Why treat your players this way?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by muellersascha, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    That's cause people are walking in to solo it, not queuing.
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  2. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    That does not surprise me a bit but does leave me wondering.. Sure you can skip some mobs but I was doing that raid when artifacts first came out and you get 4 or 5 Cr 200 plus on a team and you can wipe out everything inside that mission and be done in like 9 minutes.. Heck.... the CUT SCENE at the end took longer than it did for us to actually defeat Brainiac. Doing that whole raid solo.... ? Exactly how much time are those players saving doing a walk in? Cause i have NO desire to check for myself and i have 7 alts that could LOL JUST CURIOUS .. are they really saving a lot of time or just being anti social
  3. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Do it for the fun..not necessarily being anti-social....oh wait..maybe

    If only the rest of the low tier stuff that didn't require a team of at least 4 to turn the keys....I'll be golden.
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    If you solo it, you don't have to worry about queue time or leaving low levels in the dust, competing damage, or performing support role. You can just go do it and get it over with.
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  5. Johnny DCUO Well-Known Player

    Always USE your seal preservation if you have one.
    If the milestones succeeds, you wil keep your seal. ;)
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  6. Kestral Committed Player

    People are only running it on thur or fri. Other then that just do a walkthrough. It's soloable at end level if a bit slow going.
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  7. VariableFire Loyal Player

    That's when I try the most. Even before server reset. It just doesn't pop like people imply it does. I think one time I went through a dozen notifications of "searching for a new group."

    I've soloed it before. The bosses and even most of the adds aren't the problem, it's the billion CC effects you get hit with along the way that are aggravating. I don't think they realized or cared during the revamp that a lot of adds use CC more than we have the ability to breakout and cleanse.
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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Very true MUCH easier to find a team to do any of the duos, alerts, and raids that drop catalysts right after reset. I also find, and sadly this will not work for many players, that playing in the late morning to early afternoon seems to make finding teams for lower tier content easier. Players, like myself, that can will go on around or shortly after lunch and play a while doing any lower tier stuff they may be still TRYING desperately to get that final dumb feat on.. (prime example the first boss feat in the Malfunction duo.. I've lost track of how many CR 200+ I ran across inside that when i was doing it myself while bringing my last alt up the ladder to end game). Then when the sun goes down and the masses arrive.. the focus tends to switch to END GAME ONLY.

    To clarify I live on the East Coast so if you live in California its three hours earlier but Basically I am talking anywhere between 12 Noon and 4PM EST. By around 7 or 8PM EST the emphasis switches to end game and you can have a lower tier raid qued for hours and never find eight other players looking for THAT mission ...

    TRUST ME.. LOL I know from experience :eek:.. (So what? Did everyone take a nap or what?)
  9. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Im not anti-social, Im selectively social.
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  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You can walk in and solo Sub-Construct...or if the crwod control annoys you too much, get a partner and run it as a duo.
  11. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Try putting a group together or partial group and then queuing, then add the 9 minutes of the instance itself. Then just walk in solo and compare the time it took. Getting people to join your group can take longer than the instance itself.
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  12. Davenport Committed Player

    I attached my seal during the 100 breakthrough, but it didn't fail. Still have the freebie seal from the get go. I guess I'm just luckier.
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  13. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    Thus far out of 2 artifacts I have only encountered a fail on the final breakthrough. It failed 2 or 3 times at that point, but then a league mate tossed me 3 more and it broke through right on the first try. I would not risk attempting a breakthrough without one. Especially not when they are so easy to come by. They are on the broker after all.As for why they would do it. Well for most people it is not an outright disaster. I don't know anyone who let it consume all of their catalysts. Not when there is such a simple way to insure it does not happen. You can always seek out help elsewhere. I did not even have to ask and someone offered up the seals to me. If your league is not as cool as that... Well maybe you should consider placing your loyalty elsewhere.

    In regards to the queues. It just requires patience. As far as the duo and alerts go they typically pop as soon as I queue up. There may be a slight delay but I usually find myself going "Dang, why did I queue that" and running the instance. The raids can sometimes take a minute but even then they do still pop. Yesterday alone I ran 2-3 for catalysts I don't really need. Typically you do not even have to do anything except follow behind the high rank guy dead set on running it as fast as possible. I ran Trigon's Prison the other day and I was trying to clear the ads to keep them from maiming the two lower levels on our team, but another DPS ran right through everything skipping as much as possible. It was pulling us all into the boss fights once he triggered the cutscenes. When I was ranking up my artifacts I ran a few of the instances on my alts. It was literally effortless. And as mentioned above you can walk into some of them for the credit. You can always shout in LFG. There are some pretty nice folks out there still.
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  14. High Troller Loyal Player

    i figured what happened was not intended. I filed a support ticket for the failure. I got my DBG Cash back because I went back to the marketplace to buy a 2nd rank 80 catalyst kit (preservation was not consumed).

    Was I not supposed to get money back for what I claimed to be bugged out?
  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Well...it's a raid, originally and still intended to be ideally run by 8 people...or at least enough people to watch your six (since there is a walk-in portal). You can solo it, but it will still present a minor challenge/irritation.
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  16. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    What do you play on servers/console wise? From the sounds of things EU and Xbox are all less populated, but I have no actual facts to back that up.

    Not saying anything either, but it could also be that a ton of people have you ignored. I believe anyway, that if one person in that queue has you ignored that you cannot be grouped with them. It could factor in especially the way some people play these days. I know that out of my 15 alts there are 3 that I have not made it to 30 with which would mean that there are 12 I would even consider running the seasonal with. The other night I actually had time to hit it with exactly 10 of them. In 6 out of 10 runs there was at least one person who stood there and never once moved or contributed. I don't know why anyone would do this, but apparently people do. I know that is one thing that would definitely justify being slapped on ignore. Again, not saying that you do but there are a lot of things to consider. Once I learned how to ignore people there were certain ones I would see constantly bickering in the Hall Of Doom, and I slapped them on there just because their constant trash talking was annoying. I don't spam the ignore button, and I truthfully did not even ignore or insult the people who just stood there to be carried. However, I have met players who will literally ignore every single person that does not play exactly how they want, and are even so petty as to ignore a friend for "winning" on a scoreboard. So if you spam the ignore feature that may also play a part in it.

    Or maybe it is just the time you play, what role you queue in as, etc. I hate running in damage role but I often queue in as both a healer and damage when "pugging" content. Several who know me in the game know that my first instinct is to "pug" stuff and I will then look for LFG groups. No doubt the queues are slow as can be though, but with some patience I've been able to get in... Eventually.
  17. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    I hate the artifact and the fact that we have to run old content. Fails are BS.
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  18. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    you dont have to run old content, you can do what i did, buy them... with loyalty point, they are basically free... although that said, i'm not going to attempt lv.100 unless i have seal..
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  19. sayow55 Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry but this whole thing sucks. I get the chance for failure, they told us, I read it. tonight I tried a breakthrough to 100 on my main. Failed. ok, didn't really want to run content for 2 months to get all of those catalysts back. my decision, I know. spent 11 million dollars on broker to get all of the catalysts I needed to try again. most people know that that is a lot of in game cash. it takes a long time to earn that. went for second breakthrough. mind you, failed breakthrough only 20 minutes before, and FAILED BREAKTHROUGH AGAIN!!!!!!! yes, very upset about it, sent email to support (not that they will actually do anything) and people on forums will probably crucify me for complaining. but I have paid my legendary subscription faithfully for 7yrs and the company shouldn't be treating any player like this, f-t-p or legendary. THIS IS NOT RIGHT ON ANY LEVEL!
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  20. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Again..... why not use the Seal of Preservation???:confused::confused::confused:

    You said you spent $11 000 000 on the Broker to buy the Catalysts???.....

    Why not spend $1 000 000 more on the Broker to buy a Seal to protect your Catalysts for which you spent $11 000 000??? o_Oo_Oo_O
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