Will the Royal Chromas be put on the Marketplace?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Nodens, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Those new Royal Chromas really are too nice to be limited the way they are. I've got more than one toon that could use the same colors.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    It is possible in the future, but right now they are only planned for this membership gift.
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  3. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    another good marketplace idea would be to offer up the star trail we got during the charity event in different colors...
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  4. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Hey, if we're discussing movement styles, I wanna ask for power-themed movement styles! I just gotta have my main leaving a fire trail!
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  5. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    also a good idea.

    the star trail proved to be so popular that everyone whined their way into getting one per toon instead of per account. its one of the very few styles introduced into the game ive utilized since tc's were first introduced. kind of ironic this was a free style...the only thing tht would make it better is if it was offered in a few other colors to go with some of my alts color schemes.
  6. Nodens Dedicated Player

    To be fair, though, I think most of that "whining" was because the star trail was released in such a way that it made everyone think it was one per toon, like just about everything else in that gift event was, and It wasn't until a lot of us had already accepted in on the wrong toon, that we found out it was a singular item. I'm glad they actually listened to the players that time.
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  7. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    I really love these materials but some of them (Blue Royale & Red Royale) I would love on my alts. It from a monetary standpoint it would make sense for Daybreak to put them on the Marketplace, otherwise are you guys working towards style unlocking materials?
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  8. Azreaus Committed Player

    How about tweaking the colour shades slightly (like a brighter Red, Blue and so on while leaving the white/gold untouched ) and giving them a different name (maybe something like "Regal") then add them to Marketplace and that way the "Royal" ones stay exclusive to Members and the tweaked ones are available for all to buy and use (win/win - you get more money and we get more customization options)
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  9. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Also I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. There have been no new style items added to the Marketplace in a long time and the community would be happy to buy them or unlock the style. The only reason I can see why this wouldn’t happen is because Daybreak would like to find an alternate way to put them in Booster Bundles or TC’s so we have to spend more money on a chance to get them (which I hope is not the case as that would be unethical)
  10. DarkAvenger Active Player

    I bet the premium players will love this
  11. the solowing Devoted Player

    theyve been doing randomized lootboxes for like 6 years now..
  12. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Are you referring to the Promethium Lockboxes? If they were to go in them we’d want them tradable and their would be nothing in it for Daybreak. They’d be better on the Marketplace.
  13. Zamara Committed Player

    Would love this, there's a couple i'd like to have on more than 1 character :p
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  14. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Devs - please put these on the the marketplace or style unlock materials.
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  15. BanesRampage New Player

    There worth 10 bucks
  16. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    I wish we could unlock Materials using Replays. :(
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  17. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I almost never buy styles, and these are ones I would actually pull the trigger on.
  18. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    Chroma's, TC only styles, and generally everything else I think needs to be placed as single purchase account wide unlocks in the Marketplace. It's a personal opinion and apparently I'm the only one to have it. But RNG "Lootboxes" are bad for games, bad for gamers, and dangerous for kids and adults who have a predisposition to gambling addiction. Especially since Feats are directly tied to progression and items in the games lootbox system are tied to Feats. Put on top of that the fact that items from the lootboxes are nyon impossible for F2P players to get with all the restrictions placed on those account types. I'm sorry, get the RNG out of the cash shop and let us pay for the things we want and not have to guess how many 10's or hundreds of dollars were going to have to sink into a lookbox in order to get a item or set there of.

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