Why no precision buff on Set Gear?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mighty, May 15, 2015.

  1. Mighty Committed Player

    I got my first piece of set gear last night and I noticed the buff for wearing four pieces of the stuff is a nice +124 might, eight pieces grants a potential shield proc. I'm curious, though, why isn't there a corresponding precision buff on the gear as well? The combo powers, or players utilizing weapon mastery tend to opt for more precision in their loudouts. And for HL's extended combo AM, might is virtually useless.

    Was this an oversight? Or, was there a rationale behind omitting a precision buff? Just wondering, as the neck mod situation already tends to favor might usage over precision because it's much easier to maximize and maintain the escalating might buff vs. the relentless precision one.
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  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Yes I was extremely disappointed. How they gonna leave HL, celestial and rage out to dry( well rage can benefit).

    IMO the dps set gear favors Quantum( wow the majority of dps) and other might base dps who arent quantum.
  3. Snix Dedicated Player

    I totally wouldn't care as much about Elite gear bonus being might based if Relentless Precision was made more useful.
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  4. Mighty Committed Player

    Right? I really thought that there was an opportunity lost with GU47 and its changes to the mods to give relentless precision a look and making it more practical.
  5. Kroye Loyal Player

    Pretty sure its because Mepps hates hard light.
  6. xpoipoix Well-Known Player

    They even nerfed prec dmg celestial for example do same dmg with new t7 gear before update as with t6 gear and that is ******** the might powers getting stronger and stronger and prec power do poor low dmg