Why Don’t Dcuo Love Us Anymore ??!??

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MystoganJella, Mar 19, 2024.

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    :) It's a ripple effect from the top that trickles down into men are trash, slaves without freedom. Humanity divine joke on the nature of animal biology. Luckily I've had a Black Widow Spider tattooed on my chest for a long while now suggesting I seemly new the truth cos we only know what the matriacs want us to know. So that's the love DCUO has for us it is love you just can't see the humiliation yet, after the the humiliation you will understand the love. LMFAO
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    They don't love us anymore because we are way too vocal about what we want and what needs to change about the game. It's impossible to communicate with an aggressive community that is extremely unhappy
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    Impossible? How would we know if they literally never even tried rofl
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    More like the community has accepeted every nonsense happening to the game by not saying something over the past years and now they just continue to milk it since they know theres enough who will play and spend on this game even if with this minimum of effort and investment the game is getting
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    4 days ago, Craftopia (same maker as Palworld, "Pocketpair" in response to their new game getting more attention), posted an announcement on their Discord:

    Can you imagine that much communication in DCUO?

    Edit: This announcement alone even makes me want to go back to playing Craftopia again over Palworld (in which I've been playing)
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    I think they realize the game is in a seriously bad position so communication is completely pointless a lot of change has to happen or the community is just going to feel the same way about anything they do. If I was them in their position I wouldn't say a damn thing either I'd be scared to say anything at all. Like The Next Gen update is not what this game needs a graphics update is not what the game needs either an episode is not what the game needs either. So what exactly kind of communication do you expect them to give us that's going to make us happy. A new revamp is the only way to get this game back off the ground and bring people back
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    Not like they would have to (probably won't) read the responses on the forum anyway, but it would get rid of some of the hearsay.

    Radio silence makes it blatently obvious that it's not doing good, and if the devs have nothing to say because of it... Welp that certainly doesn't look good either.
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    The the radio silence is because they realize stats revamp has put the game in a seriously bad position with the consumers. You absolutely do not make a revamp that takes away the player from one shot in content just to give it back to them with artifacts and swapping only to have them pay to do so. Stats revamp has got to be the dumbest decision I've seen any MMO make a great way to kill your game and make the consumers absolutely hate your game
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    But like for real, if they took 30 seconds to write even one sentence of reassurance it shows they actually give some kind of crap, instead of just milking the players until it finally shuts down and letting passionate players/customers think the sky is falling and no one cares.
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    Think they lost their love for us completely when they delayed name reclaim/the other stuff which I can’t mention due to little birds on the forums and everyone essentially rebelled
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    I wonder if Mepps saw what was coming and said "I'll wrap up my tenure and head on out".

    Wind blowing chimes around have communicated better than the games has.

    Maybe if we start asking "what style is this?" a green name will duck in respond what that style was. I hope that didnt break an nda from replying to that though.
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    Don't feel bad ONE BIT I don't blame any of the devs because this is out of there hands. I also understand some people which I for the life of me will never understand to much hahaha, but some players this is the game they 24/7 and nothing else.

    All these good games out here and this is what makes them get in the mood but it's there choice. Besides the devs who are at the mercy of mismanagement by fools at the top for that I truly am sorry for them and with the lay offs which suck.

    We are receiving the effects of all of that but besides that and lack of communication to me is a sign of they those at the top could care less. They are hoping players are stupid enough and are sucker's and keep on spending and buying those BBs and the st pats currency on the mp.

    For the actions they have taken imo they don't deserve our money if you don't care enough to actually talk to the fanbase which is a slap in the face and a F you, but also you think your going to get any money from me with that attitude lol lol they can go f off until they start to change.
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    Daybreak's Dilemma: Will the Year of Darkpaw Reignite EverQuest's Flame or Snuff It Out? - MMORPG.GG

    Great article on Everquest and why I believe Daybreak is focusing so much on Everquest right now. I think DB believes DCUO can sustain itself with little attention at the moment and therefore radio silence. However, Everquest is at a critical junction, and they need 2024 to be a success.

    This is just my opinion (not intended to be misinformation). For all I know DB could be working very hard on DCUO right now and just keeping their plans hush hush. However, DCUO appears to be heading (or as many believe already) in the same situation as Everquest.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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    And got the answer wrong. That was wild.
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    They dont care they are keeping the mo ey
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  18. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    It wasn’t the Wonder Twins belt? Dang there goes my cosplay contest entry then :(
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    It is the Wonder Twins belt but they said from the Homecoming event, it's actually from the Anniversary event.
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    By playing and pressing Agree. We agree that they can do what they want with the game and we can't complain. The TOS and Policy.