Why dcuo feels boring

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  1. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    ain't nothing going to get better til they rework the revamp.

    combat is where the game fails hard.
  2. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Saddest part is I still don't believe this game is reaching it's full potential, imo it has the potential to knock out mega games like injustice 2, tekken 7, champions online, warframe, destiny 2, far cry 5, call of duty black ops, etc. Notice most of the comparisons being non dc related is because this game has the potential to be a competitive game pvp wise, if done right can counter games like tekken etc.
    And powers like gadgets and munitions can give you that call of duty feeling only that you can do so much more in a 3d open environment, and champions online doesn't need a comic brand to appeal to it's audiences, but say dc was to step it up to champions online level with it's dc comic brand, how often will you see this game being brought up in a positive light.

    Back then pvp was what made this game so great and different, now it's all about stats buffs and pve which any game developer can come up with.
  3. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    It was called Friday night legends, a weekly maybe hr and a half long stream of pvp... mepps and jens hosted it, back then pvp was kinda a priority ... i think they realized they were straying frim that when the pvp livestream started being about survival mode... then jens left & pvp faded, then we got a new set of gear but there wasn’t really a stable real pvp bc it was like during revamp it came out
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  4. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Damn that sucks, now to think of it, I miss that guy jen, It was still shady but atleast he kept pvp alive.
  5. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    It turned WAAAAY TOO commercial! SORRY! It just did and it's actually really disgusting in my opinion.
  6. Noble One Committed Player

    artifacts and augments literally add nothing via gameplay wise as its the power we had before the revamp given back to us. hell augments are just the new version of sockets. the little power buffs you get arent really gameplay effective since its nothing noticeable to being with nor needed to beat content.

    yes we have new content but there isnt a lot of change for gameplay. the only new thing that stand out are deathstrokes dampening mechanic, everything else has been kinda been done in one form or another. also it was asked to space out content due to the fact that the monthly episodes didnt really offer much and usually were holiday themed stuff for the whole month. we asked them to slow down for being overwhelmed but because there wasnt enough to do as it was litertally just do dailies and logoff.

    there is plenty that devs can due to keep the game for being grindy. games such as WoW and FF14 add ENTIRE new continents to explore on top of the normal level grind they often add either new races and /or classes. DCUO could do the same thing but they dont. ill give them titan island but thats really nothing in comparison to what they do. and people have BEGGED for new powers even before water came out. thats what keeps the game going you bring out new content but bring MORE than just grind. TT was fun and packed for a couple of days and then fell off fairly quick because it came to be just a daily grind offering nothing new.

    for a game like DCUO its a shock to most on how a LOT of things are NOT in the game yet that they couldve easily put in. hell im still waiting for them to add most of the costume pieces from what they had in beta and concept.
  7. Captain Domino Committed Player

    So....I haven't played seriously, in like a year or more. Only have 170 SP or so... How screwed am I?
  8. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    As I read the forums I have come to a conclusion that having gear made so important to progression really kills the fun rather quickly.

    The game immersion takes a back seat, styles are sort of liked but by only fans of comics and others very familiar to comics.

    As players beat the elite raids and obtain the elite gear they then get bored.

    Some would say SM demise takes away from having something to do after they acquire the elite pieces, but I submit that had they not made SM way easier and changed the difficulty so that a whole lot more players could even get past round 1 they wouldn't even dare to run it like they run elite content.

    Over time players lose their flare for any game, this game is no different.

    I had once written that a league mate was discussing having a random generator for content, it could have helped with rotating bosses and missions.

    I guess what I am saying is of course 1 would become bored after the realization that the only thing that interests anyone is the next gear level and the chase to acquire said gear, it becomes less about the content and more about the drops.

    To counter in the meantime perhaps interacting with the rest of the community instead of in such smaller circles, there are some very interesting people who play the game and can definitely lift the spirits if we can get past our own selves.

    And who knows you just might have fun again.
  9. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    My personal feeling are that the emphasis on only one episode being relevant (meaning you run the exact same content literally around 100 times, day after day) causes people to get burnt out and bored very quickly.

    In other MMOs there a 2 things that help reduce that boredom (well, 3 if you count pvp, but that depends on the MMO)

    1. Starting a brand new alt that helps you experience a totally new storyline and new way of playing.

    2. Other MMOs tend to have a much larger pool of current content to run for rewards.

    DCUO fails in both aspects because alts are not encouraged at all, leading more to endless grind to get caught up with a main character than actual fun. In addition, since the revamp many powers have lost any kind of real differentiation that makes them feel really all that different from each other (rage's melee and some combo powers do play slightly different) instead of colored skins.

    As for the content pool, DCUO has tons of content that could be made available to run for rewards - keeping every day fresh and exciting - but that's never going to happen because

    a. many players hate the idea of stat boosted content

    b. it would negatively affect replay badges sales to have more content and more marks available.

    Also, the rapidly diminishing queues for everything old means even when leveling alts it's virtually impossible to play non end-game stuff regularly.
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  10. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Sorry but with the current pool of players who have grinded out previous tiers I have to disagree that upping rewards or relevancy would actually help with anything but those who refuse to invest in RB to buy feats for alts.

    I say that because I also know that a majority of the community actually has a lot more of the game that is relevant because they need feats out of said content, they simply also need marks to buy other items within the tiers that they see out of relevancy.

    Once they catch up to those of us who don't need to run the older content they too will be burnt out from that content and will have ran it 100 times or more.

    There is a big difference between impatience and boredom, where one is a lack of where the other has more to do with nothing to do.

    They have reduced the amount of time it take to run a raid, alert, and even solos, one can easily run 4 raids an hour, 4-5 alerts an hour, while waiting in between running duos and solos and still have an hour to sit in the headquarters spinning around in circles.

    Instead people complain about the amount of time it takes to complete or get into older missions as if they have 5mins to play then complain about the lack of relevant content as an excuse.

    I also don't recall any MMO that does what you are saying.

    I played Neverwinter, eso, and warframe, all had other things that made older content relevant which is similar to what DC has yet different because of the way those games were designed.

    You really can't compare DC to those games it just wouldn't be fair to those games to do so and a big disservice to DC game designers vision.
  11. Malachyte Devoted Player

    to be honest, I'm not going to read all these posts, but for me, what I do to make sure DCUO doesn't get boring even after coming back from a 2 year lay-off is the following

    #1 - No Replays !! Don't replay anything, as the more you do anything will become very repetitive and become boring...wait to get all your gear, you're not missing out on anything buy getting everything all in a few days.

    #2 - Break up the dailies....don't do the same routine all the time....break it up..run some LPVE Legends or just go back to some old school content

    #3 - Don't use the same rotation all the time even if that means decreasing your DPS output...try something new...why not ? so what if one specific rotation is "beast" DPS numbers...try something else

    #4 - Decorate your lair and/or hall with new stuff...pick a theme and go with it..

    #5 - Take a few days off.....

    These are just my ideas
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  12. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Lol do u mean on youtube
  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Well, first of all, I explained I was talking about my feelings on the matter. I realize not everyone will have the same opinion of what makes DCUO boring.

    For me, running the same instances day and night for 3 months is boring. You can say, "well, they don't take that long and you can run other stuff afterwards," but that doesn't change the fact the boring part - running the same instances every day for 3 months+ - is still present.

    Wouldn't it help with the boredom to be able to run whatever alert you wanted, whenever you wanted, and still get marks to progress towards your gear? In the past I mentioned that maybe the devs would have daily "alerts" or something with a single daily alert and duo and a weekly raid that would be boosted to end-game levels and reward end-game currency.

    I understand DCUO is never going to do this because of replay badges, however.

    So, boredom continues. And so does the declining population in everything but the latest DLC. Oh, well.
  14. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Obviously you feel as though what you said is something that nobody else is feeling.

    In your response is my reasoning, your speaking of basically the current tier when in fact only new players would experience that whole older players would have grinded out previous tier content for 3 + months, depending on when they started playing the game.

    Speaking in absolutes is never suggested because players started playing at different times, the only constant is those that have grinded threw the older version vs those of the newer version of the game.

    There is nothing wrong with your opinion it just is not good because it is calling on those who have ran that old content just as newer players are grinding the latest content and getting bored from running it.

    Those dailies were necessary because when you are trying to catch up back then you had a whole lot more Gates to cross through, they didn't discount anything and before Home Turf there was no rent.

    Some would say PvP was the main drag, I would say the game was much more different.

    It took far longer to acquire pieces of gear, and when it did drop there was no guarantee you would get it or any other piece of gear.

    Raid loot locks were still a thing as they are now so those very people did run that old content far more than 3 months in some cases it took almost 6 months to even run the fos's.

    As a matter of fact there was no open episodes, you either got to the appropriate CR or you would be legendary with no access to all the content outside of power and the shield, again depending when you started playing.

    The game gives a false history with how it is now and is one of the major reasons the population is so low.

    To force any person to rerun any content that they ran for 3 months+ is not a good solution and as clearly stated by Mepps does not help said content queues overall, where as any given Sunday any piece of content can become attractive if the base so choose to Focus.

    I weep for you if you thought I was attacking your opinion, I was only attempting to show how it does not work as a fix or a compromise.
  15. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    if their vision is to get people to play less theyre doing an amazing job.
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  16. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I don't think that is their intent in so much as it is in response to what we ask for.

    I will use PvP as a great example of this.

    The older PvP version was much more fun, they initially had a small problem because some cried about others using sodas.

    Then they released HT with sidekicks, henchmen, and orbitals, but there were others that whines about morphing in PvP and how controlling effects, specifically ghosting was glitching players out.

    Rock, paper, scissors, Controllers were render obsolete in PvP outside of giving power.

    They changed the gear and removed the initial way a new player came into the game due to griefing and basically killed PvP with changes called upon to fix those issues I said above due to all the new effects to PvP.

    Now look at PvP.

    All because of our problem with their vision.
  17. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Great example.. it is my opinion that if people really thought about it.. we, as a community and a forum, have contributed our fair share of issues to the game, we pushed and pushed to get certain things added, removed or changed and now we are left with what we have - I have said in the past I actually wish they had listened less re : some changes that were asked for lol - in saying all this, they chose to add certain things themselves and also implemented some things they could have said no to imo
  18. Unida Dedicated Player

    it all starts with the montization model. i dunno how this is subscription game AND content is locked AND there is a mmo grind now.

    once subs started dying, along came time capsules, now that's all thats really left, as many of the players that were around and even BOUGHT the game on cd for like 60 havent seen any actual value in return in years.

    i remember when spytle left and i thought, wow - maybe things might change for the better now (maybe) but it actually got a lot worse imo.

    the magic left.

    ask anyone that was around in the beginning how fun it used to be. raids you looked forward to, FOS2 etc, PVP before is was totally ruined and forgotten, heroes and villains camping outside each other's spawns in open world and having huge dust ups in the the park, man, it was great times.

    unfortunately its been a looooooooooooooooong time between drinks with DCUO. constantly reworking things hasnt really made things 'better' at all from what i can see. if the game is technically more stable and logical now, its also much less interesting, fun and worth spending time on.

    leagues that used to be plentiful and proud are now ghost towns and its almost a contest to see who hasnt logged in in the longest time.

    considering the IP powering the game, its almost unbelievable that it's gotten this bad.

    we all moved on, the game went backwards and the distance between us is more obvious than ever to me.

    as ive said before, id they ever wanted to host a server for PVP that was the build prior to update 30something, back when clipping and everything was a go and we had fun, id for sure log into that and play.
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  19. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    No I mean in game and on the forums
  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    The problem with that kind of setup is that you'd be giving players a system in which they could run the easiest content in the game for them to get Marks for progression. Even though CR differential is no more, it's still promoting something of an "easy mode" for players to get Marks for progression, especially if it was extended to end-game players. And make no mistake, there would be players who would abuse such a system. The only way to prevent abuses like that would be something like stat-clamping, and we all know how well that would go over.

    The content in the game doesn't disappear once we move out of Mark relevancy for it. It's still there, ready and waiting to be played and can still provide a nice change of pace from the content we run for the sake of progression. Whether or not a player runs that content is entirely up to them.