Why are people so focused on tiny stat gains?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Robotsidekick, May 19, 2021.

  1. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Like artifacts give 1-3% of your stats but that is tiny and unnoticeable in actual gameplay.
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  2. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    5% Might at 87K base is +/- 4K Might;

    You test it on a sparring target, that's usually a single target gain of 2K/s damage out.

    And it only takes a couple of those 1-3% items to make that difference.

    Or "yes it matters" and "go learn how the parser works, the results will shock you".
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Those percentages stack and do make a noticeable difference.
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  4. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    % here, % there... They stack and make a noticeable difference.
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  5. Kilbane Active Player

    Not only are the raw stats significant, but the effects on artifacts can add huge amounts of DPS.. like 10k-20k+ in some cases. Or make huge differences in tanking/healing. The entire endgame revolves around meta builds which revolve around artifacts.
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  6. Shalayah Committed Player

    There’s a pretty noticeable difference between a toon with no arts and no mods and a toon with arts and mods.
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  7. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    It's what I always say: 200 artifacts and over 400 SPs isn't mandatory to finish any content, but if you have 4 dps with 3% more might/prec each accumulating buffs and tactical swapping you can turn a 30 minute raid in a 10 minute one, a impossible no death feat in a possible feat. Together they may do 1 million more damage in a minute.
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  8. Yaiba Committed Player

    Actually it didn't work like that, the 87K might you have is the result of your base might (flat value) and the bonuses (%might) you get, adding 5% might to that won't increase your damage by 5%. For example, you have 100 might, with 20% might bonus (from SP), it becomes 120, then with artifact (5%), it's now 125 (around 4% increase). The problem is as a might dps, you have quite a lot of might bonuses, it makes those from artifacts less impactful like you think. And we pick artifacts not because of the stats, but its unique bonus instead.
  9. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Okay, what I stated earlier was a direct result observation from a test I performed literally 40 seconds before I wrote the post. Not theory, like, something I literally tested then immediately reported.

    While you are technically correct with the assertion "there are more moving parts than that", the first thing I'mma point out is that you're directly misquoting me - I said the 5% might would add 2k/s to your damage out, not 5% more aggregate damage -

    That's pretty easy to verify - if you wanna see what 5% extra Might does, run a rotation dry, then pop an Omega, or remove the Solar/Grim and test with a standard rotation that doesn't rely on either. And not for nothing, that up there?

    That's exactly how it worked.

    Though because we're here now: at the single target damage range in question it actually represents about 3.6% additional damage (mostly because I'm normally a Precision DPS and so literally none of my generator or Elite mods are Might based). Pretty sure if someone was tac swapping or running a full Might backend, it would result in a larger aggregate gain. But still.

    3.6% extra single target damage. Hard to argue with, considering that 3200 is basically the amount of extra Might I got from the Omega - I did check, it was providing less than I though it was, but anyway. There you go.
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  10. Yaiba Committed Player

    Mathematically, 5% extra might should give you 5% extra damage (based on the damage formula), this is what I mean, but it's only true if you have 0% might to begin with. I should have said you wouldn't get that 5% might like the artifact stated. And you have confirmed that (your example, omega compound). The reason is the bonuses (the % one) are additive, the more %might you have, the less you get from omega compound (like might dps), this also applies to precision as well.
  11. nawanda Dedicated Player

    The way I would answer the OP’s question is that I imagine that when each new content is released, the devs make assumptions about the stats that players will have. Those assumptions are going to be based on some sort of typical set up, and not ‘0’. Therefore a 3% overall improvement is a larger improvement against the base assumption than it is against the player’s overall stat.

    So let’s say a new DLC comes out and the devs attune the bosses, adds, mechanics etc against a base assumption of 90,000 Might for a Might DPS, and your character has 92,000 might. Your character is up 2.2% against the assumption. The character then levels up an adaptive augment and the Might increases to 94,760. Now the character has 5.28% more Might than the assumed figure.

    If you don’t believe it works like this, try going into current content unbuffed with half your current Might. Things will take more than double the amount of time to die.

    This is before other modifiers are considered, such as league buffs, generator mod buffs, consumables and elite affinities. So that 3% ends up a lot more than 3% and must be compared to a typical figure for the content to fully appreciate its impact.
  12. Great Architect Loyal Player

    As has already been said, it's the effects of artifacts that hit hardest. Even the most basic (such as Tetrahedron) have a large impact on group stats, and some (such as Eye Of Gemini, Venom Wrist Dispenser) were so broken they had to change power costs and cooldowns across the board to compensate.

    But if you have 40K Might, +5%, +5% +5%, you're actually over 46.25K, which is an appreciable bump. People used to run Solar just for the 5% Might bump, even if they had no intention of running Heat Vision. But if you *do* run Heat Vision, all of sudden it's extremely good in ST, and not ignorable in multi-target loadouts?
  13. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Yup. I started a new character on the US server, and couldn't work out why adds were taking too long to die. I'd started off as a Tank and had forgotten to switch in my Might Origin Augs when I set up my DPS Armory.

    Now adds melt at a satisfactory rate.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Don't forget that those arti stats are accompanied with whatever the buff/benefit is of that arti and some of those are huge.

    And it does matter. Will 1% take a last place scrub to a board smashing beast? No....but a few K more might/prec/resto/dom (maybe vit) do add up to more damage or heals or shields through the whole run/session. Anyone who's been in a run where they clutched out a win by knocking off a boss at the last second, been saved by a huge heal as they were on the edge, and we've all been in a wipe group as the boss was a hair from death... sometimes the inches make the game, not the yards.

    Although, can I get just 1-3% of what's in your bank account? I'm sure it will be unnoticeable.;)
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  15. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    1 artifact giving 3% isn't huge but we get 3. Some of my artis give me 5% each. So 15% when I run that combo. That's well beyond min max type of stuff. Plus those same artifacts give me huge other bonus uses. Which are very noticeable in gameplay so even without the stat bonuses, I want.
  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    That is 3-5% per artifact. Which at a maximum increases by 15% and minimal of 9% not including the gameplay changes.

    Artifacts without the stat bonuses are extremly noticeable. The difference between someone who has lvl 40 artifacts and someone who has max 200lvl is huge.

    Artifacts have become a big part of DCUO to the point where it can literally make or break certain powersets.
  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    What others have said, with the caveat that you don't have to be so focused to succeed in most of the game if you don't want to. If you want to master everything and be all that you can be, every little bit is something to work towards.

    This is pretty standard in games and stuff, so that enthusiast players who want to play a lot have something to work for, and at the same time less time-dedicated players can also still have fun without falling impossibly behind.
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  18. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    What a time to be alive!
  19. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Also, i dont follow the logic at all in the title......
    My base might just standing around with everything equipped is over 100k so 1-3% isint a tiny bit and unnoticeable lol. It makes a big impact actually.
    Took my 200 la mort off (3% might) and put a 200 strat on (4% might) and now my finisher ticks for 6-10k more consistently.
    6-10k more damage per tick is no joke.
    Not sure why anyone would think these are “tiny” gains. Plus, you do realize how % works rite? The higher your stats get the bigger the stat buff gets due to it being a % not a flat rate.
    1% of 100 = 1
    1% of 1,000 = 10
    1% of 100,000 = 1,000

    Small % can equal huge gains
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  20. Yaiba Committed Player

    Yes you're right, with each new dlcs, the base stats from artifacts become less relevant. And about %bonus, before the artifacts kick in:

    . As a might dps, you have around 45% might, adding few % from artifacts won't change too much about your damage.
    . As a precision dps, you just have too much % precision, those make the bonuses from artifacts less important.

    If you're picking artifacts because of their raw stats, then you're clearly doing something wrong :p