Why is only Electric competitive?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by ARI ATARI, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    I am going to get all sorts of responses from the player base contradicting me.

    However keep this in mind, one this is not pve related cause sorcery is amazing in pve. I can not be out healed.
    Two, I am from launch and I am excellent at sorcery as well as many other power sets.

    Three,this is not about queuing up for any old arena. This is about finding the strongest pre-made opponents.

    You'll see on the up coming friday night legends 4's tournament that the teams that advance have an electric healer. Just that simple. Its the only healing class with enough burst to handle the burst damage in competitive fours. I shouldn't have to go electric. I don't want to go electric. sorcery is simply handicapped as far as overcoming burst.
    You can not compete in 4's with healing over time. You can not heal through synchronized trinkets.

    If you tell me stories about queuing up and winning, I'm going to roll my eyes at you and move along.
    Nature is better than sorcery but still doesn't have the burst electric does…sorcery as wonderful as it is in pve is broken in pvp though.

    make sorcery competitive in fours by giving it more burst. Spamming rejuv is not pvp.

    btw i haven't been on the forums in 7 months, so thats part of the passion behind this thread.
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  2. FatKatt New Player

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  3. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I think soe should take consumables and HT mods out of PvP, because it will make a lot of stuff balanced that's kinda outta wack now
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    My understanding and use of electric, its the hardest to use in pvp. Lack of HoTs make it require more power then the other ones. When it comes to burst healing yes its powerful but in a 1 vs 1 you can easily overrun an electric healer. And I don't know, the healers i see that usually take beatings from groups and heal through it are sorcery healers.
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  5. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    only thing they should take out or readjust are movement debuffs
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  6. Caleus New Player

    You said Electric Healer and Legends in the same sentence. I think you may be confused there. No one is going to use their own power only the legends they've unlocked. Therefore there's no healing (AFAIK) in Legends. Just wanted to clear that up.
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  7. Caleus New Player

    What this guy said. Sorcery is more than competitive, seeing as they can take quite a beating in PvP.
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  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Btw tell UnEpic Alchemist I said he's a noob ;)
  9. Caleus New Player

    Will do ;) but may I know who this is so he knows where to direct his rage? :D
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Just tell him my forum name, he'll recognize it lol
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  11. Yallander Loyal Player

    Electric has a PI that makes it the most power efficient. Also the PI heals do MORE healing than any sorc HOT and with the safety net heal it is the only powerset that can effectively solo heal 5's at competitive levels.

    I get the hint you are from PS based on your replies of late. PC has used many strategies that PS are just now picking up on for months. Electric solo healing is one of those. It all comes down to the PI and consumables.
  12. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Lol good assumption, yes im on PS server villain side. My healer was electric for 2 years, I made it work at least, but majority of the population says electric is the worst healing power and i Can see why. Electroburst is an amazing heal in pvp, i agree with that, but the HoT in electric compared to the HoT in celestial, which I currently am, there's no comparison. Bio Capacitor is really the only thing electric has going or it at the moment. Its much easier to solo heal an 8 vs 8 with celestial then it is with electric cause all you really need are abdonish/blight, consume soul, ad divine light, with anoint as a resto buff, electric I had to stop mid combo a lot to use electroburst, galvaize, and electrogen to get the only 3 HoTs out of electric. Maybe empowered channeling and ionic drain would work too but i never really tried that.

    Also electric is the only healing power that lacks a group shield as a regular power. So that's more power you have to spam to heal, where as celestial, i use a group shield and that's 3 less other people i have to heal for a few seconds or so.
  13. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    Late, omg here's a Pc keyboard credit hogger thinking all PS players suck... this is funny PC users been using this no one notice that when electric first came out because electric wasn't used or tested on PS server ... the game is much easier on PC sercer if you hadn't noticed it's easier to clip pressing 1-0 that it would be to go Hold L2 square jump cancle R2 X but it's not noticed lol
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  14. not_again Dedicated Player

    Because believe it or not there is more to PvP then 4v4 and 5v5. I am pretty sure sorcery healing is the best in 1v1 situations. So should I have to switch to sorcery to do lair battles?

    Electricity wouldn't be as good if everyone didn't all jump in to melee range on top of each other. Sure you can say this is the only way to compete, but why is that? Because everyone else is doing it?

    I also bet the teams to advance will have a rage or gadgets dps, a gadget controller, an electric healer, and a rage tank. Should all the other role change their power?
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  15. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Electric healers have a heal when the player or players are electrified, it fully heal him/herself or the entire group, even from 10% or under health
  16. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I think cele dps is king in pvp matches, but not sure and can't see a lot of dmg being done with range combos when everyone is using aoe melee moves, that player will keep giving other immunity
  17. Caleus New Player

    That would be Bio-Capacitor, it's intended to be used as a safety net and auto heal players that are under 35% health. Clearly depending on the healers Resto should let you know how much it'll heal.
  18. ARI ATARI New Player

    a lot of you are missing the point. there is a competitive tournament coming out on fnl and electric is the only viable option if you want to win it.
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  19. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    It's not that, I think it's electroburst
  20. Caleus New Player