Why aren't there more stand alone content based off Black Heroes?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheArmorsmith, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I'm not calling DCUO racist and shouting for Al Sharpten to step in and deal with this issue. But as someone who is Black and respect the game for what it is even if its a bit of a down period. I would like to see at least 1 or 2 stories driven but some of DCUO Black Heroes and Villians, Here are a few that could be for consideration.

    Black Lightning
    Black Manta
    Bronze Tiger
    John Stewart
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  2. Sarcasm Committed Player

    I haven't seen black lightning lately , nor cyborg. And where the hell is john Stewart and all the madness going on in WoTL its like they totally forgot about him
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  3. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I was wondering that John only had like one or two mission that I can think of as well as Cyborg.
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  4. Retired Red Robin Well-Known Player

    Its like what happened to all the hispanic characters in dc. Yeah atleast you have john, steel, static, and cyborg
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  5. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    Lol I forgot about Steel...Heck I wouldn't mind with they put Blue Beetle and Static Shock in content together.
  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    John Stewart has his own duo. Cyborg is in the early mission. Most of them you fight as villains. As heroes we already don't really fight alongside npcs that much in all types of content.

    Just be glad they have appearances right now. I really wish we could see more static and black lightning
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  7. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    Thats true but also comparing it to their counterparts, they could be feature a bit more. But a Black Lighting and Static Shock would be pretty epic.
  8. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Yes and yes. The only down side is Devs probably want to take a break from Batman-centric stories, so that puts a damper on related heroes/villains e.g. Batwing. I agree with the break...starting to get a little saturated with Bats.

    That said, there's plenty of opportunity for cross-media promotion as with the current Bombshell series:

    1. Cyborg will be in the BvS movie and possibly in the Teen Titans live action series currently under devlopment
    2. Black Manta is a perfect villain for the upcoming Aquaman movie (due after BvS)
    3. John Stewart also would be perfect if we ever get confirmation that a GL is in the BvS movie. I'm also secretly hoping that John Diggle's middle name on Arrow is 'Stewart'.
    4. Vixen and BumbleBee also would be a perfect tie to the upcoming Teen Titans live action series.
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  9. Biggdaddycane Dedicated Player

    Why isn't there more variety period.

    Pretty much everything is wrapped around Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman and lanterns.

    I'm Indian/African myself 3 Tribes in my blood line. Never been racist from birth but I rather see a few other Major DC Comic Hero's/ Vills then mainly black ones. Wouldn't mind seeing a few in the mix with the monthly content.
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  10. FaLeX Dedicated Player

    can't believe you guys forgot about


    he even has a mission in Ace Chemicals....;)
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  11. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I wouldn't mind it either I'm not saying like have black power up in DCUO just feature some Black characters more often they heck any ecthincity woud be great really.
  12. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Ah how could you forget Steel? ;) But I agree with you!
  13. Nuubia Well-Known Player

    I agree.

    I'm still waiting for our forum Avatars featuring super heroes of color which we were promised.

    As usual when it comes to issues of diversity and inclusion we just get this:

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  14. Miggly Committed Player

    This is a good post to start. if people want more content with black characters in more prominent roles then they should voice here.
  15. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I feel ya I mean that is what got me going on that you think I want ot roll up on here as Ras Al Ghoul...naw I wanited Black Lighting or Static, Steel even though his suit make it hard tell if he is black.
  16. ArrakisToDune New Player

    It would be great to have more content, especially featuring less well known characters. Like the Dr Fate DLC,
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  17. Tazpocalpse Well-Known Player

    I'm hoping with the new partnership between the game and D.C. we may see them work together to promote Cyborg since he has a comic out now and a movie coming up. I was hoping Vixen would have been part of Bombshells, since she has a animated short films coming up.So many things can be done with Static. Not to mention Milestone is up and running again. So many possibilities.
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  18. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    i would sob tears of fanboy joy if we could somehow add bumblebee and mal duncan into an alert.
  19. Controller Devoted Player

    DC has lead the way with diversity, IMO....or at least at one time they did.

    Back in the day, I remember being introduced to the likes of Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and Super Samurai:

    Their powers were unique (back then, at least) and they represented Native American (Apache Chief), African American or Black (Black Vulcan) and Asian (Super Samurai).

    I know that recently DC tried to kill off John Stewart, which was quickly cancelled due to the fan backlash. Thank God.

    With the Young Justice Series, I know that Apache Chief got a great update, and was a young teenager as well:[IMG]

    The most unfortunate thing, IMO, is that THIS guy doesn't get much play:

    Icon, created by the late Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan as part of Milestone Media's Dakota Verse (Which later merged into the DC Universe, eventually).

    Icon was UNIQUE, in that he was created by Dwayne and Denys to be the "Black Superman" if you will - but UNIQUE...unique powers, Super Strength, everything.

    There is content in the internet that these two tangled - and were pretty much equal. That is AWESOME and timely.

    In the Young Justice Episode where he joined the league, Green Arrow joked that the only reason Superman invited him into the League was because he thought he was Kryptonian.

    He's not....he has his own unique, rich history....I'd love for him to get a movie one day.

    If DC/DCUO chose to, there is a HUGE amount of diverse and INTERESTING content to add to the game AND the comics....the world is changing around us all......the games (and the comics) need to, as well.
  20. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Lets start with the obvious here.. This game revolves around the Justice League and the BIG three in that group are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman... Can you imagine the screaming fan bois if they even tried to start this game out without them being front runners? Now look at what the game is based on.. DC comics. Back in the 1930-1950 and beyond we are talking about a pulp magazine that was produced, written and drawn by mostly white Jewish males.. (PLEASE GOD note I am just stating facts not casting any bad feelings toward anyone's race or religion.. I watched a documentary where Stan Lee even admitted he changed his name to make it sound less ethnic so he could get more work... Stanley Martin Lieber became STAN LEE). During those years every new super hero that arrived was, admittedly, white and the result is today we have a PILE of white supers and only a few of other races because that they didn't start drawing anything else until around the late 60's or 70s.

    Times are changing and we are starting to see more diversity not just at DC but at Marvel as well. The new Captain America is black. The new Spiderman is Hispanic and hey the new Thor is a woman (the though of Chris Hemsworth in a skirt is both disturbing and funny LOL). The point is it took a long time but the comics are realizing there are readers out there that need a different hero.. one more like them that they can identify with and they are adapting to make that happen. The new Johnny Strom in the reboot of the Fantastic 4 is black... same role that Chris Evans portrayed in the first films. Changes are happening but it takes time.

    Derio makes an excellent point .. there are only a few instances where we even have one of the DC characters along with us on missions.. Superman in the Fortress of Solitude trio springs to mind immediately of course and we do hook up with Wonder Woman in the final battle in Trigon's Prison. There are others but basically all most of the DC supers do is serve as contacts sending us out to do missions while they have a coffee break or we wind up rescuing them.. Batman in the Arkham Alert

    John Stewart ... shows up in the final battle against Sinestro in City Hall in both the under 30 level story arc and again in that same MISSION as a 30+ duo. He also is seen, along with all the other Earth Lanterns, wandering around in Mogo's Command Center. And since the WOTL arc is not finished there is nothing saying he may not have a role in a mission down the line

    Cyborg.. Okay he has a limited role as one of several Titans you run across when doing Trigon's Prison but we do see him as a contact .. first in the Midtown PD sending us off to battle Brother Blood and then again in the Gotham Wastelands where he is one of the trio of heroes sending us out on daily missions against Trigon's Son's minions.

    Steel ... We team up with and battle T.O. Morrow to rescue stolen protype robots at Ace Chemcial and while we don't see him he is the voice we get as a contact when we are accepting the bounties to defeat the Siege and Morrow bots at Stryker's and Ace.

    Now please keep in mind I have a grand total of one Villain and finding teams was so hard I sort of gave up on that at CR 60 so I don't know if the Villains battle these guys more than we TALK to them or not. I am pretty sure Cyborg is a Villain Bounty but do NOT quote me on that .. never got around to those.

    Now let's take a quick look at one of the founders of the JLA and see how he's potrayed and used. We see the Flash in the Gorilla Grodd arc in the final battle of the final mission and we have to RESCUE him. He's also a contact in the Little Bohemia PD and send us out to battle Queen Bee and the Hive. He does get his own small zone (Central City) and is a contact again giving us one of the 4 daily mission available there. Aside from that .... most of the time the ONLY thing we see the Flash doing is running as fast as he can on a tread mill so WE can travel through time to stop something bad from happening. Yeah he's around quite a bit but spends most of his time as a hamster.

    And then there is the Green Arrow... Very popular show on TV these days and a very popular Comic and yet the only time I have even seen him is hanging around outside the Hospital with Black Canary while Mr. Freeze terrorizes everyone inside. I don believe both of those characters are villain bounties but again I am only taking that from hear say Never battles them myself.

    Finally remember there is one other factor that determines what makes it into this game and what does not... DC COMICS themselves. For more than a year there were numerous threads on the forums begging for a green aura to go with the hard light power set.... That did NOT happen until DC finally agreed to allow the DEV team to create and release one, I know for a fact that DC has a policy that no character will appear in this game unless they have that same character In a comic book... The question I recall that brought that to light was including Batman Beyond characters.. TV ANIMATION ..yes apparently DC comic book ...no So the DEV team can't give us the "new Post Bruce Wayne Batman". Now the characters you described all have been seen in comic book form but that doesn't mean DC has given DCUO permission to use them.

    I have seen players asking for a story line that lets us visit Atlantis and I'm sure no story arc there would be complete without Black Mantis. As the new episodes play out and we see more stuff involving us battling Black Lanterns we may very well see John Stewart.. If I recall correctly it would be kind of hard to chat with Hal Jordon since his WAS a Black Lantern.. heck we could wind up at some point fighting him.

    From all the changes we have seen recently this thread is defiantely a good idea if you want to see more of your favorites in game. They seem determined to give us as much as they can of what we want right now .. so keep asking.
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