Why do so many people in DCUO lack creativity?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Franchise, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    If it's the one I am thinking of, maybe it's because they would have been sued and shut down in a heartbeat if they allowed copyrighted names and concepts. They had a filter that immediately stopped blatant copies, and mods that forced name changes on the clever ones that tried to get by. People there were original because they were FORCED to be original.

    It's the same population of gamers overall. Just here in DCUO, it's more acceptable to emulate a canon iconic because we're mentored and interacting on the same team as the Iconics. This is their world. It makes sense that you'll see more of it here. It has nothing to do with people here being less creative or people in dead games being more creative.
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  2. TempestPrime New Player

    I chose my name because Critoris was taken...I probably wouldn't be able to find my toon anyways if I chose that name.
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  3. Franchise New Player

    creative enough to not have x's, numbers or other garbage characters to put in cause name was taken. none of my characters are named after characters that already exists.

    I originally seen DCUO as a way to be your own original hero/villian, not somebody else. hence this thread (but then again, your name is magneto :rolleyes: )
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  4. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    A little trial & error & i'm sure you could be a Crit Commander
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  5. myselfdestruct New Player

    I poop Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. I dont know what you mean.
  6. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    If your toon names are as "creative" as "Franchise"... not very creative is it??

    And since you do not want to share with us your creative genius... all we have to go on to check your creativity is "Franchise".

    So.... not very creative after all.
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  7. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    I don't know, the more creative you get with your name the harder it is for the PUG groups to pronounce (MISpronounce).

    I wanted to use something with the word "Iconoclast', but can you imagine how the average e-thug PUG would say it? Oh yeah, they'd call me "healer" or "troll"...
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  8. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Until now.

    Know why theres no creativity? Because we need the names to be reset...Theres a lot of launch names floating around out there that should be opened up

    Fake "Greenman" hasnt logged in, in 3 years! MFer just up and left after jacking my name.

    #ResetTheNames #Greenman2014
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  9. MasterBud New Player

    I always see people with goku hair. Idk the style name lol
  10. TempestPrime New Player

    I believe he was referring to Ann Frank the Fire Tank...
  11. Black House New Player

    Trying to find a reason to care....failing!!
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  12. Franchise New Player

    sure "magneto" ;)

    you clearly missed the point
  13. Victuswolf New Player

    If players really wanted to pay homage to batman they would take their worst fear or a fear that fits and create a superhero theme based on that. Paying homage to superman could be as simple as creating a kryptonian name. A lantern could be called anything in the universe.

    The amount of trolling in this thread only enforces my view that our community's average age seems to be lower here then other MMO's.
  14. General Powers New Player

    I'm original! ^_^
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  15. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    More like the amount of "trolling" shows how many people dont care about a random guy complaining about other peoples creativity or lack thereof in a super hero video game.

    Nobody here is being paid to be "creative" or getting girls oogling (or guys) over them because they have a "creative" name. If the guy wants to be Superman, then hes freakin Superman. If I want to name my character Ike Turner, then thats who hes going to be.
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  16. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Magneto is very creative. ;)

    I dare you to find another Magneto First Class in the game. ;)

    I double dare you. ;)

    But seriously..... this is a pattern we see too often.

    Someone starts a thread about people not having original names... or original toons.... but when called on how original their toons are.... no answer.

    We have to trust their word that their toons are originals with original names.

    And the few times there is an answer,,, it will ba an "original" name like "JockStrap" or some sich thing.

    So the question stands.... what are you original toons.

    Otherwise all we have to go on is your name.

    Saturn Knight... Madjack.... RuneWraith..... BlindFury.... Cyclotron.... are some of myne.

    But sure.... I have more then my share of Magneto.... Capitaine America... Le Fantome.... etc.

    But I do have a LOT of characters after all. ;)
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  17. Victuswolf New Player

    If they didn't care they wouldn't post just like all the threads i don't care enough to post in. Plenty of people posting here just to tell us how much they don't care about this topic.

    Obviously this thread offended them enough to post the "see how much i care meme" which is ironic in itself.
  18. Meta Flare New Player

    Are these creative?

    My main is named Meta Flare. Started as a fire user but I find it can fit any power really as flare doesn't necessarily correlate to fire.

    My alt is not very creative as her name is miss marval. She originally actually looked like her too but she has evolved.

    I have a nature toon who I never use and her name is Blawesome...I'm especially proud of this one. I just wish I liked nature more so I could play her lol.

    I have a toon who is inspired by black canary and the huntress and her name is Nightingale. She's fun but I always catch flak because I use sonic cry even though everyone has power...whatever.

    I have a speedster and his name is RacerEX. For some reason racer x was invalid. I was confused.

    My very first toon was named black Phoenix. H was a fire user but he some how got deleted twice so upon the third time making him I named him meta flare.

    I had an ice toon name cryoburst and black ice cuz he was black and it's a pun.

    I had a tiger character who's name was Neko (cat in Japanese) Rey (king in Spanish)

    I also had a lion character that had wings and I named him griffon.

    I feel like those are pretty creative.
  19. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    They care about letting this guy know that they dont care, not that their name might be seen as "uncreative".
    Thats the difference. He asked a question, and he got answers.
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  20. Victuswolf New Player

    Irony overload. (that could be a hero name) ;)

    Topics that people don't care about get no posts. Not troll posts saying they don't care.