Will there be a Scoreboard revamp soon?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by aMUZEd, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. aMUZEd New Player

    I'm just wondering if the devs will be adjusting the scoreboard anytime soon. I've actually been racking my mind on what changes will be beneficial to a group and which stats aren't being observed. I was just wondering what everyone else thought should happen.
  2. Baryon Boy New Player

    It would be nice if they removed it.
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  3. UltraElite Dedicated Player

  4. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Fixed that for you:p. No reason to take it away from those of us who use it.
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  5. Circe New Player

    Because it promotes elitism, scoreboard chasing, and is pretty distracting.

    What matters is if you complete the instance, not who tops the scoreboard.
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  6. jessiejames4211 New Player

    score boards fine
  7. TheVoiceOfReason Well-Known Player

    I would love if the scoreboard showed how many pick ups a person does in a raid.
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  8. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    And what happens when u DONT complete the instance?

    should everyone have to start ALL OVER again cause of 1-2 ppl?

    so 6-7 PPL have to suffer, cause 1-2 ppl who hold back the group, are tired of being kicked?

    without a scoreboard, instead of kicking the bad controller, both controllers will be kicked (or healers, or dps)

    aka hurting the whole group cause of 1 bad egg

    There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY
  9. Circe New Player

    I'd be for keeping your personal stats - so you know how you're doing. But remove the ability for others to see your score.
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  10. Circe New Player

    If you pay attention, you can tell who's lacking.
  11. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    so, now i have to babysit everyone by watching their every move (and be an expert of what their moves look like and which moves they should be doing), and play my role, and watch the adds/boss

    all because some ppl dont like to be kicked because they cant perform in an instance?

    no that isnt a solution to the problem of

    And what happens when u DONT complete the instance?

    should everyone have to start ALL OVER again cause of 1-2 ppl?
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  12. Lightful New Player

    I disagree.

    If one player is holding back an entire raid from completion then he/she should be kicked. Now I'm just referring to issues only the scoreboard can represent; not a lack of understanding raid mechanics.

    If the healer isn't healing sufficiently, DPS aren't burning efficiently (or quick enough), troll or trolls aren't dumping recharge and throwing debuffs regularly, and/or the tank isn't rotating powers effectively to take in boss damage then he/she should be kicked. It's not fair that a group has to spend an unnecessary amount of time in an instance because of only 1 person.

    I'm all for helping out, but if we're repeatedly failing because of one, I want to know who it is.
  13. jessiejames4211 New Player

    lol crice circe circe why do you even bother you must enjoy the negative attention
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  14. Circe New Player

    It's easy to tell if a controller or healer isn't doing their job. Just look if POT isn't up or HOT isn't up. Or watch the power bars. If power bars aren't moving, they aren't doing their job. Also, you can tell when instant power is given out and instant heals. It doesn't take that much just to observe what's happening in an instance.
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  15. Enickma Dedicated Player

    Circe isn't actually wrong. Read the posts instead of the name beside them.
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  16. Circe New Player

    The scoreboard is not telling of that, except maybe the DPS thing.

    You can tell when a troller is giving power. It's pretty obvious. You can tell when a healer is healing. That is also obvious. You can also check power bars of all roles to see if they're using their moves effectively. A scoreboard isn't telling of everything. If you just pay attention to the fight, you can tell who's doing their job.
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  17. NCR RANGER New Player

    I'd rather see a change to the damage numbers that are amplified through power interactions or debuffs.
  18. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Circe, circe, circe

    Not getting heals? how do u know which healer isnt healing?

    What about DPS?

    Again, having to babysit 7 other ppl is not a GOOD alternative to support the removal of the scoreboard

    also, ur experience is in content that isnt the "current best", since u have cr issues and getting in new content like the 8-man

    in Kahndaq, i dont have to watch the adds or boss , so its easier to track other team mates performance

    in the harder content ( which ur forum threads indicate u cant do in the beggining of its release), its a little much to have to pay attention to what 7 others are doing

    u have to pick ur poison,

    if u want CR restrictions limited, then removing the scoreboard would have the opposite effect... CR requirements would be even worse then they are now
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  19. ThePhantomTerror New Player

    This is controversial, on one hand if they removed the scoreboard there wouldn't be anymore scoreboard chasing, on the other if something is going wrong in a raid we wouldn't be able to see who's at fault. I just think the front page needs to show more than just Damage/Power/Healing out, something like Power in and the amount of pick ups, so we can really see who's contributing to the raid and who's there just to top the scoreboard.
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  20. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Which is it CR requirement reduction

    or Scoreboard Removal

    U cant complain about both!

    Removing Scoreboard will put more emphasis on CR requirements....