Why do i die so easy?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Froot Loops, May 11, 2013.

  1. Froot Loops New Player

    I'm a hard light dps (level 10), and i die so easily, i died before a level 9 in area 51 3 times on the boss, I have almost 500 defense, but i can't raise it any more because i'm using a 1 handed sword, apart from clothes. Am i doing something wrong?
  2. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    Are you getting out of the way of attacks? Blocking when needed? Avoiding the ships defences? What powers are on your loadout? What gear have you got and what level is it?
  3. Neptune New Player

    leveling up to lvl 30 & try again.
  4. BrownMamba New Player

    You have to pay attention where you're at during battle, when fighting bosses or any enemy right before they do a major attack there will be a marker on top of their head. That's you're cue to back off and do some ranged attacks or block. Hope this helps you a bit but don't worry about it you will get better gear as you level up.
  5. Aiden Warren New Player

    DPS does and can die fast due to lack of defense and controller gear does give slight bit more defense, but not by that much. as a dps
    which all new players just wants to dps and not heal/troll/tank which are more supportive roles, there is too many dps in this game, and dps is over populating, and tanks/healers/troller are more important for leveling up alerts, but eventually new players learns the consequences of just wanting to dps and queuing in t2 ad t3 alerts and always end up with all dps.

    but to survive in the base alerts is to range the bosses, don't attack them head on.
    I think is umm
    21 Defense = 1% damage reduction
    level 30 71 Defense 1% damage reduction
    Being a dps is not too hard if you range the bosses, and the tank just tanks the boss and a healer just ranging and healing, but being that all new players just wants to dps and don't want to learn and gear on other roles, alerts can be a PITA.
    other players just wants to dps and can die a lot and the team dies as well.
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  6. MsMamba New Player

    Do you have proper equipment?

    If I remember, there is a new equipment for level 9. You have to check the vendors at the clubs/ Police stations.
  7. BomombRook New Player

    For the boss, just hide under the arch ways that are there when the ship defenses go up. Just stay under the archways and you won't get hit. Also what is you're load out for dpsing?
  8. Mileena New Player

    You need to get better gear that boosts your defense I think. When I first started playing, I died a lot because I didn't equip ANY gear at all.
  9. Twilight Man New Player

    I would strongly suggest you pay more attention during fights. I don't think better gear will be the answer for you.

    If you find you die easily then you may want to practice and strentghen your evading then attacking skills, turn that weakness into an advantage.

    Even if your gear improves and your combat rating climbs i would strongly suggest you slow down in your fights and really take in whats happening to better evaluate your next move.

    I mean this in a purly positive way, and i wish you luck. If you need someone who's willing to join you during trial and error runs...hit me up.

    Twilight Man.
  10. Ray New Player

    if you have friends in game have some of them run you through all the bounties. that gear is very strong and can be equiped lv5+. then you will just run through everything
  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    For Pre-lvl 30 content always go for the gear with the highest Def/Health on it and let all the other stats fall by the wayside...Survivability is all that counts in those instances

    Try speccing into shields and saving colas for when you need them
  12. Abandon New Player