Will DCUO ever give us the feature to transfer over to PC?

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  1. Riku288 New Player

    It is so dead on xbox its not even funny I regret starting a new on the xbox and progressing to where I am now, will we ever have the ability to transfer from one thing to another? Seems highly unlikely but still...
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  2. lDevil Jinl New Player

    I talked to someone today and they said the entities are seperate and not possible.
  3. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Account transfer from one platform to another platform, as far as I know, that is rare and happens only when there are problems with a new game launching and the developers allow the account transfer as part of customer recovery.

    And even if it were possible, the cost of such a service will not be cheap.

    What you do want is actually cross platform between Xbox and PC/PS. Thats' been discussed before in Cross Platform for dcuo bwteen xbox and PS possible now?, when it was announced that Epic Games was doing cross platform for the Fortnite game. Hi Rez is also going to do cross platform for both Paladins and Smite.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  5. myandria Loyal Player

    Yeah, this isn't going to happen; however, I do hope that in the future Sony and Daybreak come to an agreement about cross-payment for membership.

    I would not mind making a whole new account on the PC if my membership was good for both platforms and I would pay a little more for it. For example, the 6 month membership is 72 dollars for the PS4; I would pay 80 dollars if that membership extended to both PS4 and the PC. I would still have to create new characters and a new account; however, at least I would have member access. One can only hope...
  6. Azreaus Committed Player

    If your lucky MS might pull their fingers out and allow DBG to merge the XBL servers into the combined PC/PS servers
  7. Swamarian Committed Player

    I suspect that at this point, the problem's Sony. MS allows cross play for other games, but Sony doesn't.
  8. Azreaus Committed Player

    Haven't noticed Sony forcing players to create/use a PSN account for cross-play on a different platform like MS is with XBL.
  9. xPhantom Atom Well-Known Player

    I would love to just have a new account on the PC but with all my skill points/feats unlocked or put on the account. Having to pay for replays to rank CR and get cosmetics is fine but having to grind out 400sp again is not something I want to do.
  10. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Different definitions of "cross-platform" colliding here. One is play on Xbox and pick-up where you left on PC via account. That's mostly MS's definition of "cross-platform". The other is people logging in from Xbox and other people from PS playing on the same servers. And that was turned down by Microsoft per default until 2016 when the gamers reaction and sales numbers of their consoles showed them they are on the wrong track. Microsoft then pulled a 180 and opened up, and Sony nearly instantly responded:


    Pointing put that they allow cross-platform between PS consoles and PC a long time already. And if MS is delusional enough to attach any strings/conditions/demands towards Sony with their way-too-late 180, I in Sony's place would show MS the finger and let'em sink and drown. The only bad joke about this is how MS can "manage" media coverage to make people think Sony is the one having the problem....
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  11. Gimpy Loyal Player

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