Why Survival Mode should never see the light of day again.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Caroline, Mar 27, 2021.

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  1. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately, this is what makes the DC community so much a community that can be ultra self-centered, sometimes narcissistically manipulative (yes, yes there are some) sometimes no moral sense of right or wrong, and as you say also no respect for the effort/help made for them, sometimes some want to be the "centre of the world", but hey, it's like that when you create a game with free to play ranking and especially when it's a game that attracts a lot of minors, of course there are not only minors with this kind of behaviour, but from the moment you create a game with a certain competitiveness in it, you can be sure that the game will create this kind of community

    One piece of advice that I have always applied with gamers and gaming is to set a certain friendship barrier, because sometimes people can stab you in the back overnight and sometimes without knowing why and above all, never fund a person with real money that you have never had the opportunity to see physically, this avoids any regrets or pain later on.

    Of course, there are always people where it is still possible to have a good time with and thank God, it is still possible to find this type of player on DC ;)
  2. Maxwill Committed Player

    So to make a long story short, you had some bad experiences ingame coz of S.M. and coz of some probably needy kids and that's why developers shouldn't bring back S.M. ???

    Have you ever thought that's maybe selfish of you ?
    Rhetorical question, yes it is selfish of you and of other people to ruin something because they had bad experiences. Same happened with some things before G.U.36.
    I also had many bad experiences in sm and with some kind of players, call them however you want. But i put many kids in my ignore list, i stopped caring about some stuff, take it easy and have fun.

    Variety of ingame instances is good, don't stop devs ! Keep up the good work ! Survival Mode is a good thing in dcuo. I am looking foward to the next Survival Mode.

    I got only 1 thing as feedback, the way we had to tank some bosses reminds me of female dog behaviour , you know what i am saying. Hit and run like a scared lil girl... or 1shot again and again and again. Latency or whatever with some bosses, they get countered, we still get the dmg, which is 1 shot at some points. Annoying. Also 30-50+ minutes for 1 round... almost 2 hours for progress point , too long, some of us can't stay stuck on our chairs for about 2 hours. Would be nice of your to make bosses do less dmg or less 1shots and have less health so we can play and reach those high rounds, 26 or 29 or 30 .

    Ain't nobody got as much free time as some people.
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  3. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Lmao, alright. Yet another person who didn't read the full thing.

    Have a nice day!
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  4. nawanda Loyal Player

    Caroline, you seem really nice and everything, but you are essentially saying that you and others have had some bad experiences with SM this year, so it should be scrapped.

    I’ve not had a bad experience this year, and nor have many others. Why would you not expect people to make the point that scrapping SM would be unfair on them and others?

    The easiest solution would be for you not to play SM season 3. That would solve every issue you mentioned.
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  5. Caroline Dedicated Player

    How does me not playing Survival Mode solves the issue of the speed hackers though?
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  6. Caroline Dedicated Player

    You all seem to disregard the fact that people spent a lot of days and hours on trying to beat R30 just to see speedhackers get it done within 30 minutes and wear the same items legit groups wear. How is that not bugging you?
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  7. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    Like this:

    Theres a mental state where you know and ignore the acts of who get those items with hacks and separate them with peoples who get these items legit. If you can do it and restrain your urges there will be no problem. Just dont give a ****. If you cant well I have no words then.
    Opening threads against speed hackers on forums always help to discuss about the topic. Im all into it but the way I mentioned above is core and personal fix to this problem.

    Lets face it, hackers will always be present and hack the **** out of game. Mepps said(correct if I'm wrong) best they can do is with video of hack and manual bans. Luckly devs can track down SM hackers and take the rewards away from them(hopefully perma ban) like they did during season 1.
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  8. nawanda Loyal Player

    It doesn’t, and in fairness, you’re right to correct me. But speed hackers are not a SM-specific issue. They infect LPVE and elite raids and even open world bounties. You’re (rightly) not proposing to scrap any of these features.
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  9. Shalayah Committed Player

    Not trying to be that person, but that was kinda how a lot of people treated PVP. As something fun to do when PVE went through it’s downtime.
  10. Shalayah Committed Player

    Speed hackers aren’t specific to SM. You saying to scrap SM because hackers took over it is basically like asking the devs to scrap the game because speed hackers are everywhere from LPVE, to PVP, to Open world bounties all the way into the on duty missions. Yeah I’ve ran across speed hackers in duos, alerts and raids. Yeah it sucks but you gotta stop worrying about what others are doing. Report em and move on. Whatever happens to em happens. Nothing you or I can control. Beat SM legitimately and have a sense of pride that you beat it without having to cheat. That’s the problem nowadays. Everybody always worried about the next person. Who cares. They’ll eventually get banned anyways.
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  11. C3alix Committed Player

    Because they're not put on an in-game pedestal for the entire community to see and glory over.

    Because they don't stop me from playing the game at all.

    Because they don't affect my gameplay in any sort of way.

    Because I have better things to worry about than someone who sped through content.
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  12. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I think as a 4 man SM, it should never come back. I would love for 8 man SM to come back though.

    With artefacts (and the fact that most bosses are the same as last SM), this SM has essentially become a tank check. You can finish some higher rounds without a controller/battle controller or even a heal in some cases. Not everyone can tank, and so the elite tanks will use this to charge crazy sums of in game cash (as the OP said) to carry other roles (with varying levels of competency) through some rounds of Survival Mode.

    I think boss choice is key too. Baron Von Savage is a freebie round regardless of how high his CR is. You need bosses with some level of mechanics besides just damaging/rolling away from boss then blocking the occasional skull. There needs to be more going on. Vampire Lord from last SM was a great choice for a boss, as you had the damage pools, the different adds that would spawn, the Consume Soul phase, and more.

    Maybe increase the danger in the higher rounds?

    For me personally, I don't care for the 4 man SM as we know it now (and in 2019) anymore. If 8 man SM comes back maybe I'll be interested.
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  13. Great Architect Loyal Player

    I think everyone understands that, but the issue is then not SM - it's hackers. And that's not the only area where they are a problem. PvP and Elite Raids suffer from them too.

    I really appreciate that SM brings out the worst in some people.

    But it also brings out the best in others.

    Where people stand on that spectrum is their problem, not yours. When it affects you directly (losing League mates etc.), I can see that that is painful - but if people fold like that when they are under time pressure (for the limited duration of SM), they probably aren't going to make it through SM anyway. It's not something to be rushed, or thoughtless about. It does need planning, and a willingness to fail over and over until you find out how to beat each round.

    Some of your friends obviously took it too far. Taking time off sick or losing a partner over it is manifestly batshit insane.

    SM itself is not, I don't think, inherently toxic - but it encourages the same kind of attitude that has scoreboard-chasing DPS pew-pew-pew-ing while the Troll needs picking up. If people can't brute-force it, they feel cheated. This is an over-arching problem with the game itself. PvE is by default somewhat DPS-centric, and there are no tutorials for non-DPS roles. So if you can speedhack a boss down before it can kill you (even in SM), who needs Healers, Trolls and Tanks? Until DCUO takes an active stance on reverse-engineering these hacks and closing down the vulnerabilities, it's going to continue as it is.

    It's a bit of a Doom and Gloom future, but they really do need to start taking hacks seriously.
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  14. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    This why I don’t do leagues anymore or I’ll be patient to find the best one for me. So much politics and toxicity. Ppl just want what benefits them. But at the same time I don’t rely on anyone to give me stuff. I’ve built this toon myself, but that’s just my mentality. Got my group who I play with daily. All different leagues but I’ve known them for years. I’m happy for them when they get something I don’t like full elite or beat sm without me. But at the same time it’s just a game. It’s never that serious. Ppl just need to chill and take a break every now and then. Also by no means bend over backwards for someone else. Not worth it.
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  15. Heywiar Committed Player

    Honestly, they need to get rid of 4 man and replace it with 8 man. Why they went with 4 man is beyond me. SM continuously reminda me of how useless the devs made trolls too.
    Also, some weirdo losing his wife over a video game? That's completely on him and that dude needs some SERIOUS help.
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  16. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    That's the thing. Lots of them are not getting banned. The detection method/system they have set in place is clearly not working, as many people in game gloat about either carrying people through SM w/ speed hacks, or getting done through speed hacks. And then there are those that simply got what they wanted through this method and logged right out. Either way, what is the point of having SM if people can just pay for a program to get them the same results as people that put time and effort into it, like for instance the one who made this thread.

    You're correct that there's nothing people can control. I have the same who cares, move on, it's not my problem approach. It's a game after all. I'm not skipping school, work etc for it or losing sleep over it. However, I think it is an objective fact regardless of my feelings towards the game that this is much more than just worrying about what others are doing. It reflects horribly that the top tier content in a game is riddled w/ cheaters. That is a terrible look towards the future of this sort of content in the game. Lots of cheating goes on without any sort of repercussion, and during the biggest PVE event that everything endgame is supposed to culminate in, nothing seems to happen to so many people that do this.

    One thing I'd like to note, and this is probably the most important. It should be much more obvious during SM as opposed to LPVE, PVP, open world or other duties who is participating in these activities. Whether SM comes back or not, I really could not care less. However, if there was any time to catch speed hackers, this would be the time, and it's not being done. This is just going to keep on happening as it has been for years and years. Some people have already accepted this as reality.
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  17. Caroline Dedicated Player

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  18. NetworkOrBotnetGoodOrEvil Level 30

    Yes, challenges are good when they're reasonably done, and for what it's worth, I did enjoy SM.

    I mean, this game's community has had an awful problem to be honest. They're simultaneously toxic while being superficial and sometimes unskilled and undisciplined even. It's a tragicomedy, to be honest.

    I just said in my previous point that people were toxic and superficial at the same time. I don't want to rub that point in and yet I see all these hilariously stupid situations happening that validate my way of thinking and I just ask myself "What the hell are these people thinking???".

    Communication is key to solving SM. Core groups are formed to nail down the dynamics in the first place, and with a small group size it makes sense that people were being left out which is why people seem to have lamented the fact that SM is 4-Man and not 8-Man? Is that correct?

    The fact that your leaguespeople aren't even communicating with each other or you OUTSIDE of SM to get something going is kind of off-key...

    I think I talked about this somewhat on ObsidianChill's discord. I don't wanna say anything because I feel anything is demeaning both to the community and the devs but I have a pretty good feeling the dev team is currently not formatted to deal with hackers but to put out content instead, rather. I imagine there's a few people on the team probably patrolling SM every once in a while though.

    I don't like saying this because someone is gonna come to me and be like "YOU SUPPORT HACKING, BRO?" and it's not that. I don't support hacking either but it is what it is.

    I mean, I figured Survival Mode brought out the worst in the game, but the worst in the community as well? I didn't even think that was possible. Consider me flabbergasted. As for the hackers.... I've seen some wicked hacks in my day, for other games. I've even seen a speedrunner in the 1v1 Shadowlands Arena that was just M1'ing at the speed of force. It's crazy what people can do nowadays.

    I know the community wanted a big update to kind of help spruce it up but Survival Mode was not it. This game needs actual tender loving care and that's going to take much longer to deliver than a mere content update that will "keep people sated" or something stupid like that.

    Survival Mode, while being a series of fun battle puzzles that I wish I could have gone beyond R5 for and well into R20/R30, was basically pandering towards veterans with little to no dividends. Worse yet, the community is already pretty vocal to begin with so any one hitch would have seen a wave of negative backlash and that includes both bad design and boss speed-running.

    Wooooooooosh.... Isn't RL money against the TOS or something??? Then again... Risky business... Then again, I'm pretty sure there were coaches for players in League who wanted to get better at ranked or something. Still, that much money for the latter rounds... What? Why? How hard are the later rounds anyways?

    The rewards are trash. The Zeus Source chroma and Hologram aura are just... what? The fashion choices from SM are kind of terrible tbh. I actually invested too much time into unique themes for my main and each of my alts and I'm just sitting here laughing at the Zeus Chroma people in Yellow/Crimson mist and New God auras, y'know?

    Also, I would never support uplink trinkets being exclusive to Survival Mode, that leaves room for disaster or at least there could be room for improvement. Maybe turn uplink trinkets into "artifacts" and make a SM-exclusive or some kind of endgame-exclusive catalyst that allows you to go past 200 on an uplink artifact to get that SM strength on a trinket... IDK. Also, no success chances on trinkets please. 100% all the time on an uplink, it'd be stupid to have overall gimped uplinks over what we have now.

    I know players who beat SM would want something to say they beat a really hard mode and I would agree, but this isn't it. If something nice that might fit somebody's character design is locked behind a mode that cannot be worked into usefulness then that's a net loss too, I feel.

    On the contrary, I like the idea of a Survival Mode but its current implementation is a series of battle puzzles. I'd love a non-stop elite raid that's always CR-relevant where all the bosses just come at you at the same time but without gimmicks and you just have to blast wave after wave of stuff until you die.

    Annnnnnnnd I'm pulling you back in, bic gerl!

    As much as I'd like to make my closing comments brief, you seem like a swell person! I'd love to talk more about this stuff with you if you're interested. And apologies if I seem zany in this post... I think I got a little too ahead of myself. But uh... yeah!

    Also, Survival Mode does feel like it was kind of a mistake to release in hindsight but they needed to plug the hole somehow I guess until the new Flashpoint DLC... I think this speaks more to the sort of barebones content in the game. I have my ideas about that, but I figure they require spending money and having an actual dev team(I mean a large developing team working on the project, I don't think we have that.... Not that I don't appreciate what we have already. Honorable mentions to Charon for trying to bring back old styles as gear box drops in new DLC. Case in point... the Time Traveler set in Legion.)
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  19. ALB Dedicated Player

    It was happening in LPVE way more than SM. I was trying to get feats done and about 20% of the q'd instances had speed hackers in them. I didn't get any feats done because I didn't run the chance to get banned.
  20. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    It makes sense that it was done more in LPVE. I'm just saying, that it's much more easy to focus in on SM groups, completions, time of completion, damage numbers etc in Survival Mode, versus the wide variety of groups in LPVE since there's so many more people doing LPVE in general, versus the handful of groups doing high rounds of SM at a time. Although, honestly, probing players for 5 minute Paradox Wave LPVE completions shouldn't be impossible either.
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