Why are people saying Sorcery is great?

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by mrspeedoman, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

    Shard of life, CoD, soul well and anything else that puts a DoT on the target(s)
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  2. Gerbal New Player

    Watch "Sorcery dps" on YouTube
    Sorcery dps:
    I switched to sorcery last night. I was curious to its potential. Heres the video I made. Unfortunately the quality sucks but you can still see its potential.
  3. xXS0EXx Committed Player

    For Sorcery those powers dont cancel each other anymore except for Soul Well, each person can throw up to only 2 soul wells but the third never cames up. I have tested this and thats the only problem it seems to have. I think sorcery was the only power that got cancel animations fix a lil bit back on 2012.
  4. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

    Im pretty sure those powers cancel when two sorcery dps are present i have played sorcery after its revamp and experienced those powers canceling. And shard even cancels when a dps and a healer use it
  5. Quagmire New Player

    you left out the pet? He is the most beast of all. Soul barrage pales in comparison to the damage the little guy can put out.
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  6. Gerbal New Player

    I'm guessing that you are joking correct
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  7. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    You can have 3 soul wells up at time each putting out a dot but the timings mean the first soon fades. All the DoTs from different player will overwite.
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  8. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    If you keep him powered the Fury hits like a truck.

    From what I can make out from your video the loadout I have been running with (see video from earlier in thread) puts out more damage over a shorter time at a safer distance than yours. Your loadout apears to use JCC which will be removed in the next update meaning that it is foolish to work on loadouts using it just now.
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  9. Stardazer Committed Player

    No, Fury is really good. As long as you keep it powered up, like Ivy Bird said, with Offering, you'll see high damage. I've seen the little guy hit around 3000 a few times.
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  10. Quagmire New Player

    actually not. I personally cannot stand soul barrage at all. The damage is just like spark barrage and that is doo doo. The pet however does not split damage and is a super good source of quick burst damage. A league mate Crappy Heals and I decided on a beast loadout after a couple hours of discussing and we have tested it and it wrecks!
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  11. Nyema New Player

    sorcery still has a couple of kinks that I don't like. the only thing they really did was buff the pets... & added BK to shard.
    but on the down side, they decreased shards AOE. WHICH REALLY IRKS ME!
    they messed up offering & did exactly what we didn't want them to do. WE WANT OFFERING BACK!
    they need to make GSA useful.
  12. Nyema New Player

    beast loadout... dish hun! Inbox me!!!!! I will trade mines. Its DoTs everywhere
  13. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    Replies in red.
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  14. xXS0EXx Committed Player

    Yeah but when u are with another sorcery dps the third one doesnt show up meaning that u do the animation but thats about it.
  15. Nyema New Player

    sorcery still has a couple of kinks that I don't like. the only thing they really did was buff the pets... & added BK to shard.
    but on the down side, they decreased shards AOE. WHICH REALLY IRKS ME! Shard is currently one of the most powerful powers in the game (High initial tick, heavy DoT, stun, grounds, knocks down and gives a PI) it really doesn't need more. Yeah, its one of the best powers but I didn't ask for that. Read what I say before you respond... Since update they made shard AoE much much smaller. It's annoying. I might as well have Soul Schipon in my loadout because it only applies BK to 4 people. None of this was mentioned in the notes AT ALL! It defeats the purpose...
    they messed up offering & did exactly what we didn't want them to do. WE WANT OFFERING BACK! With the current pet abilities making it like it was would be far too OP. Welp, they shouldn't have changed it in the first place then. Offering SHOULD be restored. The only issue with offering is that it doesn't work in DPS form. They could've easily made it work in DPS form, I thought that was like a bug or something. It was the ONLY power in the game that didn't work AT ALL in either a support role or main role. "OP" No... They should've kept it the same! Plus I want to see numbers. If they do anything to sorcery EVER again, I want them to restore offering, with the shield, & let it work in DPS form. Honestly, Offerings shield doesn't even work... AT ALL.
    they need to make GSA useful. GSA is useful, it just needs to be applied by watcher instead of his RSA. Mistake is mine, I meant RSA. RSA is ugly & unuseful... you can't be both UGLY & unuseful. it doesn't work out.
  16. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    maybe hes enjoying it while he can, because soon it wont be as fast as that anymore
  17. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    What I seem to be seeing in your posts Nyema is that you wish sorcery had never been changed. Were you happy with it being a terrible DPS power or something?

    He said that he had just switched to sorcery and came up with the loadout, when it is removed he is going to have to work out a new loadout/rotation. Just seems like twice the work for no reason to me.
  18. Gerbal New Player

    Well to be fair it took me 10 minutes to throw that together. I enjoy the speed and will use it til it goes away. Im used to clipping so I didn't put a lot of effort into it.
  19. Nyema New Player

    Lol. Hun, you aren't reading what I am saying. I think it might be too much for you to ascertain my thought/concept, so let me explain to the best of my abilities.
    I think the changes to sorcery are ok. I just think that they shouldn't drastically change everything because they are "buffing it" they just changed the pets. & Added BK to shard, those are THE ONLY THINGS WORTH MENTIONING! (oh yeah, & I forget about soul storm)
    I just think that they need to restore offering, & get rid of RW. It's stupid. That right there is a major step BACKWARDS! Plus There is a bug w/ the pet shields, I feel as if the pet shield's stay up for too long, even after the cooldown is over with. The shield doesn't even do anything.
  20. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    I am reading it but you keep arguing points which make no sense.

    If offering went back to the way it was it would be increadibly overpowered for DPS. It would effectively be a power with a quick cooldown, can clip anything and does a ton of damage and can even give a heal! In what world is that anything resembling balanced?
    The shield offering gives does work i have tested it and have seen a noticeable difference in the survivability of my fury when it is active. It does however follow the same rules as other shields in that multiple small hits will remove it before it has absorbed the maximum protection value.
    RW does what old Offering was used for (powering Watcher and giving a 4 man heal) so in what way is it a "major step backwards?"

    As far as ascerning your thoughts/concept this is what comes across:
    You want Shard (with all it's current rediculous number of abilities) to have a bigger AoE making it even more overpowered and you want Offering to rival it in sheer OPness as well, is that about right? I can honestly tell you that these things are not going to happen, the changes to Sorcery have kept it as good as it was in healer role (just switch Offering to RW) and made it one of the top 3 DPS powersets. And when the animation changes from GU36 hit it is is going to be even stronger thanks to all the sped up animations!
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