Why do so many players hide behind blocks instead of fighting?

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  1. SirMuttonChops New Player

    BTW I'm so glad I quoted your posts just so you can see your actual posts getting deleted for violating the forum rules.
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    Dammit, Mutton, what did I tell you about consuming entire threads?
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  4. TrueMarvel New Player

    Um... Why do i see like 3 of these threads each by a different person
  5. Sylo Committed Player

  6. Helios Xenon New Player

    I think the new system for pvp that will be coming out is going to change a lot.

    A lot of Squad 11's members arent sitting in full t4 pvp gear.

    But honestly... you get random opponents right now and once you can actually have legit pvp matches then you can say "mine is bigger"
  7. Stamen Dedicated Player

    I don't know of any SQ11 member with full T4 pvp gear. Maybe Mutton, I'm like one piece away. But trust me, most of us don't give two rips about it. No one repecs for pvp in this league, no one theory crafts, no one wastes marks on triumph on consumables, I couldn't even name a team of four people to put together for something that anyone would call a "pre-made." I'd have a hard time finding two.
  8. Stamen Dedicated Player

    No, "Working as Intended."
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  9. Kroye Loyal Player

    I remember seeing a few Squad pre-mades in Legends when Tex was around.
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  10. Stamen Dedicated Player

    I'm sure four of us have gone after feats on more than one occasion, not sure that qualifies as a pre-made though. For example, I used to roll out as healer in pvp with Tex and Brice it was always while wearing dps gear because I never had enough marks for healer gear. The same is true now, I have a fair amount of dps T4 but when we don't have trollers, I will arena in my dps gear while in troller stance and that's not really ideal.

    To me a true pre-made would consist of people with pvp experience in their role, decked out in role-appropriate gear, willing to have spec'd into a winning loadout before entering the queue. To my knowledge, that's never happened in SQ-11.
  11. Sylo Committed Player

    pre-made does not = beast pvp'ers. Most of us group up to go after feats like stamen said, those feats are more attainable when we are playing with leaguemates on vent compared to pugging.
  12. Kroye Loyal Player

    Oh, I know, I wasn't saying that at all. It was Legends anyway, so it's not the same. I have no issues with any of the Squad guys except that Brazilian ice guy - always going afk in matches....
  13. Stamen Dedicated Player

    Ahh, Legends pre-mades! Those are the bomb, especially with Ventrilo going and everyone hooting and hollering.
    And yeah, we lose quite a few of those - even to pugs. ;)
  14. thelostczarnian New Player

    i call a premade a team of players that joined a que together. i honestly dont know anyone that farms for pvp premades unless they are just farming gear to wear. thats all, thats the farming. you kinda hope to get the roles in that you need. thats about it...gets your roles and get t3 gear or better for arena. if you need more then that well you have issues then
  15. Helios Xenon New Player

    BR ice guy in squad? o_O
  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Heh, I still rock PvE gear in arenas. LOL! With the cash entry gear coming, I may actually start wearing PvP gear!
  17. petvpets New Player

    This thread is silly, it very obvious people dont like being blocked when they try and pull off a 10 hit combo..

    Doesnt work in pvp, go do that junk in pve if you want no competition.
  18. Kroye Loyal Player

    You can take the man out of the Squad but you can't take the Squad out of the man :p
  19. petvpets New Player

    We fill BR ice with someething special instead
  20. Sylo Committed Player

    Because playing against macro/speed hacked programmed NPC's in PVE is easiero_O