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  1. Captain JackDaniels Well-Known Player

    Because we are an awesome, experienced, fun yet serious league!!

    We are very active, very helpful and usually pretty funny. All of our members are 200+sp and most are well over 300sp.
    Pure Envy has no leader, instead we have a council of players that make decisions for the league! They have all the bells and whistles as a league leader.
    If you merge your league with us, every 5 members gets a council seat. You decide who!

    We have dedicated nights for everything from raids, feats, pvp, elite runs and everything in-between!
    League Requirements are 200sp+/200cr and you must be active!

    Please contact (ingame)-Captain Jackdaniels, Rock157, Alpha howl, LcII, or Jaye6000
    You can also leave contact info for you here, or send me a psn message to Boitsu
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  2. Captain JackDaniels Well-Known Player

  3. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    yep very good league very helpful people in there
  4. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Or contact KN1TE @ night for an invite! ;)
  5. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I am interested in joining if you still need people. My toon is atm, cr329, sp 508. My ingame is Yuu Koito
  6. CHARI EL New Player

    Keen on joining.. 326CR with 207SP atm..

    ingame id - CHARI EL

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