Why does Gadgets controller have a power cost advantage?

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  1. 6ix9ine Well-Known Player

    i look at gadgets power cost with controlling and alot of there debuff moves are only 100 power cost that you can choose from.

    i look at other controller roles and its 200/300 power cost for there debuffs

    why is this? ive always wondered this since revamp.
  2. Perdition Committed Player

    Same goes for the supercharge. Why is gadget's controller supercharge 60s, while Quantum's one is 30s cooldown?
    About the power costs on debuffs there are only 2 that cost a 100 power and thats Napalm Grenade which is a Health Debuff. And Gauss Grenade which is a Defense Debuff. But most gadget controllers go with Stasis Field sinds that's also a Supercharge generator instead of Gauss Grenade.
    Cryo- Foam = Health Debuff but 200 powercost
    Paralyzing dart = Damage Debuff 300 powercost
    Stasis field = SC Gen + Defense Debuff 200 powercost
    Sticky Bomb = Damage Debuff 200 powercost.
    So yeah, Only Napalm Grenade and Gauss Grenade are 100 cost, and thats because they are pretty much gadget 'spammers' for PFFT loadout.
  3. L T Loyal Player

    I suspect the supercharge difference is because gadgets and mental get to hide their supercharges in stealth. Pretty sure those have the longer cool downs.

    Not sure about how the power costs could balance out.
  4. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Here is my thread about that "bug";

    I forgot to mention Mental's group SC on this thread but they are kinda same. Your post is logical yea. These supercharges can get to hide in stealth but thats still not an advantage for Mental or Gadgets controllers. Group Supercharges not shielding the caster or the group when you cast them in stealth. Im pretty sure that 60s coodown is untouched(what a surprise...) bug since the beginning of stats revamp.

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