Why more women don't play

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Quantum Edge, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    I just don't understand why it's so hard to treat people the way you want to be treated. Understand that people go through things in life that change them. If you're ok with menstruation jokes, say them. Joke about menstruation if it's so funny. Where is the humor in it?
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  2. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    SO much truth, right here.
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  3. Dirty Fred New Player

    We have a lot of female players in Defection here:)!

    Its a really good thing & Think it helps a lot with the good vibe we got in our Leauge with the diversity!
    And if anyone would crack a inappropriate imature joke theese ladies are well versed in kicking your butt if need be, hehe!
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  4. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    The only problem that I have with that is some people like to be treated in ways I don't like to be treated. They might think: "oh, I would love for prepubescent boys and creepy guys to hit on my toon/send my toon stuff/send tells and make jokes that I find funny, so they must too!"

    Not so much. I generally send stuff back from people who think they see helping me out and I never accept money. But, that's just me.
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  5. Zodiac Well-Known Player

    Uuuuurrrrrrrrrr a girrrrl
    Would you like to join my league?
    Do you want some money?
    Do you want some items?
    Do you want some Colas??
    I will take you through all the raids!
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  6. Twilight Man New Player

    ...I'm going to mail you $25,000,000.00 and see what happens.

    I'm joking.

    ...please send me $25,000,000.00 :(
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  7. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Ha! Well played. Wish I had that much money...maybe I would if I accepted money....Damn, what was I thinking? ! ? !
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  8. LisaLoeb New Player

    Just find a good league and voila, no problems. I have met some gentlemen on this site and had only a few small problems (only when pugging.) otherwise no issues.
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  9. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    I've accepted money before(for no specific reasons; a friendly gesture to help me out because I was low), but most of the time when people send me things I let it expire and it's sent back. I'm a person who believes it's more important to give than it is to receive. I've given people bits, bytes, bought them plans, bought them equipment interfaces, anything that isn't a big deal.

    There's a reason as to why I don't like Menstruation jokes. They're painful and annoying. I wish I were a guy for Pete's sake. I only speak for myself but I feel like death. I'm ok talking about it on the internet because it's just a menstruation cycle, whoopie, every female has or has had one, but men have no right in the subject. They can't joke about something they've never experienced. The have no right. When they have one, then they can joke about it. I don't mind jokes between You, Carlynn, Sister, and I because we know what we're talking about for the most part. It just irritates me, the guys come off as "Well-Known Know-it-Alls" instead of funny.
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  10. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    I didn't know today was Thirsty Thursday, I swore I thought it was Monday....
  11. The Johnny army New Player

    That's just ridiculous. There's no other way to put it. Ridiculous. If you tell me a person should have the ability to laugh at anything happening to him/herself, sure, I agree. Saying anything about other people should/can be joked about makes you a horrible person.
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  12. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    I would suspect that the example given in the OP isn't the only factor, but truthfully, I bet there are as many female gamers that would jump in on those conversations, and possibly take it to another level, as there are that would be turned off by it. But, to each their own. Also, assuming that someone is a woman because they didn't respond isn't a safe assumption. Lot's of people just don't like to chat, or may have another chat window or filter set up. Who knows.

    Personally, I don't like gross, crude, or otherwise impolite conversations on any topic while playing, especially in a PUG, but I have met entire leagues at SOE Live that thrive on that type of dynamic. To each their own, and who are we to judge if that is fine by all their members and they all have a good time.
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  13. SuperiorMouse New Player

    We have some pretty adult banter in our league chats and it's not exclusive to the male members (we have at least 4 female members). Actually we also brought up the menstration jokes amongst ourselves and yes they were funny but sadly also obvious, so they have no long term appeal. :p I think most adults can kind of lighten up and take a joke though... So I can't see too much drama over this personally.
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  14. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    I think (and this is coming from an adult male with 20 years experience in a variety of work places, most populated by men) that males of all ages feel a pressure to meet the expectations of women. They do this because they were raised by mothers or associate the practice with courtship and a desired reward. When they fail to meet those expectations, or their own hopes of reciprocation are shattered, there is a frustration (possibly resentment) that they will find a way to give voice.

    It used to be lewd jokes on the job or in the pub. All this took place away from their respective ladies (be it their mom, gf or wife). There was an understanding that what was acceptable with the guys wasn't something you carried back home, and peers were expected to keep you from going off the deep end. Now, with the Internet and its damnable relative anonymity the latest generation is coming up thinking they can spew whatever trash they want into a public forum because there are no immediate emotional consequences. They don't have to see a person's face or consider he fallout of what they say, no angry boyfriend is going to follow them outside and kick in their teeth. Internet abuse is consequence free.

    Essentially, the lack of experience engaging proper social etiquette is cultivating a batch of socially incompetent nerd thugs that use the Internet as either an inappropriate vehicle to stalk or verbally and emotionally abuse others. See every Facebook related suicide ever for evidence.
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  15. The Johnny army New Player

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  16. The Johnny army New Player

    That's just the thing. It's a different situation to have a league talking smack at each other and pugs babbling on and on. In Catalyst we usually drop F-bombs at each other when something goes wrong and we're laughing each time that happens. Sometimes it sounds like a war cry :) And we do get into more personal jokes because we know each other well and above else we know where we need to stop. Pugs are strangers most of time. Sure, you might come up with a joke that pleases everyone, but you can just as easily offend everyone.

    There are plenty of international leagues in any given server. I've seen European and Asian leagues on USPC; it's just so easy to come up with something that is pretty harmless for English-native speakers and the worst of insults for any other country. Even in the same language, if I use a common/harmless/pretty standard term in European Portuguese, I may end up offending our Brazilian league mate.
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  17. Feenicks New Player

    As I said before, we have quite a few women in our league. They're the top officers. We do the "That's what she said" thing alot. Along with "Giggity". We even have a safe word if things get a tad over the line. Sometimes I can get over that line. But then my girlftriend (one of the officers) gives me that look and shouts "Stop it!" I smile.....the whole league laughs.....and we continue to have fun.

    But in a PUG of unknowns I can see the problem. We know each other and know what's taboo. Others don't.

    And when the little kids come over and harass we have been known to create a baracade to "protect da women folk".
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  18. Feenicks New Player

    Ummmmm....you said "F---------"
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  19. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I find the people that can't take a joke are the ones that are horrible people. I'm a proponent of unfettered free speech. Sometimes joke don't land and aren't funny, but if we put up flags saying "Thou shalt not pass" around topics, who gets to make that judgement call? You? The ones who cry "Offended!" at everything? Down that path lies madness.

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  20. Cloud_9 New Player

    The humor in it is only apparent when you're not dead set on believing it is humorless. Believe it or not, not everyone conforms to your brand of humor. Some people enjoy joking about the wild mood swings, and some even take it to the extreme by joking about the menstruation itself. Why? Because they find humor in it. Don't like it, then mute them. Ignore them. Leave the group. Be "that person" and make a scene over it so you end up on their ignore list.

    But when you judge them because they find a topic humorous? That makes you the bad guy.
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