why doesnt DCUO advertise on TV and IGN?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ApolloMystique, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. ApolloMystique New Player

    i remember there was a dcuo commercial at launch. this is an mmo...there needs to be advertising every now and then. im sure you will get a whole new set of players (especially since the ps4 launch) that arent even aware there is a superhero mmo on console.
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  2. Dogico Loyal Player

    Their budget can't afford proper advertising, unfortunately.
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  3. Reformed New Player

    How many video games MMOs advertise in mainstream media? World of Warcraft? League of Legends? Destiny? You're talking about billion-dollar products. DCUO is a far cry away from that type of MMO.
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  4. Jokersjoke New Player

    When the game first came out it did a lot. Also when f2p droped they also advertised. DCUO was on ign for SOE Live. As far as PS4 they dont have the funds now to advertise it and apparently they make most of their money from PS3 any way (never understood why you play a game on a system that barley supports it).
  5. Van_Gho Committed Player

    The only reason I knew about this game was someone scrawled "anyone looking for a good time play dps on dcuo" in a bathroom stall

    That's some damn fine advertising and + 1 for sage bathroom advice
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  6. just an honest dps New Player

    because most people arent going to spend $400 on a system just to play this game when they can already do that for free
  7. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Why would they need to advertise on IGN before. DCUO used to have a free advertiser in Greg Miller.
  8. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    You might as well burn money if you advertise on television or IGN.

    That said, I’m hoping with the upcoming changes to how DCUO handles content that they’ll be able to closer align themselves with the other DC properties when someone searches for them.

    More to point, I would hope that they would focus on making sure that whenever someone looks up anything on YouTube, Facebook, etc. pertaining to DC television shows like The Flash and Arrow, movies like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, cartoons like Teen Titans GO! and the upcoming Vixen cartoon, that you see an ad for DCUO.
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  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Their budget is really low. The last time I saw an add for DCUO on television was the first year it came out. I dont even see adds for it on other websites. Yet I see ESO everywhere, on the tv, in magazines, on websites.

    The game had a very successful launch by the way and is very good on the console version.

    DCUO however just cant afford advertisement. However DCUO is advertised as one of the main F2P games on the PS store next to Warframe.
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  10. Radium Devoted Player

    MMOs generally only throw money into MAJOR advertising during releases or major expansions.

    WoW is a freak in the gaming world that still makes 100 million a month on subs alone. They can throw money burning parties every day and still have enough to cover TV spots.
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  11. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I remember a while back one of the devs said, the money it would cost to launch 1 commercial on tv would equal their total marketing budget for the year.
  12. Makineko Committed Player

    Regarding Destiny
    When it came to the advertising the Destiny ad was very polished and looked good. I played the game and I can honestly say it was nowhere near as fun as it looked imo (I felt Borderlands did the whole roaming thing a lot better, superior characters too)

    I admit it felt different from Halo but nothing it did really stood out from other games around it, plus I actually enjoyed Defiance a lot more (though even that lasted a month or 2) despite it being graphically inferior.
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  13. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    i get why the game can't use major media to advertise but you'd think dc comics would support the game a little more with in house ads in their comics.

    i know they did when the game first launched (I remember the ads for the catwoman and penguin instances), and the game is covered on their website but its hidden away.

    the simple fact you get to see and play with the classic versions of the justice league, the titans and the jsa should be more than enough to get more dc comics fans into the game.

    a little reminder now and again wouldnt hurt.
  14. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    WB/DC should pick up the tv advertisement spot for this game, or maybe Daybreak now. Some of the advertisement revenue can be given to the games budget or something.

    You would think that a DC Universe Online would have spots during DC tv programming, but naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Advertising ain't cheap, especially when you get into TV ads. A quick search on TV advertising costs back when SWG was still active (plenty of "why no advertising?!?!" threads there too lol) was eye-opening, and it probably hasn't gotten any cheaper since then. I shudder to think of what network TV ads cost.

    You're also dealing with a game that officially launched a few years ago. Most of the advertising seems to take place for games (MMO and otherwise) at launch, and not much else after. The only exception I can think of to that is WoW, but that game kind of gets to play by its own rules.
  16. Spidey Well-Known Player

    I was reading an article today about Smite on the Xbone and the writer whose been playing MMOs for years referred to Smite as "the first MMO to come to consoles." Kinda shows you where this game stands.
  17. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It could say a LOT more about that writer's research skills as well.

    All depends on the perspective.
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  18. Ariyana2015 Committed Player

    They just need to do something innovative to warrant advertising. This game is fun but is very very small. When a player can "beat" it in a week from start to finish it lacks the content. I love the game but I will also admit it has become a bit stale as of late. The way gear works people never have to finish anything. When people could be 111 and start with this last dlc it kind of really made me think back and wonder why I spent as much time as I did on my characters.

    They have a great game but it needs more complexity to it. I am not saying they need more difficult content but more extensive. ESO has been advertised absolutely everywhere...
  19. blacklisted87 Active Player

    If a f2p iPhone game can hire Kate upton to advertise their game I'm sure dcuo can create another awesome fmv like the one when you make a new character. I kinda wish they made a new fmv every time they released a new dlc that way I can get hyped up when I know I'm going into a part of dc I'm not familiar with.
  20. Deranya Dedicated Player

    To get people to play the game for the first time, a new one wouldn't even be needed. I remember when PSG was still part, they advertised DCUO on TV quite frequently with exactly that. And the overflow of Germans was insane xD Adding a bit of gameplay would be something different and would probably help show off the game.
    I would also love to see new cinematics of the game, but I can understand why it isn't possible :)

    PSG did have one thing going for them, they were part of two TV stations that aren't sooo little in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the costs were most likely minimized compared to what it would cost the team to do now.