Why do we keep having same borring events?

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    The valentines day event is the least tedious at least. The instance rewards 6. The open world only gives you 3 and I'll be damned if I'm running all the way across metropolis for a single mark. So the reality is...

    We just have to pump a bunch of alts through the fastest instance in the game that barely requires you to move. My lazy *** approves of this one.
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    With what all is going on, I don't expect much to be added to the existing seasonals for the rest of the year, other than the new ways to handle the seasonal vaults we currently have. Hopefully we'll be in a better spot to layer on some new stuff next year.[/quote]

    Though that is unfortunate, you have been more than honest about the undertakings of what happens maintaining/changing things in your game. Thanks for the effort, and this transparency will set more realistic expectations on the forums of what the future holds for the vaults.

    Perhaps Mxys and V-day vaults are off on the distant horizon. XD
  3. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    This is a really cool walkthrough for how the dev process works on this stuff. Thanks so much for treating us to this "behind-the-scenes" look! It makes it easier to appreciate the hard work you guys do on all the things we might overlook otherwise.
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    These are public forums. They're the "business" of anyone who wishes to reply. If you don't like it, stop posting.
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    I hope the newbie content designers are also having fun while training and will look back at this time as when they got their start and how awesome it was. I don’t know how big the team at Daybreak is, but here where I work, our team is kinda small but we have grown to be more than just coworkers, we’re friends. I think that’s important in a workplace, especially a high pressure work place like the one I am in.

    I look forward to seeing what they create. I hope it will delights us and I hope they will have fun while learning, love what they do, and makes some new friends along the way. :D
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    One of the greatest things about that seasonal last year, BTW. The ability to store up some candy in the off season ready to go for the buckets is so nice.
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    No joke, like a week ago, I finally finished all my stored buckets. That Teekl dispenser was the only way I could actually do this. Now I can be fresh for next year.
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    Im aware of that i dont need you to tell me that.
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    Hey, I don't need you to tell me that, either.

    It turns out that "need" and the forums don't have much to do with each other. It's all voluntary. Wait, don't tell me! You know that, too! Awesome!
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    Saddly, I have to disagree with you on this one. I would rather have 1 really hard elite raid them 2 half backed elite raids.
    When you have 2 raids or more players will just spam the easiest...
    Unless there is a system that forces players to complete all raids that wont change.

    - OlymE Spam
    Metal Pt1:
    - MoMe Spam
    Metal Pt2:
    - DMe Spam(I can assure you it wasnt because of robins)
    Birds of Prey:
    - FBe spam

    However, when you have just one raid:
    - Pug groups would Spam 1st Boss ONLY
    - Pug groups would requeue to change Bosses

    Unless the full elite set is locked by the completion of both elite raids, I would rather have one elite raid.
    Before AF3 DLC, this wasnt a problem since half the set dropped on the Raid 1 and the other half on Raid 2, but with the current elite system this no longer the case.
    I think it could be possible gate each gear to the completion of each level of dificulty.

    Cooperative: Head(Requires completion of Elite Alert) and Hands(Requires completion not Elite Duo)
    Friendly: Shoulder(Completion Raid 1 Standert) and Waist(Completion Raid 2 Standert)
    Favorable: Legs(Completion Raid 1 Moderate) and Feet(Completion Raid 2 Moderate)
    Trusted: Chest(Completion Raid 1 Critical) and Back(Completion Raid 2 Critical)

    If the game had a system like this, I would be more them happy for 2 raids or even 3 raids. However, as it is I canto share the same opinion;(

    Now regarding the seasonals, to me is just a chore. I defend that each seasonal should feel fresh and have a twist on it. Saddly, ONLY Halloween bucket and maybe St.Patrick and his Coin'oGold were able to accomplish that.
    Every other seasonal feels the same;( boring and a waste of time.
  13. zNot Loyal Player

    I definetly get that usually one elite raid is much easyier then the other one,if its designed to have different boss setups that we can kinda choose like paradox had or ultimate soldier that would add some longevity to it.

    So one very large raid with like 5 bosses should be ok too im not a fan of a half baked elite raid either rather just put all into one raid like sixth dimension had and when the new designers are ready they can work on 2 raids again.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I usually like your posts, but why? Just …., why? Lol
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    And this is why you won’t be a game designer. No game is ever built for a few. A game is still a company and the company want as many people to participate in the game. Making it so that there is only one extremely hard raid will push away the casuals. And guess what, the majority of the players fall into the casual category. If you make it so that the casual play base can’t complete stuff than you are essentially putting a timebomb on your company before it closes.
  17. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Daybreak has to cater to the groups of gamers (customer) in hopes of delighting them and keeping them entertained, which means more revenue for the Company. I am not privy to the internal data showing the demographics of the customer base (gamers), but I would say from my own personal experience & observations the Casual class of gamers most likely out number the more hard core class of gamers by a few percentage points, with everyone else sandwiched in between.

    Daybreak does an excellent job, in my opinion, on catering to these two groups and to everyone in between. Strict time tables and strains on resources play a big part in what we get as has been explained to us by Charon. His summary of the situation is much appreciated.

    Personally, I prefer having two raids in a DLC, but I want them to be engaging. Having an elite version of one or both raids initially, with a tiered, harder version of the elite raid(s) at a later date is best. There is no need in shifting resources towards a tiered elite raid at the beginning of a DLC. Having it introduced at a later date will help take stress off of the dev team and give gamers a chance to gear up for the more advanced version of the elite raid. If the have the additional resources to put towards elite, I too would rather them make elite versions of the solo & duo, and maybe the alert.

    On the other far end of the spectrum the event versions of the solo, duo, alert, raid(s) is more than adequate for the Casual class of gamers.

    I am certain Daybreak knows what they are doing in planning DLCs and they take our comments under consideration. Their end goal is to create a product that will delight we the customer (gamer) while making a profit for the Company. Seasonals give us break in the monotony of the grind while giving us something else to do while at the same time the Dev team can continue planning an creating the next DLC.
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    Can you comment on the rumor that Jens Andersen still comes by weekly in disguise to clean the toilets and take out the trash? jk jk How tall is he? I recall he was a tall dude.
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    Way to have some people go "this isn't worth the bother of reading."
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    The game is overdue for evolution. That is to say it needs to evolve, not simply add more content with the same mechanics.

    Stop punishing everyone for the actions of a few. Or fix the issue being exploited. The forced slowness is horrible = nearly impossible to retreat (power pending). Power interruptions with a tiny bump. Having to release the controls to regain control after being knocked down or under the affect of a controlling effect.

    Address the cash issue which means dealing with the cash spammers.

    Spend the resources to bring the game into the future or pass the torch to a company that is not stuck in a rut.

    It is a fantastic game, take the leash off and grow.