Why aren’t we talking about?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Trykz, Apr 24, 2023.

  1. Trykz Dedicated Player

    The fact we can now buy stabs with a dlc currency?

    Why isn’t this bigger news?

    That’s crazy to me. For 20 marks every 3 days you can buy a stab on top of the free weekly one from fate?
    Now that’s a good time/currency sink.

    Coulda even tacked on a hefty cash price tag and sink that too and it STILL woulda be a cool change.

    Thanks for this 1 devs.
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  2. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Mb refreshes in three days, assuming a weekly unlock then?
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Kind of like the one on Doctor Fate, which is cool. More ways to get stabilizers is always welcome
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  4. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    It's a great idea btw. Kudos to the Devs!
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  5. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Yeah, anything I can use for the inevitable extra "side" currency is great.
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  6. Limey Committed Player

    I mean.. with essentially no extra styles, emotes, materials, etc.. that side currency/token vendors usually have(based on Patchwork/31st) they need something to spend that stuff on, and generator mod plans don't have the longevity or value of cosmetics, so... we get to spend currencies on alternative currencies.

    From the perspective that stabilizers are a currency used to unlock time capsules.
  7. Jcal Dedicated Player

    But everyone should know full well that those extra cosmetics are coming in one/two/three months time. They'll likely be priced at 600-800 a pop of the extra currency and there'll likely be feats attached. Aura feat, material meat, style feat, emblem feat, etc. If I remember correctly, when a second currency is involved they do two sets of extra reward feats: one for the normal currency and one for the extra currency.

    Anyone buying the weekly Stabilizer is greatly increasing their grind. That's exactly why that offer is there. Imo, it's a trap.
  8. Limey Committed Player

    1) Presumably, they are coming. But you have no idea the cost, or the appeal/value. Black Adam showed precisely that post-release styles and attached feats may be limited and lackluster.

    2) In contract to 8 source marks per character per week, exactly how does 1 stabilizer per account per week "greatly increase their grind"?

    3) How exactly does this qualify as a "trap"? It doesn't force players to play, it's not mandatory, it doesn't cost money, and it certainly takes less time than.. say.. farming 100 bounties, or even 3 generator mod plans? Are you familiar with the definition of the word "trap"?

    4) If you're opposites to reasons/excuses to play the game more, are you sure you should be playing the game at all?
  9. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Wonderverse Empyrean Aether Chroma (Ember or Heavenly) = 750 marks
    LLTL Time Beacon Material (Anion or Cation) = 600 marks

    If this DLC features extra materials or chromas, 600-800 will be the price. If one choses to ignore the previous trends, so be it. The appeal of the items makes no difference when feats are attached, and if these items come to be, there will be feats. May or may not happen, that's up to the player to decide. I personally always save up my marks and hold them for extra rewards. I'm always ready for something with a large price tag.

    100 marks = 1 hour. If you bought a Stabilizer a week for two months, that's 800 marks/8 hours of just bounty play. You essentially just said "well, there's nothing to buy right now" and that is exactly the trap. Those 8 Stabilizers - which realistally speaking would net you nothing of value from Time Capsules (debatable) - could instead be the material/chroma/aura/accessory that is to come later. You will therefore need additional hours of bounty play to acquire the extra rewards. That's clear-cut.

    If you or anyone else enjoy the bounty spam, of course do your thing. Me, I want the grind to be as short as possible no matter what it is I'm grinding. The less I have to do, the better. I have multiple characters to play, I adore the broker, I have feats to chase, there are events right around the corner; I don't need bounty spam to keep me engaged.
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    All I assume is '...the chances of getting a top drop from a TC is now even lower'.

    I saw it. Might ramp up an alt to get the marks to buy them, but probably not for a week or 2. Still don't have the checklist done on a 2nd toon yet, so adding more alts is not on the table for this week. Once it goes EEG though...will be interesting to see if they keep the stabilizers in there for a few source marks(with conversion to the side currency)....doubtful.

    Besides, between the accounts daily grants I have 1000+ already. I can't even find the time to open the unlocked ones I already have or a place to put all the junk that will fall from them.
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  11. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Kinda hard to talk about when the infamous "alt killer" bounty format came back.
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  12. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    If you look at the vendor - there are actually a few things that are going to lengthen this DLC - good or bad, i feel like people will be doing these bounties forever lol - no more "dead after two weeks" syndrome

    As mentioned, we can buy stabilizers with spare marks.. another is the OP chest cannot be leveled in a day.. based on the buy limit, the chest leveling catalysts will take weeks to buy, no matter what we do
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  13. Leonite Well-Known Player

    What are you guys talking about? I see a stab for 100 Encrypted Schematic, not 20. I think I'm missing something.
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  14. Korlick Loyal Player

    There is no limit if you buy them with the Meta Clinic ID marks. So yes...you can finish it in a day. In fact i know a few people that already done it during the weekend.
  15. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Oh ok - apologies - will check that out

    I did notice that there are a few things (mod plans and purple gear to name just 2 ) that can be bought in different ways - depending on how you want to spend marks

    EDIT: it says theres a 1 a week limit on the vendor only Catalyst required.. so i'm confused
  16. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Ok, lol, i had to re-read this. I thought you said "The fact we can now buy stats with a dlc currency" lol

    I was like waaaah?! lol
  17. Korlick Loyal Player

    In the vendor where you buy the OP chest, you have the 3 materials to buy with Meta Clinic IDs.
    Quantum residue (xp): you can buy 10 per week at 15 marks each (without the discount). But also drops from content and you can buy from the broker.
    Otherworldly Alloy (cat): 5 per week at 40 marks each (same as before)

    Experimental Synthetic DNA: it cost 40 marks but has not limit on this vendor (on the other vendor it costs 200 marks aand has a limit of 1 per week)
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  18. Achikah Committed Player

    I'm pretty outspoken about my own tedium and loathing of the bounty grind/rotation via WV and 31st, but even I have to admit, when I'm doing a daily and bounty comes up, I definitely stop and flock it because of this change.

    This was a huge quality of life addition, and while we all know more goodies are coming in the future, the fact that you can put in the work, without the need for replays, and get rewarded in stabilizers, catalysts, and currency exchange is a huge step in the right direction.
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  19. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Thanks - I was looking at the BB and the guy next to him not the 3rd - thanks heaps
  20. spikeat Well-Known Player

    Devs can you update Patchwork and Legion vendor to include stabilizer and case of source mark as well. It can encourage more players to run it and can help some of us consolidate our currencies.
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