Why did you choose your name?

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  1. Chungweishan New Player

    "Chungweishan" - Chung is a name I use a lot. Wei Shan means hypocritical in Mandarin.

    "Chou Senshi" - Senshi means "Warrior" in Japanese, however someone already had it (I saw the person in-game one day). So I added Chou which translates to "Super" in Japanese.

    "Chou Heisen" - since people started calling me "Chou", I just kept that and added Heisen ("fire caused by war" - Japanese) since I was making a Fire character alt.

    I am also aware that most people probably pronounce "Chou" wrong including myself when I read it. The "u" indicates it's a long "o" sound. So it supposed to rhyme with "Joe." However I always read it as "Chow." Some pronounce it "Choo." I don't use Voice Chat anymore (annoying), so it doesn't really matter much. Just a quick lesson in a language I don't even know. Nor do I know Mandarin. Arigatou and xie xie, Internetz Translation Websites.
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  2. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    I have worn an ankh necklace for what seems like forever and all my characters have it in game. That being said Ankh Legacy is a result of trying to name a base Eternal Legacy, for some reason eternal wasn't allowed so this was my first thought as a replacement. Its one of those happy accidents.
  3. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    I like wordplay (very, very simple wordplay), hence Ms Fortune. I also have Mal Function, Ms Behavour and Ms Eerie.

    I also have Bumblestiltskin and Beelzebubbles...but nobody has picked up the reference for her :(
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  4. Lucaefor New Player

    Mainly to log in the game so I could play. But also to annoy other people who might think it was cool and therefore want to use it AND realise they couldn't do that BECUZ It's MY name now so they can just HAHAHAHAHA but still get really ANNOYED and...

    Connection to remote host terminated.
  5. Humane Committed Player

    All the names I wanted were taken so I figured Humane was a cool sounding name for a healer
  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    When I created Tech I chose Batman as mentor and took Bow and Arrow/Gadgets as his powers. The idea was a hero similar to Bats .. No actual super powers (from mutations or whatever) just a highly trained super soldier with a huge collection of gadgets (technology) to assist him in defeating the bad guys. Then I accumulated a combination of Paramilitary and Logistics costume pieces and he really looks like a special forces operative. As for the numbers at the end .. 0329 I was born on March 29th. :cool:
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  7. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    It is a very cool name, imo
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  8. Kevol New Player

    I was trying to be careful about choosing a name and eventually tried to think of a word similar to careful. Then I thought about the name of a real life name that I could use parts of to make the name of the hero I was planning on being. Hence, Kevol.
  9. Disasterpiece New Player

    I'm a huge Slipknot fan, have been for over a decade and it's my favourite song by them. The bass guitarist tragically passed away a few years ago and Disasterpiece is also the only song I managed to video record at the last live gig in my city. So it holds a fair sentiment to me.

    Also I have it tattooed to my stomach.
  10. Doc Holliday New Player

    I chose Doc Holliday because he was actually born in the same hometown as me. (Georgia ftw.)

    And to be frank, hes a total bad***.



    Born John Henry Holliday
    August 14, 1851
    Griffin, Georgia, U.S.
  11. BlackWingBeyond Committed Player

    In Hush, after Batman's grapple line is cut and is dying in crime alley (I hated this part- how could Batman fall prey to something like having his line cut? It's not his first few years as Batman, he would have a contingency for something like that. Gah, lazy writing. /end of rant) Oracle signals "Blackbird is down. I repeat, blackbird is down." I didn't want to choose blackbird, because then the connotation of the name brings the idea of a bird. BlackWing seemed a little more ambiguous, yet implicit as to what animal I was based after. Had to stick Beyond at the end b/c BlackWing was taken. Also, Terry McGinnis.
  12. Little Sister New Player

    Mines from BioShock and it's been my online name on many forums and games for like 5+ years.
  13. Korvyne Committed Player

    Combination of an anagram of my sons name "Korey" and the first Immortal family in Underworld "Corvinus"
    KORvYnE, Immortal Ice tank.
  14. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    no Miss DeMeaner?
    or Miss Inglink?
    or even Miss Ingyu?
  15. Funky New Player

    I chose Funky Bone because Funny Bone was already taken.
  16. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    My real name starts with Z, and spirits are so powerful yet so pure. Seemed like a fun combo. Had the name in other games, Originally had an alt to hold the name in dc, but idk just didn't feel right to have that name on a game i just started. I thought i would be able to change it anytime i wanted, but wasn't able to for over a year after launch. BTW my character was originally called X Spirit (because spirit was taken by some inactive player), changed it to Zpirit late last year. I got so well known, it just stuck.
  17. CheckmateEnjoi New Player

    At first it was msasa because I was born in Msasa Park, Harare, Zimbabwe.
    Then I deleted that character and made xXxCreatorxXx because I was unoriginal and stupid.
    Then I changed the name to Checkmate Enjoi because Checkmate is a sexy name (nothing to do with the gear, I play chess) and I used to skate. Enjoi is a skate company.
    Now it's Uthegentel Armgo because I am unoriginal and stupid. Google the name if you don't recognize it.
  18. LordZeonidas New Player

    I wish I had some cool story about my name but I had just got done watching the movie 300 and I saw that the Zod armor in the HOD had a big Z on the front.....soo....
    Lord Zeonidas was born!
  19. Mileena New Player

    My character's name is Mileena MK9 because Mileena was taken and I wanted to give her sorcery, which is her power in Mortal Kombat 9.
  20. Abandon New Player

    Abandon all hope, yee who **** me the f' off