Why more women don't play

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Quantum Edge, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. SuperBlur Level 30

    Well said :)
  2. Feenicks New Player

    So you think women should be OK with misogynistic jokes? Minorities should be OK with prejudice jokes? Folks in wheelchairs should be OK about disabled jokes?

    It's called being civil. Not a bad concept to grasp. Though those kind of jokes MAY have their place, it's best to know your audience.....and have some empathy for them.
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  3. The Johnny army New Player

    Interesting enough, 15 seconds into that video, the guy says "There are things I wouldn't joke about"... Just saying.

    I have no interest in continuing this argument with you. I've named a couple of situations where comedy has no room to enter by my standards. You disagree. Clearly we won't be able to convince each other and I for one take no pleasure in banging my head against a brick wall, I know it won't make it to the other room. I will however say this, I honestly hope you never go through some traumatic situation in your life only to see someone else making fun of that event.

    Take care.
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  4. Twilight Man New Player

    The humor in it is only apparent when you're dead set on believing it is humor.
    Believe it or not, not everyone conforms to your brand of humor. Some people don't enjoy joking about the wild mood swings, and some completely avoid joking about the menstruation itself. Why? Because they don't find humor in it. Don't like it, then tell your jokes somewhere else. Ignore them. Leave the group. Be "that person" and make a scene over it so you end up on their ignore list.

    But when you judge them because they don't find a topic humorous? That makes you the bad guy.

    *Edited your post to show you how the same can be said from the other point of view. Neither opinion is more or less correct.
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  5. Cloud_9 New Player

    Gonna step in here and say yes to all of those. Everyone should be able to listen to a joke that directly targets their gender or race. And they should be able to laugh at it. I had an Asian friend of mine force me to read racist Asian jokes on our lunch break the other day. Why? Because he appreciates a well-thought joke. My sister-in-law loves sexist jokes and tells them all the time.

    Everyone should be able to appreciate humor when told with the intention of making others laugh. The only time a joke is bad is when it was clearly intended to hurt (like roughly 60% of the black jokes out there).
  6. Radium Devoted Player

    As a man who has lived with a woman for 5 years I find menstration to be no laughing matter. It can still scare the **** out of me on occasion :p
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  7. JonnyD New Player

    I did not expect to walk into a thread of pages long to what started as a menstruation story... o_O
    I would be one who would be quiet all the time even if not female...a lot of people with "tarded" jokes (including toon styles and names) around this game--I don't have to find them funny in order to play, albeit it does degrade the social aspect of an MMO a little cuz outside the raid I block these pple.

    What keep these people going? The large and happy audience they have. OP, you're the minority, bud.
  8. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    I'm going to start a female toon just to get free money! :)
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  9. Feenicks New Player

    But who are you to determine which jokes are funny to others and which are harmful. Unless you ARE the targeted group you don't know how it would affect others. Let's say you told a Jewish joke to someone you thought was funny. But it so happens he had a relative who died in the Holocust. Should he lighten up and just see the humor? How about a black joke, and his granfather died in the race riots in the sixties? Should he just laugh it off? A misogynistic joke to a woman who was a victim of spousal abuse? Funny?

    I could make a huge wall of text with example after example. The point is know your audience. Have some empathy. Be civil! What may be funny to you could very well open up some deep wounds in others. And in a PUG group there's no clear way to tell.
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  10. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Does the right to unfettered free speech, also preclude anyone else's right to free speech by being offended? If you say something that offends me, I have every right to tell you I find it offensive. You also have every right to tell me to sod off. At no time did I call for any sort of in game repercussion other than social shaming.

    In response to my action that I stood up because I was "sticking up for the poor female" I let the conversation carry on for 10-15 minutes, it wasn't a knee jerk reaction where I got into a tizzy at the first joke, it was probably the 30th joke that made me say my piece.

    I also repeat something else, if this had been a predominantly league run, and I was the odd man out, I wouldn't have said a word, because I wouldn't be aware of the dynamic. It was not, it was a pug run, all the players had been pulled together through an LFG shout.
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  11. Cloud_9 New Player

    Except, you know, this is in relation to an event in which the people who were offended were outnumbered by the people enjoying it. You can't just say "I don't like you guys' jokes. Stop making them" when you're the minority. Maybe you'll get some nice guys who will knock it off, maybe you'll get people with attitude and you'll just get the boot. Either way, it's obvious that the person trying to stop other people from having fun is the bad guy.

    Now, if it was a group of people having fun and then one guy walks in and starts making period jokes that the others don't appreciate? That's when your counter-thought holds water. But this isn't that.
  12. Little Sister New Player

    Dude, everyone is different. You can't say that everyone should be able to take a joke against their gender or race. o_O

    Some people are laid back, some people are up tight. Some were brought up a certain way, others may have developed certain feelings because of life experiences.
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  13. Twilight Man New Player

    Welcome to the lesser known side of owning a female toon my friend. and she wonders why I kept two of her toons for myself after she quit.

    cash money
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  14. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    It's like some people lose hold of their moral compass. I agree, my league and I joke all the time. It's fun to joke around with people who know each other like a friend-family, but a complete stranger should do what strangers do best, be quiet when it comes to personal things because they know absolutely nothing about who they're with. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. Saying people are too sensitive made me lol earlier. I think people should realize just because you know someone's name, it doesn't mean you know their story. I mean seriously, be thankful that someone got offended because of that and not something else. You can look at someone crossed eyed and they get offended. Most of the time a stranger jokes, you look at it from every perspective and the worst way to think of it overwhelms the best way to think of it and that's where the offended attitude comes from. When my friends joke about things, I know exactly what they're talking about so it's not offensive, but when a stranger does it, you have to look at it from different perspectives because they could mean it rudely, but then again, why should anyone care? Their existence is one of the most irrelevant things in someone's life.
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  15. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I'm married. I also have two girls, one twelve. There's a lot I don't joke about out of respect for all the women in my life. That & I want to show my little girls that there are all types of men out there & respect begins with yourself.
    I also happen to be a black man (afro-canadian if ya gotta be PC), & I despise the use of the N word, & I don't use it. Why? because that's NOT how I like or want to be thought of.
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  16. Enickma Dedicated Player


    Very well said. Amazingly well said, actually. People are mistaking this conversation for a morality discussion when it really should be a discussion about just being polite. They're two separate discussions entirely.

    I agree that people should be able to laugh. Comedy has a place in DCUO, a very big place in my opinion, but saying crude things to people, even as a joke, isn't right.

    People should be able to laugh, but that doesn't mean they also should be bombarded with offensive jokes. There's plenty of ways to be funny without crossing certain lines.
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  17. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Why should black jokes be any different from jokes about menstruation? If someone can joke about someone not being pregnant, why can't someone else joke about the colour of someone's skin?

    Can I use the 40% that aren't meant to hurt? What percentage of jokes about bleeding are meant to be hurtful? How can someone determine the intent behind a joke?

    Ugh but whatever, joke how you want. I'll do the same.
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  18. Feenicks New Player

    If the majority ruled what the minority should handle we'd still have Jim Crow laws in America!
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  19. iSimply New Player

    Eh, just another case of kids being kids.
  20. IDontNeedSP New Player

    You mean all those female avatars aren't really girls in real life? o_O
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