Why the Next DLC is the most Important DLC of All Time…

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  1. zNot Dedicated Player

    Yes from what ive seen it looks really amazing espeially considering what we usually get (no offense) there has been alotttt of effort put into it. It definetly makes sense that the new owners were the reason for this.

    Do you know what EG7 did to other games it bought off in the past? How did those games do after EG7 took it over? Is EG7 known to do high difficulty content?
  2. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    EG7 is a European company. Their marketing arm, Petrol, is/was involved in marketing Call of Duty. I know they like 1500 gaming titles so they know what they are doing. As a specific game(s) I can’t answer that.
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  3. MrWood Well-Known Player

    Not only going to be the DLC, but the marketplace prices. If they keep releasing stuff at this ridiculous high pricing then you can kiss even more people goodbye.
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  5. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    Wrong. This time they took away the 'BUILD' aspect of a mmrpg where the point is to build a character, to make it stronger. They effectively undid ten years of effort. This is not anything like the previous changes to the game.

    bUt WhAt aBoUt SkIlL pOiNtS and ArtIFacTs?

    Yes, I guess we could build them now instead. But how long before they get clamped too? I don't trust them not to do it which saps my motivation to play.

    Its ruined how I spend my free time. I don't want a different hobby. I want to keep building inside DCUO.
  6. timetrapper52 Active Player

    Nothing wrong with going to the forums in my off time people sure are weird. I'm enjoying my time elsewhere greatfully. One of my longest played game DCUO will probably not leave my mind with all of the experiences and friends I have made for many years, I only want to see the game improved. Some people seem to misinterpret moving on by that I mean I'm not playing it at all but I like being here to give suggestions to see this game succeed in a good direction and potentially return

    I have already made up my mind on what kind of game DCUO is right now and its not for me at the moment. Based on the way the devs handle improvements It would take a really good showing of competence and creativity to make my eyes sparkle once again is all I'm saying
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    I don't believe they are incompetent. However they aren't creating a single player game so tradeoffs and periodic adjustments are necessary to cater some to each.
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