the group was formed with 2 Electric Healers, ur POINT would be MUTE if it was with different healers.....
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  11. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    So when you look at the scorecard you can't tell how much power and healing each Troller and Healer is doing? I can.

    I agree a scorecard doesn't tell the whole story but it definitely provides a little data toward what is going on.
  12. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    no hope for me?

    Im not the one with issues getting in content, or have any issues with getting booted from content

    I have tired Assault n Battery 2 times from the start( im not a replay badge user), I beat it 2 times, thats a pretty decent success rate...whats urs?

    Maybe u should focus on urself more in these instances, and depend that ur teammates are doing what they should be doing

    but theres no hope for me, even thoughi play my role and depend on my teammates that they are doing their role and are communicating when things get hectic....

    I shouldnt have to babysit my teammates in the hardest content in the game, which i would be reduced to having to do without a scoreboard
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  13. JonnyD New Player

    D: no...

    I'd so be the champion of this.
  14. the solowing Steadfast Player

    so if my heals are crappy nobody else will know and i dont have to improve myself because i can lie about the heals im putting out and say the other healers not doing anything which creates mayhem in the group
  15. Enickma Dedicated Player

    But your gear can be inspected, and what Circe is vouching for is for actually watching what the group is doing. So it would be noticed if you weren't actually healing.
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  16. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    did i hit a nerve?

    i just pointed out that, using the scoreboard in SUPER EASY CONTENT like Prime is not the same as using it in harder content....

    I also didnt say the SCOREBAORD is the most exact thing ever, or the truth of everything

    having the SCOREBOARD REMOVED and having it fixed are 2 different things

    Do i think it needs to be improved? yes

    Does it need to be removed? no

    breathe, all will be well

    The fact is without the scoreboard, i can sit in an instance and spam powers wasting power and make it look like i am doing something, but i am really not

    u want that kind of behavior in this game?

    PPL will TROLL groups doing exactly what i said when they know there isnt a scoreboard to catch them
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  17. jessiejames4211 New Player

    circe how are you lectuiring people about paying attention to the raids' when you cant even beat half of them lol ?
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  18. JonnyD New Player

    Dude, if I ever hear that from any support role, I'm quitting the raid. It's already pissy enough when people accuse you of wrong **** and give you "advice" when they haven't been paying attention on what you're actually doing in the first place.
  19. Enickma Dedicated Player

    I disagree with that part. Nobody would willingly waste time in an instance just to do that, and even if they did, it wouldn't go unnoticed.
  20. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    no it does not.