Why did the subscription price quadruple during this quarantine?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by UnbreakableII, Apr 27, 2020.

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  1. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    My friend, it is much more than a lot of Brazilian people earn for months in Brazil! Including state teachers ...:oops:
  2. Warmonger Wayne Level 30

    And? You can spend only 1 dollar on a game and you still have legal rights. There's something called Consumer Act and it covers online gaming and all those cases the companies think they can't avoid just by making us 'accept an agreement' at the beginning of a game. Anyway, let's not change the subject, please.
  3. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Well when you sue them let us know.

    The best place to start is voting with your wallet. I walked away from the game for a time because of an issue. When they fixed it, I was willing to pay again.
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  4. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    Probably not, I'm not talking about using different tables for each place in the world, I'm referring to the fact that Dimensional Ink / Daybreak made adjustments at the peak of the pandemic, at the worst moment, in the worst possible economic scenario, adjustments that it did not did for more than 8 years, so think, couldn't they have waited another 2 or 3 months to review these prices?
    I know that they are just readjusting with CURRENT EXCHANGE RATES, but they did not do that when these same rates were 3 reais for 1 dollar, they do not use the "currency fluctuation" that makes a new value practically daily.
    Do not.
    They just took the biggest devaluation of the Brazilian currency in history and threw the rates there, without taking into account the economic difficulties that this would bring.
    In short: I would just like common sense and empathy for the moment, that Daybreak / Dimensional Ink would allow us to continue playing for the Corona Virus pandemic and that, after this situation has passed, they would then do what is due, readjust to the current value, to apply what they have an obligation to do. But for now, I just asked for empathy with the situation in Brazil and in the world.
    This has nothing to do with charging different amounts in each place of the planet or region of the USA.
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  5. DarknessHorizon New Player

    Prices in Brazil for years have always been the same, with slight adjustments when necessary, it was quite affordable and fair, however; it is very strange that just at the worst moment in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis they decided to raise prices in a colossal way in some countries, I downloaded the game again today and as usual the first thing I did was to go buy the allacess, which I got scared when I saw the prices, unfortunately I will have to abandon the daybreak games because it is simply insane, and before they come with talk about the dollar many large companies adopt the policy of charging less here !!!
  6. Tros Active Player

    Yes. They don't care about Brazilian audiences. Prices are insane!

    When the pandemic is over and the bulky players are gone, they will see the lack that Brazilians do.
  7. Wallflower Level 30

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    Less Brazilians in the game? Sounds like a plus to me.
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