Why no rewards for losing PVP matches is bad

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Circe, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Circe Well-Known Member

    1) It's all depending on how good my team members are and how good we flow together. There could be MANY mismatches until you get a solid team. And even then, a solid team is sometimes not enough to win.

    2) Good for you, but most of the time the premade is going to have an edge.
  2. MARK2099 Well-Known Member

    We get mark and loot for every boss we kill in alerts/raids, prime is the only exception because is a single long fight just like FOS3, the rest we can earn marks and loot until the point we reach even if we don't finish instances ;).
  3. thelostczarnian Well-Known Member

    un...yeah thats why i said prime ;)
  4. KarmaOwnzYou Member

    How is I might have a long losing streak a valid reason to give rewards to a person. Obviously we pvp to win but if you have no fun at all in the process and care only about seeing a few words that say you win then perhaps its time for a break from pvp. If you feel you are wasting time by playing a certain game mode don't do it you don't deserve instant gratifcation just for participating that's the kind of thing that ruins sports today. Oh good job kiddo you came in last out of 12 players in the race but here's a medal?!
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  5. thelostczarnian Well-Known Member

    that is why there are 2v2s and lair battles. ive carried many a player on my back to get the wins. add some of the players you had good matches with to your friends list. ask them if they wanna pvp when you see them on. my point is that in the CURRENT system that you ARENT crying about you have to get a win to get just one mark of stragedy...ONE single mark! with the new system, when you win you will get TWO marks of valor...TWO! AND you get marks of valor for arena wins AND legends wins. its called higher risk for high reward. please just wrap your head around this concept.
  6. crownclownking Well-Known Member

    lol ppl comparing this to prime,ah hello prime is a battle(not really a raid imo but whatever). Don't we get loot/marks from alerts duos and raids ,even if we don't finish them. Anyway the whole not awarding marks to the losing team hmm i don't know how i feel about it yet. Since is nice that everyone will have somewhat of an equal footing, with them giving us armor that is not that far from the highest tiered pvp armor . But once we have our hand on gu 25 live we'll see how ppl like it(not the top pvp players cause u know casuals are more abundant that you guys ).
  7. General Zod Well-Known Member

    Legends and Arenas are battles :confused:
  8. crownclownking Well-Known Member

    yup they are BUT pvp is a battle between us not braniac, what i meant was that prime is the battle against braniac, are we fighting braniac in pvp nope .therefore same rules dont apply .
  9. Sir Volt Active Member

    sure they do if ya dont win you dont get marks , idc about but we get marks for beating lower bosses in raids fact is you had to beat thelower boss to get the marks no lose and win /thread
  10. Blazing Sun Member

    I AM ALL FOR NO REWARDS FOR LOSING! My sig says it all! Watch it and you see what happens every single time a new pvp gear comes out! All these care bears come along and stay in the god damn arena hiding!
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  11. crownclownking Well-Known Member

    Yup i agree if you dont win you dont get the rewards BUT if you're doing a raid and lets say you dont finish it but you did get pretty far you dont feel like you wasted your time simply because you still get some rewards out of sure not all of them. Simply put it this way are ppl gonna feel like there wasting their time doing pvp if they cant even geared up because they are losing all the time . Like i say i dont know whether i agree or not till i get to play gu 25.
  12. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Want to blame somebody? Blame the community for having so many people quit or throw matches just to farm marks that it became a legitimate problem.

    It's not really that big of an issue now with the ranked matchmaking and the new PVP tiers with everyone on equal footing.
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  13. thelostczarnian Well-Known Member

    happens to me a lot! thats why i think the op is full of it. ty for helping prove my point.
  14. Sumeric Well-Known Member

    With ranked matches in play, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by leaving early. Here's how it works out:

    You queue into a match and the team is beating you up, but you stay. They move up in the rankings, you move down.

    You queue into a match and the team is beating you up, but you leave. They move up in the rankings, you stay at the same rank, and continue to fight people at that rank until you win or lose.

    It makes more sense to stay and fight because the rankings change after every win or loss. If you cut out early, not only are you giving up on the chance to win the marks, but you're not giving the ranking system a chance to match you up with and against groups based on your actual skill (or lack, thereof).
  15. Circe Well-Known Member

    This will also make the most annoying maps (Fortress of Solitude, The Moon, I'm looking at you!) even more avoided.
  16. MARK2099 Well-Known Member

    Mark my words, if players get nothing they not gonna stand in a corner, they just gonna drop arena map then relog then re q maps again, and if you decide to stay in the map for 15 minutes and still lose vs a premade, by the time you lose the player who drop arena probably already win in another one ;), that's funny to imagine and probably that gonna happen a lot after GU25 ;).

    Is possible to win after be about to lose no doubt i done that too, but that is only in the extreme case the other group is half bad, and only if the other player who join is as good or better than you, if is another casual player tapping range and exploring the map you gonna lose anyway ;).
  17. Rabidbunny Member

    This is the best news ever! I'm sick of all the people that just give up or use pvp as their own personal dueling match. Each map has an objective and I'm sick of popping into matches where people don't even try. If all you want to do is fight... that is what dueling or lairs is for.
  18. Sir Volt Active Member

    ok maybe you should just read the patch notes for the next update since you clearly dont have a clue what you are trying to argue
  19. MockingBird Active Member

    Thats like saying you are a retail salesman and you couldn't sell the warranty to a customer. Should you not get your base hourly wage since you couldn't secure your spiff? (kickback for selling the warranty). Nope, dead wrong. Not getting the maximum potential is ok, getting absolutely nothing doesn't work. There is no incentive to try and nothing to work towards if pvp just doesn't work out for you.
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  20. thelostczarnian Well-Known Member

    i would rather have someone quit and relog so i have a chance to get someone else than have them stand there doing nothing the entire match.
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