Why more events are bad

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  1. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    But that cuts to the truth of the matter - it was never a stat revamp; it was a game play revamp. The changes they are making *will* affect your play even while clamped - power changes; longer cooldowns; etc. In fact, when you start looking at the new ideas really hard, you begin to wonder if they're meant more for clamped play than regular play (meaning the true plan is to make the game more and more clamped in the future - even beyond what we already know).

    I do have to say it is one of the most bone headed moves in dev history to damage or even do away with the reason for the gear / SP chase. That's a big reason people keep coming back. They aren't running something 100 times out of the pure joy of it.
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  2. light FX Steadfast Player

    Here is the way i see it. 6 months of episodes and we get 2 of them. With that u get 20-30cr and 25-40sp. With content that is always in the game.

    The 6 months of events we get 2 events. Going by the starro event rewards for both events during this time ya get 4cr and 10-20sp. With limited time content.

    Now what i just mentioned here^ is progression only. But somehow these 2 time periods cost the same amount of $? Im not gonna explain what the problem is because it clearly doesnt have the same value, at least to me it doesnt. And that isnt even mentioning that the events dont have as much content (instances) to run as episodes do. Im subbed now through pretty much the end of this starro event but going forward i will only be subbing for episodes. Im not paying for what i feel is less content that also has less substance. I dont expect everyone to agree with me, its just my opinion on the topic.

    Oh like someone said above, we were told they were going back to doing large content when monthly content ended. Compared to this new schedule we got more content during monthly. So how exactly have we gone back to large content? It really seems like an announcement gets made and 95% of the time it will be changed later on.
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  3. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Well the only thing about content that changed was we got open world content... that's it. Everything else you could argue "fits" with a three month cycle's worth of content (which would amount to "quarterly")... Although I could make the case we got "less" with AF III in terms of "raw content", well it only evens out because the open world we got is one of the most involved ones we have (as in, more to do than New Genesis and there more than likely isn't going to be reused such as the Battlezone Metro open world instance since AF is officially over).. so you can argue the first one we got can equal what we would have got for three months of monthly. However, neither of the events feel like they equal a single worth of monthly content to me, granted I know it probably took "more work" to make based off the open world aspect... but if it's limited time well let's just say their is less reason to care since it's not up year round.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Inteteresting thought why does the event only last two months if the target is quarterly content and yes I know it's just a target why can't the event last three months at least to fill the expected content window?
  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea i cant count limited time content as being more compared to content thats always in the game. I agree on the open world part once i read your post. When we did have quarterly dlcs they almost always had open world content tho. Plus we got told AF3 was supposed to last longer then 3 months. Its been 4 and will be 4.5 when the event goes live.
  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    I thought about this 2. It makes me wonder if there will be 3 events per year at 2 months each? Not sure if that timeline would add up or not tho. I thought about it but not for very long. And is the anniversary event counted as 1 of these large events or not?
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm on my phone but let's break something down.

    Jan - ann event
    Feb - valentines
    Mar - st pat
    Apr - open
    May- spring
    Jun - open
    Jul - open
    Aug- summer
    Sep - open
    Oct - halloween
    Nov - open
    Dec - xmas

    In my view those open periods are the dlc or large event windows in any given year unless they intend to overwhelm.
  8. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I cancelled my monthly, deleted all my characters and uninstalled the game utterly.

    I don't regret one second of it. Since Daybreak took over, this game has deteriorated massively. It is, like others have said a cash grab, there is no fun to be had here, how can anyone have fun relying constantly on RNG, especially when they them self have admitted they control the RNG ratio to the gear or feats or whatever given? That is like playing poker knowing everyone else is screwing you and still you place the bets knowing you are going to lose! Who on earth would do that?

    It is a shame how this game has fallen, it used to be fun...
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  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    April will be starro event. They said events will return. They never said they wouldnt return in the same year. So its possible we could see Starro event return later this year. I think they will start to do DLCs every 5 months and use events as fillers. So for instance this June is the new DLC, then in Nov the next DLC, then April, then Sep. They may even choose to space out DLCs to 6-7 months as they see fit depending on their events.

    The problem is not events, but DLCs need to feel like its a big thing that people wait 5-7 months for. DLCs need to almost feel like a mini expansion of the game. At least so members feel like they are getting their moneys worth.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    But but but best gear in vendor lol
  11. Proxystar #Perception

    In terms of size the only dlc I've seen in this game with that sort of longevity is origin crisis.

    Just my opinion.
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  12. Brother Allen Loyal Player


    Right now it is a normal sized DLC that we use to get in the past slapped with a RIDICULOUS grind to make it last longer. Daybreak needs to realize quickly that that does NOT magically make a DLC "large". It makes it "grindy" and there is a huge difference between the two. They need to quit pissing away their resources on Replay Badge Machines they like to call Events and focus on properly designed DLC's with content and a reasonable grind that can last 6 months at a time. If they can't do that, then they need to go back to making DLC's that are intended for 3-4 months. AFIII was perfect for a 3-4 month DLC, they just needed to reduce the cost of the gear and the other items.
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  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I would actually say the one with the most longevity was Battle for the Earth. OC's longevity is only because no was able to play it while it was new. BFTE was more designed for everything. It had tier stepping and a "challenging" raid.
  14. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    If someone had bought a 1 year membership exactly 1 year ago today, they would have had just 1 monthly episode release (KCT) and 1 large-scale episode release (AF III) as a return for their $120 purchase.

    The monthly rotation at least made it seem like for me at least, that my membership was worth the purchase I made. These events have not and will never make up for the void created by 1 1/3 large-scale DLC releases in the span of 1 whole year. This is not even mentioning all of the other drawbacks resulting from these events stated by Sonya and Derio.
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  15. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    That is not entirely true. I played the absolute piss out of that DLC from the day it was released to the day it was nerfed. I remember spending 14 or so hours the Saturday after it was released in Nexus working our way to the final boss. Those were some extremely fond memories I have of this game.

    While I understand you don't share the same enthusiasm for that DLC, you can't say it was not able to be played when it was new because it was. It not only had the Raids it had the two Operations along with other content.
  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I have to admit the value we got was short changed for being a legendary subscriber.
    We still have everything promised, but less of it. It's like buying a food you liked but they made it a smaller portion but cost the same.
    Hell all these gifts are less than they were. Like the mxy posters aren't redeemable on all characters. They no longer give infinite items as gifts unless it was a purchased item. Over all people aren't happy but that doesn't matter unless it causes them to lose money. They are edging the breaking point and seeing how many straws it takes and they will pull back and people will rejoice and we will be back starting the cycle again and again.

    I've lost friends in oc because of content, I've lost friends in post gu47 because of the CR escalator, I am losing friends because of these over monetizing changes while hurting gameplay and snubbing people who subscribe.

    Will I leave? Not yet but it is getting harder and harder to justify a subscription.
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    You did but how many didn't? The game didn't revolve around the small percentage that could which is why it was nerfed.

    It had two alerts that were the only things playable as the solos weren't BTW. That isn't a lot to find fun for general playing and longevity.
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  18. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I know the general population couldn't handle Nexus and Paradox Wave but there were those that could and did and we enjoyed it. But my point of the post wasn't to say any of that. It was just to say that you can't go and say OC had longevity because "no one was able to play it" because that wasn't true. There were those of us who could play it and we did so for 6 months before it was ultimately nerfed. That was all man.
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The point I was making was the content design. BFTE had a better life than OC because everyone had everything. OC had very little. I know you loved it but a small group is not a tell for how long it lasts. Since players are going back and getting the feats later makes it last longer, but it still a one and done for a lot of if not most players. I don't know the numbers but it lost players speaks loads. While BFTE actually brought more players up.
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  20. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    No denying that BFTE was a quality DLC. It really was, I personally from a enjoyment viewpoint will always say OC was the best DLC I ever played in DC but I can definitely see BFTE a close second looking back at the enjoyment I got overall.

    You got me going down memory lane now B...dammit. The days of the Batcave Raids, Khandaq, and the FoS Raids showed what kind of game we could have had. Man it has fallen so far since then :(.

    Okay enough of that! Back to bashing Events taking the place of quality DLC's!! lol.