why was the ice form taken out?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ApolloMystique, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. ApolloMystique New Player

    i remember before the big ice revamp, 5 chill effects gave you an ice form...why was that taken out? it looked cool
  2. Avian Dedicated Player

    It's still there but it doesn't activate if you are using the max damage hand mod because the mod is better than ice armor.
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  3. Anima Committed Player

    Because PS3, actually.
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  4. ApolloMystique New Player

    its not there...maybe u werent playing the game at that time
  5. Avian Dedicated Player

    Are you talking about this?
  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Because the lag on PS3 was so tremendous it took to long to change your character back to normal. Which is probably why they havent created a new CC type trinket.

    I do miss the old style Ice armor.
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  7. Anima Committed Player


    This. This is what you used to get when you had five chill effects.

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  8. Avian Dedicated Player

    Oh the old one, k. I prefer the new ones since the old was basically just Brick for males and Crystal for females.
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  9. ApolloMystique New Player

    i always liked the old ones...i wish we could choose between the two
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  10. ApolloMystique New Player

    replace the useless ice devil with a power that could give us the ice form as one of the effects
  11. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    It looked cool to you. I don't want my Ice character to look like any other Ice character for most of the time. I am not running hundreds of time the same session to get a cool style and seeing it hidden by the powers I use. If it was up to me, i would eliminate even the current effect.
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  12. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    Like Ice Elemental? o_O
  13. ApolloMystique New Player

    ........im not sure if u realized...ice elemental is not only a supercharge, but it looks different...
  14. lokithoz Committed Player

    ugh not the new forms are @#%$, old ones gave us ice users something unique apart from the other classes, now we have stupid shards coming out of our body. I want it back
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  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Ice elemental isn't useless though. Snow devil is. every ice tank I ran with uses Ice elemental as their go to SC, no dps uses snow devil or Ice elemental. I'd Love to see this kinda ice fourm make a return, The one we got on live servers is just...(No offense but I'm trying to put this gently as possible) Ugly.
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  16. lokithoz Committed Player

    Yeah it very useful in very riskful situations for example : if the healers goes down in a boss fight use ice elemental, it wont heal your whole life bar, but it would keep you alive lol besides all of the immunity to control effects.
  17. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    You always have ice elemental :p
  18. Joybird Committed Player

    You sort of can. If you use the max damage mod, the effect doesn't show up.
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