Why do so many people in DCUO lack creativity?

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  1. Poo New Player

    *Looks up*

    Can I still take that bet? :D

    Edit: Doh! I'm on page two :(
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  2. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Because that's who someone wanted to be. Someone wanted to be batman, superman ect. It is a superhero game. Whens the last time you seen Batman, Superman, Joker, Hal Jordan or any actual name online? People took these and left the game.
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  3. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    I don't think it's necessarily unoriginality.

    This is a game set in the DC Universe, with the actual iconic characters that we can interact with and be heroes (or villains) right alongside. If people are inspired by an Iconic, and costume themselves like their idol, I don't see it as any different than showing team colors for a favored sports team or hometown identity.

    I have original characters that I've imported from my tabletop RPG's, but my main is also a shout-out and homage to the Captain Marvel family as well as the groundbreaking legacy of Wonder Woman. Both have long and contributive legacies to the world of modern comics as we know them today. Both are grouped amongst my favorite heroes ever since I was a child. I took the iconography of both and made a character that was obviously inspired by and connected to them within the setting.

    I've got no problem for people who do something similar or whom copy even more literally straight from the character itself. There's infinite parallel worlds within the DC universe, and I have no problem if there's another version of Superman, Batman, or whoever else is being emulated.

    That being said, why do you care so much about the doings of OTHER PEOPLE? You remind me of a nosy neighbor, peeking over fences and through windows, disapproving of other people as if you had some kind of stake in what they do.
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  4. Franchise New Player

    YES!!! i seen that a few times too. Since we on the subject of pet peeves, my pet peeve is seeing a lantern power character that doesnt have fly movement lol, i mean what kind of lantern are you that cant fly :rolleyes:
  5. Lokkii Committed Player

    1. The fact others name and or style bothers you is hilarious.
    2. You'd be a fool to assume somebody using a style or name you dont apporve of is not a creative person, perhaps they dont care and jus randomly picked a name or used a email or previous user name because they were more intrested in actaully playing the game then trying different names or trying to find the perfect style to suit you.
    3. smh
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  6. Poo New Player

    I don't mind the looks (I currently have a nice Lion O style going on).

    But the names? Ugh. Some of those names are just horrible... X
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  7. Franchise New Player

    or those names was invalid to create from the start cause those characters already exist, duh?
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  8. Will Power Loyal Player

    Maybe they don't want DC Comics Stealing an original Name. Me personally I would love to see one of my Original Names get into the pages of DC Comics. I believe we wave any personal rights to an Original name once we create it. I could be wrong about both though.
  9. Franchise New Player

    it doesnt necessarily irritate me, that was exaggeration on my part. jsut made me curios with the lack of originality. did I offend you? lol maybe you got a xXxDeathStroke character that got you so defensive :rolleyes:
  10. Victuswolf New Player

    I have to say that it seems like DCUO players are far less original when it comes to character names then any other MMO community I have come across. I rarely see any name that's not just a variation of a super hero already in the game or in the DC/Marvel universe.

    I don't mind seeing names from other less mainstream books, comics or even from fantasy novels but it gets old fast seeing clones everywhere. It makes me think the average age of the community is fairly low. Especially when 90% of the names are clones or just something rude or immature. I see plenty of names that should of been banned or blocked by the system based on being rude.

    I do understand that no name is truly original but it doesn't take much effort to at least try come up with something that's at least not been done 1000 times. Try using latin, norse or other languages to make up a name. Take a favourite obscure character from a less known book and alter the name to make it your own. Even using ancient myths or legends would be at least a tiny bit different.

    There was another superhero MMO and I remember seeing many creative and original names there. I was honestly surprised with the sheer lack of it here.
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  11. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    It bothers me more when it comes to playstyles, seeing almost every DPS, tank healer & troller using the same cookie cutter FOTM build & weapons. Yep, looks great to have a Wolverine clone with handblasters or spamming DW range toss, lol. :rolleyes:
  12. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Lol lol lol! We had a an acrobat lantern. It was before movement mode tokens. I believe he switched once they came out. He hated it too. It was hilarious.
  13. Franchise New Player

    Now this person understands the point I was making :cool:
  14. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    People use whats effective, and people have fun being effective.

    You new to video games or something?
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  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Lets start with the $50 million question.....

    How "creative" are your characters??

    Being "creative" is relative.

    Does creating a Red Lantern from Thanagar... and calling him Red Lantern2682... is that creative?? (2682 is the Space Sector of Thanagar)

    Does creating a Superman Clone and calling him "R3D SON" using a "3" to emulate the Russian alphabet is being creative??

    Try creating a Batman clone and try to name it... you may realise that you may need to be a bit creative to try to give him a name that will not be xxxxxxxxBATMANxxxxxxxxxx.

    But then again... many players do not care about being creative with their character... they just want to create a character they like and want to have fun.

    Heck some like me already have a creative job form 9 to 5...( actually more like 9 to 9 too often :( ).... so being creative in a game is pretty much the last thing I need.

    Heck I get paid to be creative.... so being creative for free is a downgrade for me. ;)

    But seriously... who cares about being creative in a videogame??

    If you want to be creative in a video game because you have no other way to be creative... fine... go ahead.

    BUt then again.. I have to ask... what is your definition of being "creative"??

    How "creative" are your characters???

    Just wondering.
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  16. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    How about itsmatank? was that creative? cause thats my ice tank i also have itsmaragetank itsmafirtank and heyimarock
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  17. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

  18. SeriousVanity New Player

    I have to echo Magneto's sentiment. I simply threw in a bunch of names until the I got one that was accepted. I don't have an origin, a backstory, a theme, an arch-nemesis, or a hometown. I simply wanted to fly around and punch things.
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  19. X-zero Loyal Player

    It doesn't irritate me. Some people don't want to make their own character. They just want to become their favorite superhero. And on the other hand someone in my league actually is creating the characters from his own book in this game. As long as that player is happy with it because they are going to be stuck with that name for a long time.
  20. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    A really fast or really agile Lantern?? ;)
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