Why are the Home Turf solos harder than Trigon solos???

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Evil Leaper, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    I ran a test on my CR 98 Fire Tank and I had a harder time completing a steelworks mission than I have completing a trigon solo. Why is that???? I have many Alts stuck in the CR 70ish range because they can't complete the arkham or steelworks solos. It doesn't make sense. Help me to understand Dev's.
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  2. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Quest that are hard for a Tank might be easier for another character and vice versa.

    For example... when I reached 70CR with my TK Mental Troll using Hand Blast.... I could do the Ace missions fairly easily as long as I would not pull more then 3 clowns on me. On the other hand.... I would get creamed when doing the Stryker missions.

    For my Nature Healer friend using 2 Handed who was also 70CR.... it was the opposite. He could do the Stryker missions easily.... but the Ace missions were difficult for him.

    Hope this make sense.
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  3. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    That's an interesting response and I find this to be quite true, but he's not comparing Ace to Strykers. He's comparing Trigon open world solos to Ace and Strykers.

    I can't speak for him because I never played as a Fire Tank, but I find him reasonable. I went back and tried the Ace Chem missions and as a matter of fact, they did seem tougher than Trigon. I wouldn't claim that they are tough, but for comparison, Ace is tougher than Trigon solos. They both deal about the same damage and Trigonic enemies are VERY squishy. I can kill 10s of them without them touching me.
  4. Evil Leaper New Player

    Thanks for listening. I was indeed trying to figure out why CR 86 content is easier than CR 70 content.
  5. Little Sister New Player

    Yea it seems like Stryker's enemies ignore Defense and have SUPER high Willpower and Break Out of stuns almost immediately. That place has never sit right with me, and that's one of the reasons I'll never run that content again.
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  6. BumblingB I got better.

    Out of the 4, hero and villain open world missions for HT, I'd say steelworks is the hardest tasks. It's not because of the difficulty of mobs, its the fact there is no place to hide and if you are in tank stance, you taunt all those lovely mobs to you. I always looked at the hero ones being attack and ask questions sometime in the future of tomorrow. (See what I did there? ;) ) And the villain ones subterfuge. Where you have to run around and snipe what you can.

    So if you are comparing Steelworks to a Gotham Wasteland mission, yeah, Steelworks is worse due to the area. But the HT ones are actually easier because you are overgeared.
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    They don't ignore defense, it's just the armor piercing at play. They also don't have high willpower, they are scripted to breakout no matter what. It's because HT was the first DLC they implimented the match mechanics from the ground up, so I think they overtuned it a bit. The SOT mobs actually feel like they ignore defense too, but it's just the level of damage they can do. Plus, they toned back the scripted breakout on them too. So in a way, they are slightly easier to handle than HT.
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  8. shadwfyre New Player

    The ace chemical guards flamethrower attacks do more damage to my main then even heatwaves flamethrower on his bounty version.
    I had damage from 475 - 800 from them.
  9. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I know he is comparing the Trigon missions to the HT missions.

    The Ace and Stryker missions are of the same level... T4 right?? So even those missions of the same level will be easier or harder depending on your character.

    I used Ace and Stryker as an example for example that missions of the same level will be easier or more difficult depending on the character you play.

    The same thing apply to HT missions compared to SoT missions.

    So maybe... maybe.... the HT missions are harder for a Fire Tank... but easier for other roles like for example a Mental Troller.

    And vice versa...... maybe.... maybe.... the Trigon missions are easier if you play a Fire Tank. But harder for other roles like a Mental Troller??

    So maybe... maybe for a Fire Tank... the Trigon missions seems easier then the HT missions because of that. Because the difficulty is different depending on the character you play.

    From the perspective of a TK Mental Troller using Hand Blast... I would not say that the SoT missions are easier then the HT ones. Especially the Ace chem missions those are much much much easier for me. Have been since I was 70CR.

    And again..... some Trigon missions will be tougher then other.

    For me the Wrath missions are fairly easy to do.... but the Lust missons are tougher somehow. If I am not carefull... them Lust demons will kick my butt. Somehow... for me the Lust Demons are much tougher then the rest.

    So depending on the power you use, depending on the role you use, depending on the weapon you use... heck depending on the movement you use..... some mission will be easier for you.... and some mission will be harder for you.

    Heck we could add in other factors like playstyle and the different loadouts.... but I hope you get the idea.
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  10. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Short answer....

    Maybe the HT missions are harder for a Fire Tank.... but easier for other roles.

    And maybe the SoT are easier for a Fire Tank... but harder for other roles??

    Which might be why YOU find CR70 content more difficult.... but find the CR86 content easier??
  11. BadJade New Player

    To be fair the HT DLC is what HURT THE GAME.

    The game followed natural progression. new dlcs that came out required a player to be at a certain level/skill wise as well.

    What actually happened is that no one complains about HT as there is no gear progression in that bar the HT MODS *pvp is another story*

    OC was fine, HT was fine, SoT is a slap in the face for progression and is the "kindergaten DLC' for those that havent enjoyed/completed the previous 2 dlcs. There is no way around that when you factor in the difficulty of the last 3 dlcs and take a step back and look at how much easier it is from HT and OC.

    My only issue is, going forward from all the QQ on here is that the rest of the DLC's are going to be easy mode from now on so people can spam replay badges at it, like I care im a lifetimer I dont pay for this at all anymore.

    But that to me is why SoT is sooo easy and a nothign DLC to me. Again my opinion so if you want to say I am wrong/troll me do it in PM
  12. Evil Leaper New Player

    My buddy is a CR 98 gadget DPS and he dies at SteelWorks 3 times before completing the mission but never dies doing the SoT solos.
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  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    You friend need some help.

    My Gadget Dual Pistol DPS had a tough time when he was 70CR.... but now at 76CR.... not so much.

    If your friend really dies 3 times with 98CR..... he definitely does something wrong.
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  14. Evil Leaper New Player

    Not if he gets surrounded by 8- 10 mobs, but as you said you are ranged and he is one handed.
  15. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    8 to 10 mobs can be a problem at 70CR. At 98CR.???... not so sure.

    At 70CR my Mental TK would not survive VS 3 mobs. Had to pull them at most 2 at a time.

    But around 83CR..... 6 mobs at a time was not a problem.

    Now that he is 96CR.... 6... 8... 10... does not really matter. Although I never really try to pull 10 of them at a time.... but when things go wrong and it sometime does happen.... it is not that big of a problem.

    Although 10 clowns from Ace Chemicals will be much easier then 10 prisoners at Stryker.

    But then again.... when you pull 10 mobs at a time.... it may be time to change or adjust your strategy and start to pull them 3 at a time.

    Also... you support my point that it depends on the character. A DPS using one handed might find a mission difficult. But a DPS using pistols might not find the same mission as difficult.

    Never played one handed.... but I just tried it out just to compare. Even melee weapons do have a range attack when pressing the triangle?? no??? Is your friend really not able to pull the mobs 3 at a time using his range attack as opposed to jumping into a group of 8 or 10???

    When SoT was first released... there were some 98CR players who would complain that the missions were too hard. I was scratching my head since me.... a mere 93CR did find it challenging.... but nowhere as hard as they described.

    But then I would see players jump into a whole group, and then pull the next group... and the next group.... and before you knew it... we were neck deep into a dozen or more mobs. When all we had to do was pull them 2 or 3 at a time and all would be fine.

    Tell your friend to pull the mobs 3 at a time instead of jumping into a group of 10. It he might find it easier.

    In SoT.... the mobs are spaced out well enough that you usually face just a few at a time unless you really mess up. So that might explain why your friend finds it easier. It is easier to fight only 2 or 3 mobs in SoT.
  16. MolleaFauss Active Player

    Trust, me, even when doing things right in terms of play, T4 solos and T5 solos aren't correctly scaled.
    My impression is that T4 solos were released after Battle For Earth, devs may have assumed that players were already full T4 and made those content hard so to give a bit more of challenge to players.
    Just an example about differences and difficulty: I am still doing doing T4 solos in T5 gear. Last night on my cr 93 troll, which has green T5 dps gear, I killed the envy boss from "Envy To Share" in less than 20 seconds and I didn't need to use consumables, orbital strikes, trinkets or whatever, just the normal attacks.
    Then I moved to ace and did the "Random Sample" mission. When on the roof, the fight with Chuckles took me about 2 minutes: I had to use an orbital strike, two strafing runs, and had to pop a soda once as my health was going down.
    Damage number were mostly the same on both bosses, this mean that ace bosses have about 6x the health of GW bosses.
    GW bosses seems to hit harder but they are easily dispatched and pose no threat. If devs would reduce T4 solo health pools (cut them in half?) that would probably be the best balance pass they can do.
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  17. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Just did the mutant mission at Ace with a mace.... it was freaky.

    The mutants fell like flies. Never saw the Mutants die so quick. I think I will carry a mace with me from now on just in case.

    I used the PvP mace you can buy for cash at the Watchtower. So not even an UBER mace at that. About 79.2 DPS less then my regular weapon.

    If the quests are really that difficult..... you really should tell you friend to pull the mobs 2 or 3 at a time. It will make his life much much more easier.
  18. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    All I can say is...

    Thank you for this thread!

    I'm a CR 75 controller who hasn't completed the final mission for gear on those!
    I've realized that I will have to get full dps gear to do so, because it takes me waaay too long to kill in these.
    I'm not interested in being a dps. So, I've never bothered to get dps gear. Until this...

    Just let me give power, debuff, and CC!!! I'm not a dps!!!

    At least these posts tell me that it's not just me!!!
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  19. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Started doing the Ace and Stryker Missions when I was 70CR. Was not even wearing T3 gear. Had the CC gear that is T2.5 more or less if I am not mistaken.

    So I was not T4 when I started doing those quests. I was about T2.5. So I find it strange that some T5 99.9CR players all of a sudden find those quests difficult.

    Although some missions are freekingly harder then others.

    The one where you mark the tanks was pretty easy. But the one on the bridge was freekin hard for me.

    Chuckles would be one of the hard ones. Some of the hard part is to make sure that he or one of the adds do not fall down from the freekin roof.

    For Chuckles.... I assume that the 2 minutes you mention counts only your fight with Chuckles??? not the 3 waves of adds before him??
    2 minutes for Chuckles?? The whole fight VS the 3 waves of adds and Chuckles takes about that 2 minutes.... maybe 3 on a slow day at the most. So 2 minutes VS Chuckles alone seems a lot.

  20. Crescere New Player

    I never had any problems with them, I got Home Turf pretty recently, I think I was CR 80 or so. Although being a nature healer, it takes forever for me to kill anything, I am never at risk of being knocked out.